Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

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Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot – Looking for the perfect shade of blue for your next piece of furniture? I’ve compiled 12 of the best blue chalk paint colors to use for colorful furniture, craft projects and more.

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Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

Besides white, blue can be one of the best chalk paint/chalk style colors for furniture and home decor projects. While I personally love blue-green, these straight blues are awesome.

Diy Chalk Paint

Sometimes shopping for chalk paint can be a challenge because there are so many brands and each brand has a built-in, but limited, color selection. My goal with this series of posts is to give you a quick way to see some of the best shades of chalk style paint in any color.

In these chalk paint colors, you can see at a glance what chalk paint colors are available and how they compare to other colors. When you find the color you want, click the link and order. Super easy! Scroll down to the graphic for more details on all the links and colors.

Although I wrote an entire article on where to buy chalk style paint, I wanted to offer some specific suggestions for the colors on this list.

For Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you may want to find a local stockist or order online. Annie Sloan paint is more expensive than competing/imitation brands (around $40 per liter), but can go a long way.

Behr 1 Qt. #hdc Nt 11a Warm Marshmallow Interior Chalk Finish Paint 710004

Its color also adheres well to almost any surface, while competing colors often require light sanding if the piece is glossy.

Another factor that I love about Annie Sloan is that each color is very thoughtful in the historical and design inspiration from which it derives. Louis Blue and Ultra Deep Oxford Navy are some of my favorites.

With the ease of ordering online, it’s easy to find and purchase the perfect color for your next furniture painting project.

Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

If you shop at Home Depot, look for Rust-Oleum Chalk and Bahr Interior Decorative Chalk Paint.

How To Save Money On Chalk Paint!

If Amazon is your preference, check out their selection of Country Chalk Paint, Rust-Oleum Chalked, and KILZ Chalk Style Paint.

If you are still unfamiliar, I would like to highlight my favorite colors from the list:

This soft blue is so pretty! Bahr chalk style paint is very easy because it is available at Home Depot and comes in many colors.

A beautiful pastel blue designed by Annie Sloan to evoke rococo French and Swedish interiors. Here are some pieces of furniture painted with Louis Blue by Annie Sloan.

Chalk Paint Dining Room Table

I like Rust-Oleum paints because they are half the price (or less) of Annie Sloan or store brands of chalk-style paints. Of course, the downside is that there is a pretty limited color selection, but if you like one of these colors, go for it!

I recently tried the country check paint for the dress fold and it was great. It is a bit expensive, but the colors are very nice. This dark blue is especially beautiful.

White is my personal go-to color when I paint chalk, so I thought I’d write this around a nice blue. Whether you’re looking for a light pastel like antique blue or a deep deep blue like oxford navy, I hope this list has helped you find the color you’ve been looking for! happy painting,

Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

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Steps To Getting Started With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® — Charlton & Park

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An Update On Our Painted Stone Fireplace

This guide picks some of the best colors from each brand so you can find the perfect color (and brand) for your project!

While Home Depot sells a large number of chalk paint products, two of its best-selling brands are Annie Sloan and Behr. These two brands excel at different ends of the color spectrum, so choosing between them is as simple as choosing the color you’re looking for.

Annie Sloan’s collection has some pretty standard colors, but these gray purples and blues are unique to her collection. These shadows are a great way to add lots of color without being too bright or overwhelming.

Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

In turn, dark wall hanging picture frames will be wonderful. I can see Napoleon in blue on a chair cushion or pillow. Use Louis Blue for an airy feel in your bathroom or Rodemel in your lamps to give your room a purple glow.

Behr 1 Qt. #n240 4 Sierra Interior Chalk Finish Paint 710004

Suitable for walls, textiles and furniture alike, these colors will add a classy look to a space without overpowering you.

Bring in the sun with farmhouse whites and summer porches or embrace the old-world villas with fresh earth and vintage mustard. Go to the beach with icy water and surf; Party in the Garden with Vineyard Passage and Green Silk.

If you’re looking for a yellow or green chalk color, this is the collection that turned me on first.

The two main chalk paint brands sold at Lowe’s are Valspar and Krylon. Let’s see the best colors of each!

Furniture Rehab: Painting Over Varnished Wood

Valspar’s color combination was a little disappointing. However, they had beautiful pastels in their hearts that could be beautiful in a craft or on a garden gate.

Valspar offers a custom color shade, so it’s a good brand to choose if you need a color match or a very specific shade.

I was surprised by the wide range of colors that Krylon offers, especially when it comes to bright neutrals and off-whites. I have never seen one brand offer so many color options.

Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

Hover over each color to see the name, or click on the color to go to the color page on the Lowe’s website.

Sage Green Chalk Paint®

When it comes to neutrals and off-whites, small differences in shade or undertones can make a big difference. Having a large selection available is incredibly helpful!

My favorite colors in this collection are Bay Waves (fourth row, first column), Ibis White (second row, third column), and Pale Bloom (bottom row, last column). However, the beauty of this collection is not in a particular color but in different tones to choose for your project.

Like the Valspar collection, the Waverly Chalk paint line doesn’t have much going for it. There aren’t many colors to choose from, and of the ones you do have, there aren’t very good choices.

The four colors on the left were good alternatives to plain orange, blue, red-orange, and red for me. They have an unusual feeling that I love. Overall, though, I wouldn’t recommend this collection.

Creating A Washed Distressed Black Paint Finish With Chalk Paint

I love the Dixie Belle color combination. It’s full of beautiful colors, but these six are my favorites.

These colors are bright and bold, but not too much. They are highly pigmented without looking overly stained with new colors.

Olive tones are absolutely beautiful in folk collections. For furniture these would be good chalky colors. They have an old world that seems beautiful when it is sad.

Annie Sloan Paint Home Depot

Consider using a smart shade over a night stand or a sofa over a patio seat. These colors will add a touch of luxury to any space you use.

Créez Votre Couleur Chalk Paint™

The Rustoleum chalk paint line is very limited. On the right are the colors they offer. Although the selection is limited, it is very popular.

I personally don’t like these colors, but if you like one, this is a good brand to buy. Rust-Oleum makes a high quality product.

Unfortunately, spray paint colors are still somewhat new, and there aren’t many colors available yet. However, brands like Krylon and Rust-Oleum have some aerosols

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