Best White Exterior Paint Colors

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Best White Exterior Paint Colors – Choosing white for the exterior can be difficult. Choose from hundreds of white colors. Plus, subtle undertones can throw colors off in different lighting settings. So, to keep things simple, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 exterior white colors.

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Best White Exterior Paint Colors

Best White Exterior Paint Colors

We have finally started painting the exterior walls. We have been focusing on home interiors for three years. After replacing the windows last winter, we finally painted the exterior!

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I wanted the exterior of the house to be a dark color to complement the light brick. But we also decided to paint the barn.

However, choosing white can be difficult. So let’s break down the most important factors to look for when choosing white paint for your exterior.

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Let’s take a closer look at four factors to consider when choosing white exterior paint. However, as a general rule of thumb, bright white is best for shady homes. A creamier shade will be obtained in a home that receives direct sunlight.

Best Exterior White Paint Colors

First, decide on the white undertone you’re considering. All paint colors have an undertone that goes back to the primary color.

White color has these shades, so you need to be especially careful. The best way to determine the white color of your exterior is to hold a color swatch up to a piece of white computer paper.

Pure white is considered the best choice for exterior whites, as cool colors pair well with natural colors.

Best White Exterior Paint Colors

The third factor to consider is natural light. If most of your home’s exterior is in the shade, the colors you choose will look different than if it’s in full sun.

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How many times have you bought paint at a paint store, only to find out it was a completely different color when you got it home? The reason is the lighting!

Most paint stores have fluorescent tubes that are a completely different color than natural light. Therefore, the paint sold at the paint store will not look the same color on the exterior of your home.

Always use paint swatches from the same brand as the store where you purchase the paint.

When painting the exterior of my house, I purchased samples from a different store than the painting company. Our colors are completely different! Each store’s machine settings are different, so color results may vary slightly.

Best White Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors And How To Use Them

So make sure you get your samples from the same place you buy your paint. Then paint some color swatches on the exterior and see how they look in different lights.

Please watch it all day long. At sunrise, noon, and sunset, the intensity of the sun changes, so it looks different.

White has a wide range of color coordination. However, you may want to consider a color that blends with your exterior. The color of the ceiling, trim, and doors all affect how the final color looks.

Best White Exterior Paint Colors

As you can see above, the white exterior of our barn looks different depending on the accent color of the door.

How To Pick The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home’s Style

Yes! 😉 Of course, you can also paint your house in other colors and it will be beautiful.

White is not the only exterior color. But it’s classic, fresh, timeless, and creates a great focal point for your home.

White provides a great backdrop for other accent colors to shine. It’s a great way to highlight landscaping, brick, and other architectural elements.

For example, this windmill has been installed in this very place for three years. After painting the barn white, most of my friends and family finally noticed. I’ve never seen this before as it blends with the previous color.

Best White Exterior Paint Colors (2023)

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As I started choosing the perfect exterior white color for my barn, I saw some beautiful whites walking by. After much consideration, I decided to choose bright white.

In my opinion, the best white paint for the exterior of your home (or outbuildings) is Sherwin Williams Snowbound.

Best White Exterior Paint Colors

I think white is perfect for exterior trim! It is a transparent white with a light gray tinge. You can see how I used it on the outside tire in this post.

The Power Of Paint

But this is the best white for me. That doesn’t mean white is best for everyone. So we wanted to share nine other whites that can be beautiful choices for your home’s exterior.

Exterior color is strongly influenced by the sun. White reflects light, so a bright, pure white might be too much for your home’s exterior.

The pure white color is great for brightening up indoors, but outdoors it can be visually overwhelming. I choose one of the more subtle colors below.

Note: When we say “pure white” here, we mean true, bright, crisp white. I’m not talking about pure white color.

Best White Exterior Paint Colors For 2023

She painted her Swiss Coffee at home with Cass Makes Home Behr. Swiss coffee is bone-white with a slightly creamy tinge.

Benjamin Moore’s Her White Dove was used in Thistle Harvest. White Dove is a soft creamy white. A yellow tone that gives you a warm feeling without losing its crispness.

I use White Dove for my interior. In this post you can also see what the inside of my kitchen cabinets look like.

Best White Exterior Paint Colors

Jenna chose Sue Design Sherwin Williams in Oyster White. Oyster White is a very warm white with light gray edges. I love the softness and the black and wood accents.

Choosing The Best White Paint For Your Exterior

The white farmhouse paint matched her home in a color called Linen (C2 Paint’s Milk color matched to her mustache C2-692). A modern soft white with a subtle warmth.

The Fox family used Dan Cabot’s Ultra White. Ultra Her White is an exterior wood stain that is pure white in contrast to the color.

Jess from Calcabar Road used Sherwin-Williams Pure Her White for the exterior of her rental. Pure White, contrary to its name, is a soft white that is almost cream-colored.

Tuesday’s room used Sherwin-Williams Nuance for the balcony tiles. It is amazing. It’s soft, yet fresh and modern.

The Best White Paint Colors

Tiffany of Gawler Home used Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Her Lace in this barn. I love the freshness of this white, especially the white brick and wood accents.

Finally, Katie from Halfway Holistic used her Behr Whisper White to redecorate her front porch. Whisper White is a warm white that frames the teeth. The warmth blends perfectly with the wood tones.

We hope you found this article about the top 10 exterior white colors useful. Color always helps you see the big picture, but always remember to get the pattern.

Best White Exterior Paint Colors

Color swatches are the best way to ensure you get the color you want. He doesn’t have to buy paint twice, especially on a project this big.

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Favorite White Paint Color

A week or two ago, I mentioned that I was finally going to start painting the exterior of my house. Since moving five years ago, I had hoped that things would eventually be a little easier. So for the past few weeks I’ve been researching white colors that are suitable for outdoor environments. I would like it to be a little warmer so that the new look doesn’t completely dazzle me. This time, we will introduce recommended exterior white colors!

Last year, I shared some white homes inspired by black window frames. Our window molding is bronze (we will keep the existing color), but the post is