Bathroom Ideas Colors For Small Bathrooms

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Unless you’re one of the lucky ones (damn it!), your bathroom is between 25 and 60 square feet. And even if that doesn’t leave you much room, old boy

Bathroom Ideas Colors For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Ideas Colors For Small Bathrooms

But we focus on TRULY FABULOUS people, which means sometimes you have to EMBRACE your little space and liven it up with CONTRAST, TEXTURE, AND VISUAL INTEREST.

Best Bathroom Paint Colors For 2023

Next, the paint color (Anonymous Sherwin Williams) and dark vanity contrast with the lighter elements in the space, adding visual interest…

The next photo shows a low contrast bathroom. While there are different levels of sheen, patterns and products, the overall look is understated and understated compared to the contrast in DEPTH. INTEREST is added through pattern and texture. Even though this is a slightly LARGER bathroom, it clearly shows the point…

B) If you have a small bathroom and want a discreet look, you may prefer a low contrast look in relation to DEPTH; adding interest with variations in texture and shine. However, if you’re looking for impact and personality, high contrast might be the way to go!

Even small spaces can have fun! Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be plain, white, and potentially boring JUST to “look” bigger. I personally prefer my bathroom to be small and have BIG character rather than boring…i

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If you find your bathroom a little overwhelming, consider painting the walls an interesting color that adds CONTRAST or drama to the space…

Pictured above, Benjamin Moore Dior Gray has low contrast with the floor, but high contrast with the white trim and elements. Also, notice how the yellow/gold in the artwork stands out against the cool color of the wall (warm versus cool creates a contrast).

This next bathroom looks GORGEOUS in the Sherwin Williams Moody Blue color because it contrasts with the white lights (but I can see the wood paneling around the window – it’s supposed to be white, but it doesn’t matter). Also, notice how the black elements and hardware contrast with the white.

Bathroom Ideas Colors For Small Bathrooms

If you wanted to make the upstairs bathroom feel BIGGER, you would use a polished nickel/chrome fixture/frame and a light color for the walls, something like Benjamin Moore classic gray… but remember, looking bigger can also mean BORING!

The Best Colors For Small Bathrooms

Adding baseboards or moldings to your bathroom and painting them a nice color is another great way to add interest without leaving

Full color OR budget. In this next space, notice how the walls, plinth, and moldings are medium contrast, but the black lights add some SERIOUS energy to the previously dreary space…

And paint color isn’t JUST about your walls – don’t forget that vanity! The next room has amazing personality with a striking green vanity (Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines) and fun hex tile flooring that adds pattern. This isn’t some boring little bathroom you happen to pass by: you stop to say hello (but if I see you talking to the bathroom, we have a problem)…

Do you hang a clear plastic curtain in your bedroom window (if so, what is your address)? Would you like to hang this plastic curtain on an old rusty chrome rod? Probably not. What I’m trying to say is that you need to give the shower curtain as much attention as you would the curtains hanging in your bedroom or living room!

Best Small Bathroom Color Schemes And Palette Ideas

Well, there are some of us who get bored of things quickly (I like to call it DBD – Decor Boredom Disorder). We quickly get bored of one thing and WANT a new color, pattern, or husband every time we have our period. This means that if we are committed to maintaining a certain color or pattern on a surface that is expensive to replace, this compulsion can gain

When it’s time for a new look. This is why it’s often better to add interest to SMALL replaceable pieces rather than permanent, expensive ones.

And while I PERSONALLY am a big fan of white towels, you can definitely add some interest with colorful towels. And yes, I know, this next bathroom is NOT small, but it sure makes those towels pop!

Bathroom Ideas Colors For Small Bathrooms

PLEASE REMEMBER, I rely 100% on my online paint color consultation clients for their photos, in an effort to show you REAL HOMES on a REAL BUDGET. Thanks to everyone who sent them!

The 9 Best Powder Room Paint Colors For 2024

Remember, you can also add low-contrast interest by layering the same neutral color over different products/decor and different textures…

In fact, one of the best ways to add color AND texture to your bathroom is with floor mats in front of the toilet and around the toilet lid… NO ONE EVER SAID THAT! Nothing turns me on more than floor mats in front of or ON THE TOILET, just the thought makes my skin crawl – OH SO!

This idea is one of my favorites. Adding texture or pattern to a small bathroom is a GREAT way to give it personality, especially if you’re not a big fan of drastic color changes.

In the next bathroom, while the black faucet and mirror add CONTRAST to the warm gray quartz countertop, the Penny tiles add a fun pattern to the scene and take the shape of the mirror and curved black faucet…

Foolproof Bathroom Color Combos

TEXTURE: A striped towel, crystal handles, and even a plant add TEXTURE and movement to a space

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Bathroom Ideas Colors For Small Bathrooms

Benjamin + Sherwin Best Paint Colors: Neutral, Gray, Gray, Cream + White Paint Color Reviews

Small Bathroom Paint Ideas To Transform Your Space

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01. School of colors Online color course Do you want to know more about colours, both for your home and for your clients’ homes? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the world of color, these fun online courses will take your color education to the NEXT LEVEL! View courses 02. Convenient and fun e-books Are you an avid reader? Want to learn more about the FUN side of decorating and coloring? These eBooks cover a wide range of topics and are sure to make you refresh your space and rethink the way you live in your home! Browse eBooks You’ve found the perfect house, with one small flaw: it has a small bathroom. Take heart: the right color on those small walls can make the bathroom seem more spacious. Read on to find out which colors are best for brightening up a small bathroom.

The experts at Glidden Paint suggest light, bright colors that reflect light to create the impression of a larger space. This is why many recommend white as one of the best colors for small bathrooms, because it naturally reflects more light.

There are hundreds if not thousands of white colors to choose from. Sherwin-Williams divides its white colors into three groups: pure white, warm white and cool white.

Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas That Wow

Cool whites are great for rooms with cool undertones and undertones like blue. Warm white has a yellow or red base and works well to add warmth and coziness to rooms. Pure white colors are best in modern, eclectic or even rustic rooms.

Consider your small bathroom’s decor and accessories before choosing the perfect white color. Maximize your space with these 20 bathroom storage tools.

The white color offers a crisp, fresh and clean sensation. If you want something more energetic and cheerful, choose white main walls and ceiling and a bright accent wall with bright colors like sunny yellow or magenta.

Bathroom Ideas Colors For Small Bathrooms

Glidden also suggests other light, neutral colors for small bathrooms (also known as powder rooms). If you want a small spa-style bathroom, Glidden suggests a pale blue or light green color palette.

The Best Small Bathroom Paint Colors In 2023

Lighter neutral colors like light gray or soft dark can also work

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