Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas

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Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas – Today I’m sharing a great collection of ideas to focus on that will work to update the exterior of your home and create that 70’s style look.

Summer seems to be in full swing these past few days, and we still have a month of school left. This sunny weather has me excited and ready to tackle some projects (especially if there’s a to-do list). If you saw our “before” post a few weeks ago, you may remember that we were working on the exterior and front yard renovations of our new home.

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas

So far the concrete work has been completed and the yard has been partially painted. Our poor neighbors must hate us for having such a miserable yard for the last few months (and it only got worse last week!), but hopefully they’ll forgive us when the projects are finished. the better. basket

Small Raised Ranch Kitchen Remodel [2023]

Today I have some simple tips to add flair to your home, especially if you have an architectural background (like ours). Of course, there are some pretty cool buildings thrown in as well, but I think each of them represents a simple idea that can be used in any home to enhance its exterior. I hope you find some inspiration!

Before I start sharing other houses, I want to share a before and after of our old house. Adding new flooring made a big difference, but the biggest impact was undoubtedly the change from white vinyl to BoothBay Blue’s Hardie-Plank siding.

Big change, right? I think adding a wall and then adding smooth floors around the edge of our yard will make it even more attractive.

You may remember what our house looks like from this post: Front Yard Remodeling and Plans…

Curb Appeal Ideas: Home Exterior Makeovers

I saw several examples of similar traditional houses that were beautifully renovated and in some ways inspired me to do what I wanted to do.

As with the previous house, I wouldn’t have pictured blue shingle siding on this traditional house, but the blue/white trim with the separate red door shows that you don’t have to be completely modern. this part of the house. Putting a pergola over the garage definitely gives it a little cottage feel. Via Redfin…

Overall, you’ll find a modern feel added to these homes, true to their 60s and 70s roots.

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas

I love the dark color and cedar siding of this house, but it has a more mid-century feel than our upstairs style. Via Flickr

Raised Ranch Remodel — New Blog — Ana G. Homes

In fact, adding painted wood siding to wood siding seems to be popular with people renovating high rise or 70’s style homes. With

This classic split level has been updated with fresh paint, modern garage doors and a modern front door, as well as beautiful landscaping and planters. Replacing garage doors is definitely longer than we would like, but it gives an old style home a modern and clean look. Via Belvania

Renovating siding can make a big difference, we’re considering painting ours since it’s still in good shape. This simple split level welcomes you with new siding and a black front door, with plain flooring by Liz Marie

Another great modern renovation, they updated it with paint and wood accents, new doors and landscaping. Through stimulus investment

Raised Ranch Remodel

A simple ranch bungalow looks great with wood posts and a door color on my front porch…

Even a simple brick bungalow can be attractive with an interesting combination of paint and landscaping! I love the pop of bright colors and modern plants in this house, East West Creative…

Shutters are always a great way to add character to a simple square house design, as shown by this beautiful two-story home from Young Home Love. I never thought that shutters would work at home, but this design definitely made me think again. Brick steps are a nice addition too, right?

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas

I love the updated modern farmhouse style all cream white concept. All the green pops beautifully in this beautiful, neutral background from Claire Brodie Designs…

Ranch Homes With Gorgeous Exteriors

I remember watching an episode of Fixer Upper where they built this beautiful farmhouse style house. I love the addition of warm wood to the gray exterior. The cedar beams, rocks, and ornamental grasses visible from the homeland are what we think of our home. Through Magnolia…

Of course, I prefer cottage and custom homes, and it’s easy to add curb appeal and character to these properties. But just because they have more of an architectural character doesn’t mean you can’t find some students comparing them to other home styles…

For example, black doors and shutters stand out in a neutral way, and are all dressed up with beautiful seats, window boxes, and beautiful floors. Walking with grace…

The floor makes such a difference! I mean, this front porch is a dream, but the beautiful plants and hanging baskets added to the front are from Christina’s Adventures…and it creates a perfect space!

Exterior Ideas For Our Ranch Home Adding Second Floor

I’m thinking of putting up a very small wooden sign! It will definitely increase the woo factor in the simple and classic exterior of the house.

This house is architecturally beautiful with double glazed windows, but I love the smart character of the wooden door and the windows through the positional slots…

The classic white color scheme looks great with the beautiful black metal roof on this home. By BHG … Aren’t lamps an interesting topic? I love that the narrow front yard is completely landscaped.

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas

Another classic white house with black and wood accents is via Newman Nest. I like how clean and fresh this mix is. Added some decorative framing to the extra covered front walkway, as well as a nice bench and planters. Wooden posts are great for creating a feature in many homes…

Ranch Home Remodel: Exterior Makeover Design, Style & Ideas

Again, this house has a good roof, but it’s the new paint colors and the beautiful flooring that make it look great, via HGTV…

This front door has a unique skylight that adds character, but without it, the aqua paint color by Lantern Lane Designs is a great way to welcome…

The addition of wood shutters and stonework around the Craftsman-style front porch add character and utility to this simple home style. I love the beautiful craftsman style front door that tops it off, well, with the thirty one chicken…

Another classic color scheme, the red door and brass accents contrast with the large neutral gray exterior with black doors and white trim. A simple wooden floor leading to the front door welcomes you. You are beautiful, BHG

Expanding The Square Footage Of A Ranch Style House — Degnan Design Build Remodel

How cute are these colorful outdoor steps and pink front door with grain through the den? It’s amazing how simple changes like this can add so much character to your home! Plants, wreaths, lighting, house nets, mailboxes, window boxes, and Adirondack chairs all enhance the overall look of this home—each of which is not difficult or expensive to add.

This beautiful Classic home is uniquely and beautifully crafted with brickwork. Black shutters and black front door. What more do you want?! With the house of blessings

And while this house is much prettier than ours, I love the gray color scheme and the pop of color in the doorway. The front porch and beautiful feature wall add to the cottage feel, and even though this home has a modern vibe, I’m still a total fan. via HGTV

Raised Ranch Exterior Remodel Ideas

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Ideas For Ranch Style Home Exteriors

I share many other readers and would love to see a blog post on this important dilemma. This is:

Our house is modest and was built in 1980. But the truth is, I love historical styles and beautiful craftsmanship.

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