Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

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From soothing aqua blues to bold and vibrant sapphire shades to moody blues, there’s a perfect bedroom shade of blue for everyone.

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

Blue is the most vibrant color family, dark shades are traditional and conservative, while lighter tones (white) look fresh, airy and relaxing.

Colors That Go With Light Blue

Looking for a way to add a relaxing vibe to your bedroom? Then check out these amazing blue bedroom ideas!

Blue is considered a calming color that can help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. Blue’s calming effect on your mood makes it an ideal choice for the bedroom – the place you often go to rest, relax and unwind.

Blue is not a calm color: check out this electric blue room for example! I wouldn’t say it’s a soothing blue, but it’s definitely uplifting!

With the same color, it’s no wonder that many people decorate their rooms with yellow and blue! Whatever style you prefer, there is a blue bedroom design to suit your needs.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors — What To Paint Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

If you’re looking for inspiration on ways to bring blue into your bedroom, here are some tips! There are many ways to incorporate blue into your bedroom design.

Of course, you can paint the walls blue. But even if your walls are painted in a non-blue color, you can still add a touch of blue to your rooms.

Items such as art, rugs, pillows, bedding and curtains can be added in blue. You can also use blue furniture!

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

Displaying real blue wood or accented with blue wood is a great way to bring blue furniture into your bedroom without actually painting the walls.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas You’ll Love (2021 Edition)

Consider using trim and walls in the same color using paint. It will create a blue sky feeling that is both restful and relaxing.

IP Tip: I recommend you choose a different color coating for your decoration. For example: Eggshell walls and glazed decorations, as shown in the green walls below.

If you want to add a cozy touch, paint your bedroom walls blue and then add a matching headboard:

Use a blue, almost black color to create an accent wall, as in the image below. Pair it with warm neutrals, wood tones and clean lines to create a modern look.

Calm Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Soothe You To Sleep

Using cream colors, white or light colors on dark walls will help you to protect the room from darkness and pressure and creates an effective contrast.

(Actually… now that I look at this picture, this wall looks dark to me. But I hope you get the idea!)

For an unexpected look when you look down and look up, try a roof with a blue wall!

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

If you are drawn to a nautical theme and want to create a beachy feel in your bedroom, try using light blue and white. This also works well with lake house features.

The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Colors

You can bring the outdoors in by adding a palm tree in the corner of the room.

Remember to stay away from things that have a lot of themes – think things like ships, anchors, shells and starfish – as they smell like cheese.

You can choose a beautiful picture of a boat in a stormy sea. Or picture a sailboat gliding smoothly on the water. Bring a jute basket, perhaps designed in a beautiful wood-infused pattern.

The photo above is an example of a beach theme done right!! I know this is not a bedroom, but you could easily use this palette in your bedroom. You can swap out the checks for stripes, and the look is obviously ready-made, but the overall color scheme is pretty, beachy and casual, yet fresh.

Home Decor Experts’ 7 Best Bedroom Paint Colors

You don’t have to paint the walls blue to give your bedroom the look of a beach resort. You can paint the walls in a light, white color, as in the photo above, and add blue tones by using small accents like pillows and bedding.

If you want to create a blue bedroom with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, consider using a dark shade of blue.

Hollow walls can be used for walls, furniture, beds or other accessories. I would avoid installing blue carpet, but you can try blue carpet.

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

If you’re looking for a way to add blue to your bedroom but aren’t in love with dark blue, there’s always light blue.

Popular Bedroom Paint Colors

Light blue looks great in combination with white, cream and ivory colors. Medium and light wood tones work well with blue color schemes.

If blue has always been your favorite color and always will be and you can’t get enough of it, then why not go completely monochromatic in your bedroom?

Accept the color blue and paint the walls, trim and ceiling. Then go ahead and add a blue bed and a blue skirt.

You can try to draw the same shade in several directions or use several shades of blue.

Best Kids Room Paint Colors

If you’re not sure how to pair blue with other colors, here are some recommended color palettes for a blue bedroom to get you started!

Try dark blue walls with gold accents and red, turquoise and gold fabric, as pictured below.

I wouldn’t say that blue is the main focus of the room, but it provides a nice rich background for the beautiful soft fabric in the room.

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

Personally, I would wear this blue ceiling to make a bigger statement!

Bedroom Paint Color Trends To Try

Then there are blue walls, light blue beds, golden lamps and mostly soft beds. Add chopped figs to spice it up.

(Also, the leafy figs in the photo above look fake to me – here are some of my favorite fake figs!)

Whether you have a classic blue bedroom look will depend a lot on the furniture you bring. Millwork will help you bring this look home. The patterns you choose to add will also affect the results of this pattern.

For more information on how to get that timeless look for your home, check out my post on how to decorate casually (but not too much!).

Colors That Go With Blue Beautifully

The bathroom party takes place in the blue and white bedroom downstairs and we are all invited – the bedroom has a blue wall and at least 2 sets of room decorations also have a blue and white bathroom.

The blue and white tone evokes the rich tones of antique wood furniture like crazy.

A natural woven rug, paired with a crisp white modern bed, gives the room a modern touch in an otherwise bold, yet traditional room.

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

✅ Tip: Anything made of wood or leather will always look blue – because wood tones look like blue orange.

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

If you want to adopt a smaller mantra, you may enjoy a more modest blue bedroom.

You may want to avoid using too many colors and keep the palette of your room minimal with white walls and white trim. You may introduce greenery using bedding and clothing.

The bedroom on the ground floor brings the same blue tone to the three main elements of the room: a wooden wall, an upholstered chair with an ottoman and blue curtains.

The carpet appears to have a slight green tint; Although most of the carpets are covered by the bed, they help the rest of the room with blue in the left corner. Eventually, the eye turns blue with a light blue band on the left and right side.

Remodeling: Painting Your Porch Ceiling Blue

If you’re ready to add some blue to your bedroom but aren’t sure which color to choose, read on!

I know the color is overwhelming, so I’ve rounded up some of the most popular blues from one of the top paint manufacturers.

I hope these blue bedroom ideas helped inspire you! Comment below if you have any questions! I think it’s fair to say that most of us who read this blog are adults (or our brains say birth certificates are even if we “partially” disagree :)) So because of this possible fact, it is logical to want to make your home. Feel like a “adult space”, especially when it comes to the master bedroom. I think it is. That’s not to say that adding cute and even childish things isn’t recommended (we’re talking about “come

Popular Blue Colors For Bedrooms

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