Benjamin Moore Oc 23 Classic Gray

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I love bright blue, purple or green colors – classic gray is no exception. But the key to choosing paint you love is knowing what you’re getting into before you slap it on the wall, so there you have it (I’m not just pretty, you know…).

Benjamin Moore Oc 23 Classic Gray

Benjamin Moore Oc 23 Classic Gray

Let’s see why Classic Gray Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular gray paint colors…

Classic Gray Oc 23

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Classic gray – white, warm gray, soft, soft, under feathers. However, depending on the effect of the room and the surrounding decorations, classic gray can also be interpreted as light blue, which is warmer than gray. It’s not a gray fabric because gray fabric goes well with green and classic gray doesn’t.

As for beige, don’t worry – classic gray doesn’t rely on beige. If it looks that warm, it’s because of the lighting conditions or how you chose the paint color – maybe it was chosen next to a cooler color to make it appear warmer.

By the way, the classic gray is numbered OC-23 and 1548 – they are the same color because it has two different fans.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (#oc 23): Ultimate Review + Pictures

You’ll have to read this article, but here’s the gist: LRV (Light Reflectance Value) indicates how dark or light a color is based on a 0-100 range, and every paint color has an LRV number. The closer the number is to 100, the lighter the color. The closer it is to 0, the darker the color. Complete!

Now that’s not a problem, let’s go back to classic gray. Classic Gray has an LRV of almost 75, which in my crazy color world means it’s white. While it may be close to my magic LRV number, it provides a soft, soothing contrast to the white trim.

However, classic gray can look dingy and dark in a room (see other light colors for dark rooms here). If you have a bright room, you might expect the classic gray to be a bit subdued, but in a medium-light room, it’s perfect!

Benjamin Moore Oc 23 Classic Gray

If you’re not into blues or greens, this subtle warm ash might be right up your alley! Classic gray has a very passive purple-pink tone, and its undertones are more suitable for various interior decorations than blue or green gray colors.

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Seriously, don’t let these tips scare you. While you’re focused on one “P-word,” you can easily miss another—

. Each shade of gray, brown, and gray has blue, green, purple, or mixed shades. The main thing is to make a decision

And how sensitive you and your environment are to it. I’m not a fan of purple, but I think the classic gray goes well with the room products (we have it in our living room).

See the next photo. There’s a reason I chose subway tiles for the finish wall in this bathroom remodel—they’re the same classic gray, just a little darker. M Interiors Edesign C

Now, once in a blue moon (or pink is more important), I find it leans more towards the rose. It’s usually in a south-facing room, but even so, it’s dim and more on my anus.

Dyed is a popular look right now, especially in dark colors. As for the classic gray color, although it goes well with all kinds of surfaces, sometimes you can’t appreciate a color without play or contrast. Of course, it has high color depth and high LRV, so it can be used on several surfaces; You can see some subtle changes just by changing the brightness. However…

In the next space, you’ll see a classic gray on the walls and a beautiful gray on the cabinets and trim (you’ll read more about beautiful gray soon). Even this small change in depth/color adds interest to a space…

Benjamin Moore Oc 23 Classic Gray

Northern exposure is a cold, pale gray light, and classic gray works well if there is enough light from a window. It looks like a simple, soft, warm gray because the northern light can intensify the gray a little more than the subtle warmth.

Oc 23 Classic Gray Benjamin Moore

As for the images above and below, an E-Design client hired me to help update her living room because, while she loved classic gray in the evening light, she was too cold during the day and was looking for a warmer alternative. . Classic gray at night, with interior lighting only…

It’s amazing how the classic gray changes from a soft, slightly warm gray to a warm gray in the light – I love it! I’m also easily excited and a huge color nerd (so true). Needless to say, I gave her some warmer gray fabric options to look at so she could love her living room day and night!

As for the corridors, some are bright and curable based on their effects, while others are generally dark. Warm grays, like classic grays, can struggle in low-light areas unless interior lighting is dramatically improved. If there is not enough light, such colors can look dull and boring, but combining them with the right white color can help (we will see later, a brighter color). If I were to put it in a classic gray hallway, I would put the lights at around 3000K Kelvin to keep the heat in so everything stays bright.

South-facing light is warmer and can slightly enhance the soft warmth of BM’s classic grey; The same goes for afternoon western sunlight (which can make it look very golden).

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If your room is very bright, a classic gray wash will do. However, if your room receives moderate southern light, classic gray can look soft, warm gray in favor of the nail (which is why it looks warmer than traditional gray tones).

Hmm, probably not. You can try, but don’t be surprised if it has more pronounced tones and sometimes looks warmer than expected. At this depth (unless you live in a shady area) you can expect it to be sun bathed.

However, classic gray siding goes well with your stone, brick and roof, the front of your house won’t be completely flooded with sun, and if you pair it with bright white trim, it looks beautiful!

Benjamin Moore Oc 23 Classic Gray

As for a perfect match, you won’t find it because there are always differences in tone, depth, and temperature. However, sampling and comparing paint colors is the best way to find the perfect shade…

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If given a choice between these two whites, I almost always choose classic gray. It looks amazingly white, warm gray with purple-pink undertones, but has undertones that pop up more at parties. The amazing white color is cooler than the classic gray, although it has a significant depth.

I love recommending these two colors to my online paint color clients. These are the places when the room needs a subtle, soft warmth without a green tint. Egret White has an LRV of 70, so it’s higher on the light spectrum and slightly darker than classic gray. Classic gray also looks warmer than off-white and sometimes has more pronounced tones.

If you have a lot of light in the room, the so-called white color will withstand bright light better than the classic gray, but any light colors will be washed out.

These two warm tones are often compared and sampled in the same project; However, there are reasonable differences between them.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Home Inspiration

Classic gray and light oak are always compared because they are soft, sophisticated approaches to the world of gray and black. Light oak is warmer, meaning that its purplish-pink tones transition more easily to pink-violet (where pink is more dominant). In addition, it has a clearer tone than classic gray.

As for depth, Light Oak has an LRV of around 69, which is slightly higher on the light spectrum, making it darker than classic grey. If you have a color to choose from and need to focus more on that base color, this can be great (without going overboard). Although both have their own characteristics, classic gray is the most popular color.

Classic Gray and Balboa Mist are similar in that they both have soft bluish undertones. However, Balboa Mist is darker and grayer in color. Because of this, her purple colors are sometimes more prominent at parties.

Benjamin Moore Oc 23 Classic Gray

You have to be careful because the colors on the cabinets often appear warmer than expected (especially when using alkyd or enamels). It is also more difficult due to its LRV/depth

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Review & Inspiration

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