How To Build A Double Mailbox Post

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How To Build A Double Mailbox Post – A mailbox is a funny thing. Boring, bland, no one will think twice. However, a unique mailbox design and your letter carrier will do double duty. Almost everyone who passes by notices the mail in the mailbox sitting in the front yard. You could say that the mailbox connects our home to the outside world.

They go ahead, stand at the end of the road and become a sign for our house. A classic mailbox goes hand in hand with home improvements, and often a small change can make a world of difference.

How To Build A Double Mailbox Post

How To Build A Double Mailbox Post

Below, we’ll give you instructions on how to make a mailbox post just like ours, as well as 21 unique mailbox ideas that others have made!

Mailbox Ideas That Are Fun And Creative

We used to have a “female” mailbox in our house. The iron, barely hanging by one screw on the white fence, was scary! More than that, it’s a lesson learned from our landscaped garden. But for some reason we have never prioritized replacing it.

The day has finally come to replace our outdated mailboxes with mail. I ordered a black mailbox online and dug through the woodpile to see what I had.

I created a simple design related to our wooden beams and finally the new front yard. A combination of 2×2, 2×4 and 2×6 attached to a 4×4 post.

I used post anchors to secure my 4×4 so my mailbox could move. After hammering it into the ground, I adjusted the height of my mailbox and cut the post to 42 inches. Don’t pin the post yet.

How To Build A Mid Century Inspired Mailbox

Take some creative liberties with this step and cut the pieces to size. My first rough cut was a 2×6 cut 20 inches long (about the length of my mailbox). Cut one end at 45 degrees. Repeat the same cut on the other side. The last piece in this row is cut at 45 degrees at both ends so that the three pieces can be braided (see image below).

If you don’t have a jig, these cuts can be made with a handsaw and a box.

Continue with the same cuts for the rest of the article. To create a more unique mailbox design, I randomly changed the thickness of the horizontal lines from top to bottom. For the thinnest pieces, I cut a 2×4 inch piece in half on my table saw. Tip: Be sure to use some sort of push stick when ripping thin pieces on the table saw. These can be made or bought.

How To Build A Double Mailbox Post

I found it easiest to assemble the horizontal U-shaped rows before attaching them to the posts. I used small screws for mounting. Holes must be pre-drilled to prevent the plate from cracking.

Diy Modern Wood Mailbox With Concrete Slab — Maker Gray

After assembling the horizontal row, attach it to the mailbox post. When installing, use the release clamps to keep everything tight, and set blocks to keep even spacing between rows.

I used Australian Cabot Wood Oil for this project. This is the stain we use on the wood around our house and it will also be used in the front yard (when I build it…). I love this material and it is incredibly durable. The beams in our house were painted 5 years ago and they still look like the day they were seen.

This is a simple DIY mailbox idea that anyone can handle. It takes a few hours to cut and fit all the hoods, but that’s the only difficult part of the whole process.

This is a more traditional design, with the addition of a copper letterbox and lighting to give it a homely feel.

Best Mailbox Ideas And Designs For 2024

Simple yet classic is the best way to describe the craftsman style mailbox. This is a great option if you have dirt or hardwood floors in your home.

Not DIY mailboxes, of course, but they can be purchased. I included it because I love the style of the Victorian stationary mailbox.

A more complex craftsman model. This unique letterbox design features sockets and outlets. If you want to build it, you can also jump over the brick with the hole in the bottom 😉

How To Build A Double Mailbox Post

I’m adding this unique mailbox design to my original mid-century home. It’s definitely a head turner.

Charleston Mailbox Post

Clean lines and orange tones underline the mid-century modern design.

A thick model can be used as a small fence. One change would be to lighten the forward letter theme by a step or groove.

Simplicity goes a long way in creating a unique mailbox design. Again, including the house number will help bring up the mailbox idea.

Another idea for a nice and unique post for a mailbox. You can find just such a mailbox and grab some outdoor lights while you’re there.

Brick Mailbox Cost

This DIY option is for those familiar with metalworking. A very unique mailbox design when the rust starts to show.

Not many mailbox post ideas, but still a unique mailbox design that not only looks great, but is super easy to build.

The combination of wood and steel makes this a unique mailbox idea for any modern home.

How To Build A Double Mailbox Post

A civilized stone pillar with a lockable mailbox. If you meet the second pillar on the other side of the road, you have a good entrance.

Fancy Diy Mailbox

A well-hidden mailbox design. Surrounding landscaping will help to create the overall appearance.

This brings us to the end. I will continue to update this list as I come across more unique options. Make the mail smile and light up the mailbox. It may seem small, but you’d be surprised at the impact it can have on real estate. I will never forget. Deb was about to lose her marbles in the rental apartment about a month ago. He told me he needed a project. He is a very creative person. Too bad you can’t create while your mind is active. We have a small space in our basement with some tools so he can do small jobs. I was browsing Pinterest and adding to my project board when I came across a mailbox that I love. It went with the wood and brick theme we love so much. We need mailboxes soon, so why not get started now? I’m not going to make this a step-by-step post. I thought I’d share some close ups because any woodworker can see this and recreate something similar. I wanted to share the link so you know exactly what we used. And… Share us a new product you’re super impressed with .We bought all of our supplies from Home Depot to make this gorgeous DIY mailbox.

Deb actually started with a 6x6x8 post and enlarged it by adding a panel to the bottom of the post. It

I followed these instructions to add all the embellishments, but I really did a lot myself. If you notice, he made the corbel part that holds the mailbox a little longer. We have antique combs that we found at a flea market this year. So he used these as a guide. She painted the mailbox with exterior primer, exterior paint, and then sealed it with our favorite sealer that we just put on. Then added the copper mailbox.

Mailbox Post Plans

After the mailbox was finished, we took it to the property and drilled a 38 inch hole with a hole digger. We laid a layer of stone and then installed the mailbox in the hole. We put up a lot of fences these days. Hauling a 50 pound bag of concrete around the yard is pretty ugly. We came across this fence post mix and thought we’d give it a try. We were very impressed! It is basically a small plastic bag with two parts that can be easily handled. We followed the mixing instructions and poured it into the hole. I think it took us a few minutes to flatten the mailbox, but the yard pole worked like spray foam. As it dries, it expands and hardens.

We added spray-painted metal numbers to match the mailbox, and added copper trim to the top of the mailbox to dress it up a bit. This copper finish should be patented over time and I’m glad to see it.

We wanted a large mailbox at the end of the driveway and I think Deb got it. And he managed to do something creative and fun when he created this unique mailbox. I am very happy with how it turned out. What do you think? Welcome to Maker Grey! Here I will be sharing DIY furniture and home improvement video tutorials.

How To Build A Double Mailbox Post

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