Prefab Garage With Loft Apartment

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Prefab Garage With Loft Apartment – If space is an issue and two spacious garages are not a viable option for your property but you want to get the most out of it, consider expanding your parking, storage and / or living space with a single room. One. Spacious garage. . You can get the essential living benefits with the flexibility of a ready-made two-story garage at an affordable price.

A spacious garage with a living space meets many needs and requirements and the use is endless. The outdoor terrace allows you to enjoy cool and refreshing drinks on a sunny and hot day. Host or host of everything you explore!

Prefab Garage With Loft Apartment

Prefab Garage With Loft Apartment

At Stoltzfus Structures, we have been in this industry for over 43 years and know what our customers want. You can expect the highest quality Amish crafts, great buying experience, great prices and financing options so you can complete your project today and enjoy the perfect need to meet your style.

Story Prefab Garage With Apartment

Prices shown are for reference only and do not include shipping or handling. If you are looking for size,

Click “Get Quote” and fill out the form to submit your ideas to our Project Manager who will contact you with a complete quote. One garage per port is not always enough. Here you will find two, three or four garages in different styles. Here you will find prefabricated garages for cars 1, 2, 3 and 4 on one floor. Easily convert it into a prefab attic garage or a full two-story building for more space.

Modular Double Wide Garage is the most affordable prefab garage in our range of two garages and provides the storage space you need in just a few hours of on-site installation. There is an improvised garage for two cars. This modular garage is available in workshop style.

Completed modular garages can be shipped to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Call 717-442-3281 for a free shipping quote.

Prefab Garage Kits And Plans

The completed two-car garage shown here is a one-story building with a wooden raft forming the space. An open one inside. These prefab garages are usually installed on a prefabricated concrete site within a day.

The collection is offered as a 2 car workshop garage with standard A-frame garage roof, Maxi Barn garage with Gambrel roof and a unique New England style Saltbox garage with New England style roof.

At Sheds Unlimited you will find a team of experts who can help you choose the size of your two-car garage, the type of side rails and options to add to your ready-made two-car garage.

Prefab Garage With Loft Apartment

Add another port to your garage and buy a ready-made 3-car garage made of wood or vinyl. Like all standard one-story garages, this one has a side wall about 8 feet high with three garage doors, two entry doors and two windows. We offer a 3 car garage in MaxiBarn or Saltbox workshop style.

Carriage Diy Home Is A Gearhead’s Adventure Haven: Prefab Studio Living With A Garage

This three-port modular garage can accommodate two cars and a grass storage area or a trunk for three cars with rear storage. You can also upgrade this garage to a 3 car garage for more storage space.

4-car garage made from Shed’s Unlimited adds tons of free garage space. This unique 4-car prefab garage has ample parking space, as well as plenty of space for workshops and rear storage. Choose between a one-story, four-car garage or a four-car garage with a roof. Adding attic space will create a very useful space in your attic.

The 4-car prefab garage includes 4 workshops, A-roof garages, MaxiBarn prefab garages and Saltbox garages built on your site by a 4-car garage builder in Pennsylvania. We have installed prefabricated garages in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and North Carolina.

Take it one step further and add attic space to your prefab garage. The Attic garage from Shed’s Unlimited is modeled after a few or four standard garages, but combines a garage with a roof deck.

Prefab Single Car Garages

The size of the attic room depends on the length and width of the building. The two garages in the 24×30 workshop have a basement of about 12×30 feet with a staircase leading from the second floor to the ground floor. The Maxi Barn is 24’x30 ‘and has a 16’x30’ attic.

If you want the freedom of two-story space, you should opt for the Legacy two-story garage. The Legacy Prefab Garage has a clear entrance on the ground floor. The second floor offers more options with the Legacy Shed Dormer. In addition, you have a garage, art studio or home gym large enough for your apartment.

This spacious prefab garage has a luxurious design that will not only increase your storage space but also add uniqueness to your property. Moreover, this already built two-story garage can be built on the prepared site in a few days.

Prefab Garage With Loft Apartment

Get the space you need for your car repair shop with Lift Car Garage. Our lift garages are specifically designed to accommodate vehicles (we do not offer lifts). Prefab garages are built based on 2, 3, or 4 garage plans and are simply adjusted with high walls and scissors to match the height required for the lift garage.

Prefab Car Garages For Sale In Pa, Nj, Ny, Ct, De, Md, Va, Md, Wv, Nc, Me, Nh And Byond

You now have a place to store and work on your old car in the same building. It has a three-car garage with an elevator built in Maryland.

Request a free quote or create your own 3D design to create your dream building. You can also call 717-442-3281.

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Sheds Unlimited modified the classic shed under the existing 10 ‘x 12’ concrete slab, reinforced the floor and added a 6 ‘door for a large lawn mower. Sales representative Steve Wagner estimates the meeting will take four to six weeks.

Garage Kit Shell Prefab Garage Kit With Living Quarters Garage Home Kit

Anthony handed over the storage within six weeks. It was great to see him unload and move the warehouse using the remote control. Our rough ground did not prevent him from getting there. He patiently placed the shed on the site. Anthony inspected the shed (roof, exterior walls, windows, doors) to make sure everything was in order. Clearly, he is a good worker, confident, skilled and experienced in dealing with ‘opportunities’ and carefree clients.

The remaining two pages of the construction quality inspection list show the details and quality of the shed construction.

I can not say enough good things about these men. Made a deal with Cleon to get the spell. Friendly and easy to work with. Their customer service is second to none. Transport drivers are also friendly. Have

Prefab Garage With Loft Apartment

I can not say enough good things about these men. Made a deal with Cleon to get the spell. Friendly and easy to work with. Their customer service is second to none. Transport drivers are also friendly. I need to replace the door that was damaged by the storm and they can make me a new door quickly and at the most affordable price. I will definitely be ordering more designs in the future and plan to recommend to friends and clients looking for a well-constructed structure at Sheds Unlimited.

How To Create The Perfect Garage Apartment Combo

What can you say about Sheds Unlimited not yet mentioned? The process of developing what I wanted could not be easier. Timely Delivery and Installation Team (Gideon, Joshua)

What can you say about Sheds Unlimited not yet mentioned? The process of developing what I wanted could not be easier. Delivery was on time and the installation team (Gideon, Joshua and Leroy) was amazing! I can not say enough good things about Sheds Unlimited. Highly recommended!

I started building a garage a few years ago. I called a local builder. Two of them did not pick up my phone and one of them made me tremble because I found his number on the internet.

I started building a garage a few years ago. I called a local builder. Two of them never picked up my phone and one blamed me for finding his number online and calling him without any instructions. I’m not kidding. This is the experience of New England builders now. My online searches always bring up Sheds Unlimited, and I know there are stories in New England of people using it to build garages, even if they are in Pennsylvania. We decided to continue the quote process. There are similar warehousing and garage companies near my home in New England, so I got a quote for a similar garage from both. New England gave me a figure 2.5 times the value of Sheds Unlimited. I decided to use Sheds Unlimited. I worked with Sergei in the sales department on many emails about what I wanted. There was never a time when he seemed annoyed or nervous about my question.

X26′ Loft Garage Package, With Complete Exterior Option

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