Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

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Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors – Today I’m sharing Behr’s popular blue-gray paint colors and all the details on why they’re so popular.

Blue-gray paint is very comfortable and pleasant, which is why it is one of the most popular colors to use in your home. Think real color with this paint color.

Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

I love talking about paint colors, and Behr has some amazing shades that you should consider! I love blue-gray from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. If you like one of these colors, you can match them at The Home Depot in your favorite Behr paint!

Blues, Reimagine And Dream

The underlying color of the sound appears. Blue-gray paint colors can have other tones, but the main ones you will find are blue and gray colors, gray and blue tones.

Blue paint is very good gray. Gray creates a more muted blue.

What does silence mean? Basically, the blue is reduced, creating a neutral color.

If you have gray paint with blue tones, it’s a cool natural color. This cool will make your room look better.

Best Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors For A Cool Calm Aesthetic

Well, let’s find out what you are here for. Here are the best blue paint colors from Behr and all the information about them.

Absolute Zero is a beautiful dark blue paint color with a hint of gray. This color reminds me of a front door interior I’ve seen on Instagram, no wonder it’s so popular.

This color has an LRV of 64 which makes the color clear, but it’s a little off. Don’t get me wrong, this color can really brighten up a room, but it also has a beautiful depth of color that contrasts perfectly with the white border.

Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

Adirondack Blue is in the gray color family, but it’s a beautiful blue color that I love. It’s LRV 23 so it’s a dark color.

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It has the LRV 64 which has a bright paint color and the area is bright. I don’t think it’s too bright, just a hint of color that would contrast nicely with white trim or cabinets.

Blue Willow is definitely more blue than gray, but has a slight purple tint! Don’t worry, your walls won’t look purple if you use this color, I promise!

It has the LRV 40 in the middle, but the reverse is darker. Therefore, make sure that your room has enough light if you want to use all the walls.

Teton Blue is one of my favorites here. Check the sky before the big storm! The depth of the color makes it the perfect color for an accent wall or a piece of furniture/cabinet.

Nature Inspired Paint Colors From Southern Landscapes

The LRV of Teton Blue is 31 and the tip is darker with some intermediate colors. It is still light, but it is too dark if you want to use it on all the walls of the room, you need to know that there is a lot of natural light.

Cumberland Fog is definitely more blue than gray blue, but make no mistake, they do sound gray. A beautiful muted sky blue color that would look great in a nursery or on a drop ceiling!

This color has an LRV of 68 which makes the color light. You can wear this color anywhere because the light just changes.

Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

French Colonial is a beautiful shade of blue and has a lot of gray in it. This shade of gray mutes the blue a lot, but doesn’t make the color look bad. This is one of my favorites!

Light Blue Paint Colors

This color is beautiful! I find it a bit darker, LRV than 24, but it’s calm and a great color for any home.

Because Norwegian Blue has a low LRV, I wouldn’t recommend using this on every wall in a room if you want it dark and gloomy. I stick to accent walls or furniture for this color.

I absolutely love dark shades of blue gray and this is one of my favorites! As the name says it all, it is blue mixed carbon.

This color has an LRV of 19 so it is very dark. I use this on accent walls, cabinets/furniture and outdoors. If you want a dark and gloomy living room or dining room, this is perfect.

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Prelude is a beautiful blue-gray paint color with soft green undertones. Green is a very subtle color and you might not notice it if you combine this color with other green things, such as flooring and curtains.

The Prelude is an LRV of 47 that is very solid in the middle segment. This color is great because it’s easy to use throughout the room so it’s not too dark, but has enough depth of color to not be close to white.

The name, Intercoastal Grey, is the perfect name for this color. It’s very gray, but the blue is so blue that you feel like you’re looking at the ocean! This color would be perfect for a beach house or a house with a beach feel.

Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

It has an LRV of 45 so it’s in the mid range, but takes it on the dark side. It’s still safe to use on a wall, but make sure you have plenty of natural light.

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Meteor Shower is a light blue gray paint color. A beautiful muted almost neutral color but blue-gray.

Meteor Shower has an LRV of 47, which means it’s a medium dark color that’s great to use on a wall, or you can use it as an accent color on furniture or cabinets.

Antique silver is more on the gray side than blue. It’s very calm, but with an LRV of 48, it’s not a bright color.

With LRV, I would say this color will give you a nice depth and give you a neutral base to start from.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Picked By The Pros

This color is very similar to Classic Silver, but on the other side. It’s more blue than gray, but the gray tone has a muted feel that feels very neutral.

French Silver is LRV 50, lighter than Classic Silver, but still close.

Nautical Gray is part of the gray family, but you can see that the color has a blue undertone. LRV 56 is light and dark in paint color.

Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors

Hush is my favorite blue-gray paint color. The color has good depth without being too strong. I prefer gray to blue, but in different lights it shines like a shade of blue.

Best Selling Behr Paint Colors Of All Time

An LRV 54 placed on the lighter side of the mid range is a good spot if you want some color but not too dark.

This amazing color is on the dark side of LRV 29, but it’s beautiful! I love that Dark Pewter is gray with blue undertones.

This color will be very dark in a room with little natural light, but in a bright room it will be very beautiful. Also great for furniture/cabinets and accent walls. I’m starting a new weekly segment on Fridays called “Coloring Pages.” My goal is to share color palette ideas from common paint color questions readers receive. I know it’s hard to find the perfect color, and I hope this palette can help everyone sift through the many colors out there, and also help you coordinate your colors. (trim, roof, and accent).

The best part of this weekly section is that each color palette featured each week has a full printable page with a small space for a palette “note” that can be printed like this:

Ideas For Blue Paint Colors For Perfectly Hued Walls

A printable palette isn’t a substitute for color cards, but you’ll love the colors and subtle contrasts. If you see a color you like, don’t rely on my palette, but get a paint card to find the perfect colors. Believe it or not, painted color photos are much closer to displaying true colors than a computer monitor (if your printer is low on ink!).

I recommend printing the palettes on smooth cardstock (no linen/fiber lines) for best quality, but standard copy paper (8.5 x 11) will work just fine. Below you can see the big difference between the computer screen on the left and the other

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