4 Bedroom 2 Story Barndominium Floor Plans

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4 Bedroom 2 Story Barndominium Floor Plans – The Aspen from The Barndo Co will be a wonderful addition to any homeowner’s property. This cute little house has all the amenities you need at a fraction of the cost. View all floor plans.

The Aspen plan is a stunning bardominium that combines the classic southern home and southern beach farm with the barnyard concept. From the outside, it’s superb. You have a large porch perfect for sitting in a rocking chair, swinging with your wife and looking out over the front yard. You also have large, colorful pillars with rolled bricks underneath which give it a lovely southern charm. You then have a double entrance door leading to the open plan living room, kitchen and dining room. This space is 21 feet wide and spans the entire length of 34 feet. The roof height in Aspen will be 19 feet eight inches to the bottom of the roof. This gives you a wide open meeting space in the middle, which is very common to all Barndo Co plans. This is the style we always look for.

4 Bedroom 2 Story Barndominium Floor Plans

4 Bedroom 2 Story Barndominium Floor Plans

As you enter the master bedroom, as you approach the hallway, you will find a guest powder room. You can then enter the first level bedroom with a large walk-in closet, large master bathroom with soaking tub and separate walk-in tub, double sinks and linen closet. As you pass through the living room to the left wing of the home, you are greeted by large barn doors that open to a separate living space for the children or serve as a wing for guests of the home. . This is a playground 23 feet long and 9 and a half feet wide. So there is a large space for the children to store their toys, a living room, a sofa and a place to hang the television or a good space for homework. This is where you can separate your main living room from the children’s wing. You have three adjoining bedrooms in this wing. So bedrooms two, three and four all have a separate bathroom in this side wing and also serve the double vanity bedrooms.

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To the rear of the house you have the dressing room, which is a good sized walk in closet. You have a landing area outside the kitchen to collect all that paper, mail, school, homework, all the chores and things to do. Then you enter a laundry room with a mudroom bench. So you can collect all the children’s clothes, bookbags and shoes when they come home from school or go to football practice.

In the laundry room you have your washer/dryer as well as a work space with a built-in sink.

A standard two car garage is attached to this home. A two-car garage can be converted into an outdoor garage. It can be expanded to become a large workshop. It can be converted into a two to four car garage without any modifications. If you can dream it, we can build it.

The best part about Aspen is that when you walk out the back of the house, you are greeted by the same back porch as the front of the house. This gives you an ideal space for outdoor dining, barbecues, meeting places, outdoor kitchens or for entertaining with the family. The Aspen Resort is 100% the ultimate family home.

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Every Barndo Co kitchen is fitted as standard with our all-wood joinery, plunge butt joint, no screws, pre-finished RTA wood cabinets. These cabinets have many styles: gray shaker style cabinet, white shaker style cabinet, natural wood, dark wood. We also have several charcoal style cabinets. We have traditional genres. We have a modern laundry facility. And we have closets in between. We have cabinets ranging from antique white to pure white, light gray to antique gray, dark wood to light stained wood.

The countertops we use are premium granite. The colors are huge and we have over 16 premium granite choices. They range from Luna Pearl to Black Pearl. You can have granite countertops. You can have a round stone, a square stone. You can have a complete bookcase with the same stone as your countertop. You can have four inches of back coverage. You can choose a custom tile background. You can also upgrade your quartz countertops. We offer over seven level one quarter options. And then we have a more modestly priced upgrade where you go to granite and quartz in steps two through four.

Cabinet pulls come in a variety of styles, from knobs to pulls, tabs to covers, black, gold, brushed nickel and a variety of colors. When it comes to your kitchen sink, you can have a farmhouse sink, a round sink, a single sink over a sink. You can have a double sink with an undermount sink, a 50/50 split sink, or a 60/40 split sink.

4 Bedroom 2 Story Barndominium Floor Plans

When it comes to your kitchen faucet, you can choose anything from chef-style brushed nickel to modern brushed brass. When it comes to appliances in your kitchen, we range from completely custom chef range appliances to standard appliances you’ll find at your local hardware store. You have complete control over this cooking experience.

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Roof and exterior. Standard roofing and exterior options on Barndo Co Barndominiums are 26 gauge steel, solid rib, and mechanically attached material. These panels come in three-foot-wide, 3/4-inch ribs every nine inches. They are mechanically attached to your home through a window, with a bronze cap on the screw to protect that wing. The cones are the same color as the metal you choose for your roof or ceiling, resulting in a seamless, flawless design. Your color options range from galvo to metallic black, metallic white, as well as red and blue. Other siding choices include masonite siding, hardboard siding, vinyl siding, brick and/or stone, and the option to provide brick or stone panel casing for any siding choice .

To upgrade your siding over standard metal ties, we must first wrap your home with plaster. So, in addition to any improvement in CD material costs, you will benefit from an improvement in the cost of packaging. All of our bardominiums are wrapped in high quality materials. We use Type R high performance domestic packaging for every project we tackle. Roof options are 26-gauge solid rib panels, but can be upgraded to 24-gauge steel and 26-gauge standing seam steel. You have the option of installing a custom slate roof, an asphalt roof, a copper roof or any other type of composite material roof.

Exterior window and door selections at Barndo Company. Our standard window is a contractor grade white vinyl single hung window. We have the ability to install contractor grade casement windows, fixed glass windows and double glazed windows. You can also choose to upgrade your windows to black all-aluminum cased windows, composite windows, or black and white tinted vinyl windows.

Standard exterior door choices are our fiberglass doors with or without glass, which can be painted in the color of your choice, to match or contrast with your side-by-side. We also have a full range of mahogany doors, mahogany doors with glass, solid mahogany doors, stained to match your balcony columns or you can leave the light wood finish raw and clear. We also offer alder doors which give a more knotty and rustic look. Alder doors are also available with glass panel inserts and can be full glass, half glass or a traditional handcrafted glass door. We also offer a complete range of custom patio doors.

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