Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain Reviews

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Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain Reviews – This is our first review of Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Solid Color Wood and Deck Stain. This overview will be updated over the years.

We thank you for coming. If you have used SW SuperDeck Solid Color Deck stain, please leave a comment below and post a photo of your finished project.

Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain Reviews

Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain Reviews

Summary: SuperDeck Solid Color Stain provides durable, opaque protection for most horizontal exterior wood surfaces. Cool Feel™ paint technology reduces surface temperature by up to 20°F compared to conventional paint technology.

Lowest Effort Deck Refinish? Do I Have To Strip? Solid Stain Or Paint?

– SuperDeck solid color stains are applied with airless sprayers, rollers and brushes. Both coatings used on our wood floors have no appearance issues when they are finished.

– After 2 years, SuperDeck Solid Color Stain shows approximately 50% top deck wear. Vertical ledges do not cause any problems.

– We applied two coats of coat on 300 square feet of vertical space, including all railings and stairs. 2 gallons were used at $58 per gallon.

– After 2 years, the deck shows no signs of mold due to SuperDeck Solid Color Stain.

Sherwin Williams To Launch Comprehensive Deck System

– SuperDeck Solid Color Dyes are not easy to use. The hard stain is very thin and the coverage isn’t as good as the hard stains we tested. We really need to put the stain on the wood to get the best picture.

– We are not fans of Sherwin Willaims Deck stain and restoration products. Sherwin produces high-quality house paint, but has failed time and again in its efforts to develop a high-quality deck stain. The product looks and feels like a thin top layer. User reviews on their website are mixed with complaints about coverage and wear: Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Solid Deck Stain Ratings

* All tested products and results are based on our experience. We do not guarantee comparable results. Please note that results may vary due to different wood species, UV exposure and natural weather conditions.

Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain Reviews

As a contributor of articles and reviews to websites, Scott has been active in the pressure washer industry since college. In 1993, he started his first company called Oakland Pressure Wash, which specialized in exterior pressure washing and deck staining. The company evolved into OPW LLC. Soon after that he focused more on exterior wood and deck restoration. Scott and his company Deck Cleaning Michigan have restored over 10,000 decks in the Metro Detroit area since their inception. He has become an authority on deck restoration and has contributed to many wood restoration forums and informational sites.

Stain Color Pepperidge

All the products it offers through this website are sold through the website and in stores, allowing users to choose their own way of purchase. Scott’s e-commerce site sells many of the top brands he supports and if you value the support he offers, feel free to buy from them.

Sherwin Williams Deck Stain Reviews Solid Color Deck Stain Best Opaque Deck Stain Best Solid Color Deck Stain Opaque Deck Stain Wood Deck Stain SuperDeck has been using Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck Clear Penetrating Oil as a flagship product in our business for over 10 years. year. This is a big part of the reason we can keep our most important promise to individual customers, contractors and DIY businesses (and not coincidentally, our label and blog name):

Suffice it to say, it is surprising in the summer of 2020 that this particular product is updated without any notice or warning. From the conversations I’ve had, even the local Sherwin-Williams store managers are unaware of this change (at least not in my local stores in Ontario or Quebec). Workers simply order more stock regularly and come in

Apart from the brown strip on the bottom of the can and the slightly changed literature (see the can on the left of the picture below), the package label shows an imperceptible difference. It seems all is well and good.

How To Stain Wood Deck Using Sherwin Williams Superdeck

Before I start with my doubts about the new formula, I want to make something clear: there is nothing wrong with product reformulation. In fact, it should be a good thing, especially if it’s an upgrade (which should seem like an obvious reason for a product renewal.) While I’m not happy with the new results, the reason for my disappointment is there.

The clear stain formulas of the old and new Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck are certainly different enough that there needs to be a proper announcement. Store managers and workers should be prepared to organize their stores, inform regular accounting companies like me, as well as news for contractors and the general public. Companies that have signed contracts for existing products should get better opportunities to describe and contract for new products.

This reform is very different from the oil products that penetrate the old model because they have to stop the old products and introduce new products to replace them. To be clear, I will not be satisfied with the performance of the new version. However, I expected a significant difference and didn’t expect it to be similar to the discontinued formula – hence the completely different product name, etc. Deceptive use of identical product names, color names and similar labels should not be allowed. . with different products.

Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain Reviews

I don’t want to know that there are DIYers and contractors like you who buy several gallons for fence and patio staining projects, but only need one gallon in the end and end up with a completely different product in the summer of 2014 (assuming it’s the same). 2020. You won’t notice until you open the can – or worse; Start applying only to see a completely different finish that doesn’t match the rest of your patio or fence, even if you buy a can with the same product name and color…

Stain Color Salem Red

Here’s a can of Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck’s old formula with clear oil (pictured above). From left to right we see cans with 3 colors:

The consistency of the liquid has a very low viscosity, like black coffee (small bubbles are created by shaking the can before opening). This is what really penetrates oil stains: the product is very thin, sheer/transparent.

“Who cares what the product looks like in the can as long as it looks good when the paint is done.”

To answer that fair question, all photos on this site are of SuperDeck oil containers at the time of this writing, as well as photos at our Ottawa area Sand & Stain wood restoration facility.

Pro Tips For Applying Solid Deck Stain (plus Prep Guide)

The new formula might look good too, but read on to find out what problems you might encounter while using it…

Now we look at the new oil formula that has changed (pictured above). As you can see, its high viscosity, very thick, yogurt-like texture and consistency is an immediate warning for use and process. On a hot day, the scorching sun is likely to cause the outer layer of this spot to penetrate before it can penetrate properly, which causes the skin to blister or blister and eventually peel.

Even if you use this new formula on a cold day with no direct sunlight, it still takes a lot of time to apply because of its thick consistency, requiring you to reload your brush more often and spend more time. Avoid inconsistent points. and smooth out the excess layer.

Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain Reviews

For a DIY project, you may be fine with this sacrifice and wait for a cooler day without direct sunlight to apply a thicker stain. If you are a contractor or business that does this all season, good luck taking enough breaks between rainy days and hot or sunny days. Not many days left to work on a paint project…

Stain Color Pine Cone

If that’s not enough for a contractor (or DIYer who uses a sprayer), I’ll spend a lot of time checking out excess product. This will not only take a long time, but also create a frustrating experience, something you (or your team) don’t want to get used to.

To be fair, this post is not intended to break down the new SuperDeck Oil-Modified stain formula. I completely understand why Sherwin-Williams made this move, in line with the industry trend toward water-based and blended products. This new product can work well for you, and it’s great if it works. After meeting with Sherwin-Williams staff (and less agreeing with my argument), better anti-aging treatments seem to be the only “win” against the old formula.

Perhaps most obviously, these new words are not part of our methodology that we use in the Sand & Stain system – something that is constantly reviewed to make sure we deliver on our #1 promise to you:

Discover our rigorous list of real oil spills, making it an easy decision – even after more than 10 years of collaboration – to change products to ensure we can deliver our consistent results without compromise.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck. Resistant Against Naoh Stripper, Not Resistant Against Foot Traffic Or Uv

We are very proud that none of the color projects we have worked on have been abandoned. We promise

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