2 Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

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2 Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans – The exterior of this house is beautiful. For example, white vinyl siding with black trim and a set of double dormers, this house sounds fantastic. Also, the 6/12 pitch roof provides a unique residential farmhouse design.

In addition to the common 2-room apartment of this house, it also has all the conveniences of a large kitchen built into the house. A great island for cooking and chores with the kids. The dining room can accommodate a large kitchen table. den is a “Dream Come True” family room with large entertainment center and fireplace. Don’t miss the master bathroom with a large walk-in closet and shower.

2 Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

2 Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

In short, Big Dutch is a four-bedroom house with all the necessary comforts for a large family. Ask one of the project planners how to customize this home for your family.

Embark Home Builders

You can customize this home in many ways. It is difficult to list them all for you. However, let’s ask. Want a different decoration? Maybe a little less country house and a little more modern. No problem, change the cabinets, the color of the wall and let’s create a street style. Want an extra parking space? We can also do this by changing the manufactured 7/12 roof pitch to a 9/12 modular roof pitch. If you want a subzero fridge and coffee maker, no problem. What should go with a modular house in the basement. Yes, we can do that too. Start your search for your new family home here. Explore Sunshine Homes’ large selection of planters in a variety of styles and sizes. We offer a large number of ready-made house floor plans, as well as custom-made modular house floor plans. Looking for something a little more specific? Simply follow the links below to search for one, two and modular homes.

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Doublewide Home Models

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Beautifully designed, smartly designed open plan detached family home with large living room open to views…

Progressive in design and modern in nature, this is a home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large, vaulted living room.

2 Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

Note: All sizes and dimensions are approximate or based on manufacturer measurements. Tours and 3D photos may include retail and/or factory installed options. Sunshine Homes reserves the right to change materials, colors, specifications and features at any time without notice or obligation.

Floor Plan Detail

If you’re looking to buy a new manufactured home, it’s important to know how to read and understand manufactured and mobile home floor plans. While some mobile dealers will have homes on site that you can walk through, they will also likely have a number of model homes that you can purchase or customize. Knowing the floor plan makes it easier for you to understand the layout of the house when tours are not an option.

Floor plans tell you about the house. Of course, it will show the size of the house. But a good floor plan also tells you about the size of the rooms, the way the doors open into those rooms, especially when the appliances are in the kitchen and bathroom. Knowing these features will ensure you choose the best performance and model for your manufactured home.

To begin with, the floor plan is drawn from a bird’s eye view. This means it was taken from above – as if the roof had been taken off and you were looking down. Here you can easily recognize the main rooms. See the image below showing a manufactured home with many parts.

For starters, all walls are solid lines. (On some floor plans, they are filled with designs.) Breaks in these lines indicate doors, windows, and openings between rooms.

Floor Plans & Features

Can you find the front door? You are in the living room. Imagine walking into this house. You can see areas of the floor that are carpeted (brown) and tiled surfaces (grid pattern). This home has what we consider an “open floor plan” – note that there is no wall between the living room and kitchen.

Also, please note that this mobile home has a second door to the outside of the utility room. Notice the way the door is drawn. At the front door, the door opens into the living room. It swings on the back door. Of course, this is quite common. An important reason is that you can now see which way all the doors swing – and you can make a difference where you plan to place your furniture.

As you can see, the windows on this plan are white with two lines. Also, note the notes around the edges of the plan – this house has optional windows. So, in this model house, you can add an extra window in room #3, one in the living room, and you can also choose a large triple-paned window in the living room.

2 Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

Another thing you can see in the floor plan is the location of toilets, sinks, showers. In this small sample floor plan from Adventure Homes you can see the location of the large garden tub, shower, double sinks and toilet.

Upland Double Wide

Similarly, the kitchen has a stove, sink and refrigerator. Here’s something to note: In the floor plan above, you can see that the house has an oven, but the washer and dryer are optional. Again, this is standard, but good to know when you’re buying houses.

Also, the floor plan will include built-in wardrobes. It is located on the upper floor in a light gray color.

When shopping for new homes, be sure to look at as many mobile home ads as possible. Go through them with your heart and go from room to room. This will help you familiarize yourself with the layout of different mobile home layouts and styles.

Once you’re comfortable reading and interpreting a floor plan, you still have some big choices to make when looking for new construction.

The Summit 28483b

From the size and shape to the location of the rooms, choosing the right mobile home layout can affect how you experience your new home. The Michigan Manufactured Homes Association has provided five tips to help you choose the right floor plan for your mobile home.

Choosing the right floor plan should start with the size of the house that will fit your lifestyle. Consider how many bedrooms are needed for the children, whether you need extra space for guests or whether you need a large kitchen for family meals. Manufactured home floor plans come in a wide range of sizes, with popular options ranging from 1,400 to 2,000 square feet, and from two to four bedrooms.

You should probably tour manufactured model homes before deciding on a floor plan. Make sure you make your decision based on how the house flows and how it can work for your daily activities. It’s hard not to be in awe of the raised floors, counters and furniture in a model home, but try to imagine the home in its “down” state. Then, once you’ve chosen your floor plan, you can make final decisions based on the models you like.

2 Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

While you may know what you want in your next home, a manufactured home sales consultant in your chosen area can help you with additional ideas. He or she can provide advice on energy-saving features, projected utility costs, or even routine maintenance.

Double Wide Mobile And Manufactured Homes For Sale By Heritage Home Center

Before deciding on a plan, find out what costs are associated with the building. Get your finances in order and stick to what you can afford. Ask your sales advisor to break down the costs as you narrow down a floor plan that fits your budget.

While you may only think about the rooms and the layout of your floor plan, choosing furniture is a significant investment. If you decide to use your current furniture in your next home, be sure to measure it and take that into account when reviewing your plans.

Above all, trust your instincts. You have the ability to “feel” when a place is comfortable. Consider these instincts when looking at different homes. You may be surprised at the number of manufactured home options you will have. Listen to what it tells you.

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