Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

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Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House – Residential Vastu Kitchen Vastu – How to Design a Vastu Compliant Kitchen in 2024 January 15, 2021 by Sanjay Cuddy. 56540 views

“The kitchen is really the castle itself.” This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we enjoy being a family.”

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

The kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms for health, wealth and happiness, according to Vastu Shastra. The kitchen is where your day begins and ends. Food is cooked there.

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The kitchen is where cosmic energy interacts with fire. This is a very active and powerful area.

We experience different effects of the kitchen when it is located in different Vastu zones. Each of the 16 Vastu Zones has distinct characteristics and qualities.

And fire represents the spark of life, passion and enthusiasm. Fire is also defined as a reflection of warmth and intelligence.

Any Vastu Dosha in the Agni region can disturb the Agni element status of the house, which can lead to Viprit Agni. And this evil fire is considered inauspicious for the householders.

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If the kitchen is placed in the appropriate Vastu zone of your home, it brings you enthusiasm, power, money and recognition.

While an unbalanced element of fire in the house can cause accidents, theft, bad reputation of the occupants of the house. It also drains a person’s energy and enthusiasm when they are not in a balanced state.

In this article, you will learn everything from the kitchen to the placement of all important items according to Vastu Shastra principles.

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

A kitchen placed in the right direction balances the fire element of the house. And when the fire element is in a balanced state, it helps you enjoy a rich and successful life.

Kitchen Vastu Tips

Another alternative choice for the kitchen is the north-west corner of the house. [Read This – If You Have A Northwest Kitchen]

Note: Kitchen size should not be too small. It should be at least 80 square meters or more. A small kitchen has a negative effect on the women of the house.

A gas stove is the most important kitchen appliance you cook on. Nowadays people also use gas stoves as an alternative to gas stoves.

The way the cook turns in the kitchen also affects the taste and smell of the food. If the kitchen is located in the south-east region, the cooker should face east.

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People are often confused when installing a kitchen sink or sink. They fear that the sink represents the element of water and can be harmful if placed towards fire.

In the southeast area kitchen, you can place the sink in the east-southeast [ESE] zone of the house if possible.

Even if this is not possible, you do not need to worry too much, because the location of the sink does not affect the tenant much.

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

Note: Other sources of water (jug, water filter or purifier etc.) can also be placed in East or East-South-East region of the house.

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Studies have shown that color affects alpha brain waves. When color is transferred from the eye to the brain, the brain releases a hormone that affects our emotions and thoughts.

Vastu friendly colors for southeast kitchens are light red, baby pink. As an alternative, a lighter shade of orange can be used.

Note: Although the color of fire is red, and the kitchen is associated with fire, avoid using dark shades of red in the kitchen.

Poor ventilation can cause major health problems for women or kitchen cooks. This directly affects the health of the cook.

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Proper ventilation and windows are essential for a safe and clean kitchen environment. The kitchen should always have at least one normal size window or vent.

If there is adequate lighting and ventilation in the kitchen, the quality of food also increases.

Large windows can be placed on the east side of the kitchen. You should also have an exhaust fan on the east side.

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

In the north-west kitchen, you can place large windows and an exhaust fan on the north side of the kitchen.

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Refrigerator can be placed in south-west direction. However, if the kitchen is in the southeast region, it is impossible to place the refrigerator in the southwest.

A more important factor according to Vastu is the color of the refrigerator. This is a relatively large item for the kitchen, so color may have an effect.

If the kitchen is in the north-west, you can choose blue or white or white color for the fridge.

All grain stores can be arranged in South-South-East [SSE] or South direction. Avoid storage or space in the north part of the house.

X60 2bhk Home Plan As Per Vastu (east Facing) In Feet/inch • Designs Cad

SSE is the region of strength and faith according to Vastu Shastra. Pantry or pantries in this area give the residents of the house a sense of strength and confidence.

Note: Always keep the warehouse clean and clutter free. Don’t keep unnecessary things there for too long.

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, electrical components in the kitchen can be placed in the South-East or South-South-East region.

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

A. You can place trash cans in East-South-East or West-North-West regions. Never place the dustbin in the south-east direction.

Pro Vastu Tips For East Facing House

A. Ideal colors for kitchen platforms are off-white, mostly light cream. Light pink, light orange or green colors can also be used for kitchen worktops if the kitchen is facing southeast.

A. You can keep dining table in south and east. Both are considered good for setting the dining table according to Vastu.

A. There are different methods for different Vastu Doshas. It is not recommended to use Vastu medicine without proper instructions. You should always consult an ecologist before using any medication.

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house, especially for women who cook in it. Often people ignore the importance of the kitchen while building a home and hence keep it too small.

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According to Vastu Shastra, kitchens are located in the wrong direction, untidy and untidy kitchens can have a very negative effect on the occupants.

So the kitchen should be given importance like any other room or part of the house.

He wrote: “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are. Basically what he…

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

It is often seen that warehouses are not given as much priority in home planning as others…

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In this article I will show you an amazing east facing house design. So you can use it as a reference or you can contact me to plan Indian style floor.

Kitchen Vastu How To Design A Vastu Compliant Kitchen In 2022

Vastu is not a new word for house. Designing your house according to Vastu Shastra can improve your life in terms of prosperity, wealth etc.

Vastu is the plan of the rooms in the house and the general arrangement of the furniture or placing some other things in the house according to the instructions.

According to Vastushastra it is better to buy or plan east facing house. An east facing house can bring more positive energy to your home.

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

In this article, I show you an example of five modern and eastern-oriented architectural floor plans.

East Facing House Vastu

In this amazing 2000 sqft south east facing house plan, I have planned for a master bedroom only on the ground floor. Other bedrooms can be provided on the first floor.

Also, a storage room is provided near the parking lot where you can store some mechanical parts of your car or bicycle. You can use it as a small garage.

Main door can be double or aluminum or M.S door as per your taste

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