God Facing As Per Vastu

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God Facing As Per Vastu – If we ask you a simple question, which is the most sacred part of the Vastu of the house? Your answer is pooja room or pooja hall without thinking. But mainly, while planning your dream home, people in big cities tend to ignore a separate space for pooja room due to limited space and give more importance to designing other rooms in their house according to Vastu guidelines. But why? Whenever a problem arises in your life, you go to the God you love, pray to him for a solution or ask for mercy. According to Vastu Shastra, Puja room is a place to worship your Creator and control every action of the universe. This will help if you don’t keep the pooja room as per Vastu. The pooja room is the center of divine positive energy in your home. For this reason, Vastu architects pay special attention to the design of the prayer room to connect us with the divine energy. A Vastu-appropriate pooja room or temple not only makes our prayers fruitful but also removes the negative energy lurking in the house.

Most people have some general questions related to Vastu for Pooja Hall (about temple direction and best cover for Pooja temple at home, best cover for idols etc.). do not worry! In this article we will explore the important facts of Vastu for Pooja Hall.

God Facing As Per Vastu

God Facing As Per Vastu

The ideal direction or location of the pooja room plays an important role in determining the overall Vastu of the house. According to ‘Vastushastra’ each direction has some characteristics of its own. Keep in mind that not all directions are suitable for worshiping all deities. is supposed:

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Another name for this zone is the Ishanya Zone, which is considered the region of Lord Shiva. This zone is suitable for placing your worship room which is the God you worship.

Vedic texts refer to the Sun as the “soul of the world”. According to Vastu for Pooja Room, you consider this zone along with Northeast zone as another auspicious area for Pooja room placement.

Is your family goddess Durga? Then according to Vaastu, for Pooja room, Southeast zone should be your top choice to place your Pooja room. However, you should not choose this place for other deities.

Although this zone is opposite to the Ishaan region, it has some guidelines for worshiping any deity. But you can do Vishwakarma Puja here.

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The western zone is considered the realm of the guru (if you are a worshiper of a spiritual leader). However, this zone is also auspicious for pooja room placement.

This zone is not suitable for placing the worship room of your revered gods and goddesses. In some societies there is a practice of honoring deceased family ancestors. You should consult a Vastu consultant for relevant guidelines.

According to Vastu for Pooja Room, this zone is suitable for office temple and factory and also suitable for placing Pooja room in your home here. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are the main deities worshiped in the north zone puja hall. But better, avoid worshiping other gods here.

God Facing As Per Vastu

Jains like us keep their pooja room in the kitchen. People are also confused whether to arrange a puja room in the kitchen. So consult a Vastu consultant for clarification or further guidance.

Mandir Direction In Home: Vastu Direction Gods Should Face

According to the position of the house, the ideal lining of the pooja room plays an important role in Vastu for the pooja room. Let’s see:

• In an east facing house, the pooja room should be in the north or east corner. So that people who worship face one of these directions when worshiping their Lord. This lucky face guarantees wealth and knowledge in life.

• In houses facing north, we should ensure that the pooja room is in the north-east direction and worshipers should face the north-east direction while doing the pooja.

• In a west facing house, we again consider the northeast corner of the house as the most promising location for the pooja room.

Pooja Room Vastu Tips For South Facing House

Now we ask you again a simple question: What is most important to you apart from the perfect location of the puja room according to Vastu Shastra? Yes, this is a good place for idols. Failure can invite negative energy into your home. In every pooja room we can see some idols or religious paintings or both. According to Puja Khand Vastu, North East, East and West directions are ideal directions to place idols or deity images and place them facing west or south or east. However, avoid facing north and make sure the idols are not facing each other at all.

Color, another important fact that we need to keep in mind while designing the pooja room. Because it has a lot of impact in determining the overall puja khand vastu. However according to Vastushastra, the appropriate color for the puja room depends on the zone. But light colors should be the best choice according to Vaastu for pooja room as it enhances the positive aura of the area and creates an ideal atmosphere for pooja. Apart from colors, the right arrangement of lighting also has the ability to enhance the Vastu of the worship hall. Install the windows in the pooja room in such a way; It allows sunlight, an abundant source of positive energy during the day. Similarly, after sunset, arrange lamps or candles so that the place is brightly lit. Never place the area in front of the idol in the dark.

As mentioned earlier, most of us live in apartments due to increasing space constraints. There is not enough space in the apartment. In that case, a separate pooja room is just a luxury for most of us. So what is the solution? For pooja room, you can place your pooja unit in living room for small flat. Never build a pooja room or temple in the basement or on a high floor.

God Facing As Per Vastu

While building a temple/mandir at home, choose north east or east corner of the house for ideal Vastu location for temple house. Use rosewood or marble to make a temple. According to ‘Vastu Shastra’ it is auspicious. It’s best if you don’t place it directly on the floor. Instead, place it on a pedestal or raised platform. A pyramidal or gopura-shaped roof is considered more suitable for a house temple according to Vastu. Also make a low ceiling. For pooja rooms, Vastu Shastra believes that low ceilings ensure better channeling of positive vibrations.

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Here are some tips from Vastu experts on dos and don’ts to make your puja room more Vastu:

• Keep only one place for worship and devotion in your home. Make the place a center of honor for each member of your family.

• If you use tiles in the puja room, they should be light colored and made of natural stone such as marble or granite.

• Maintain a distance of at least one inch from the wall while placing the idol on the Simhasan (God’s throne).

Vastu For Pooja Room

• There are many things like cotton, lamps, scriptures, incense sticks, holy water etc., which we should keep in the pooja room. According to the Vastu prayer room put these items in the closet on the lower south or west wall.

• With house temple/mandir design, pyramid shaped roof or gopura is considered more suitable according to Vastu for pooja room.

• Avoid placing your pooja room in the bedroom or near the toilet. Never keep pooja room in south direction. This is strictly prohibited as per Pooja Cream Vastu. · You cannot build a pooja room under the stairs. Never keep damaged idols in the pooja room. We should follow the same thing regarding cracked images.

God Facing As Per Vastu

• It will help if you avoid bells, pictures of dead ancestors, dried flowers, faded pictures, money in pooja room, Vastu. These things attract negativity.

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Answer: According to ‘Vastu Shastra’ each direction has some characteristics of its own. Not all directions are suitable for placing all deities. However, the North-East direction is the best for the location of any deity.

Answer: As per Vastu for Pooja Room, Pooja room facing the main door is never recommended. But if unavoidable, you can use the curtain in front of the temple.

Answer: It totally depends on your faith. You can place any god in your home as per the Vastu guidelines which are suitable for its location.

Answer: Yes, the center of the house is a sacred space from where all positive energy spreads to other parts of the house. For this reason, according to ‘Vastushastra’, it is better to build a pooja room here, a pooja or shrine in this part automatically radiates positive energy.

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Answer: Some communities and religious followers place their pooja rooms in the kitchen (followers of Jainism place their pooja rooms in the kitchen). They think they have a kitchen

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