Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms

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Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms – West facing homes have some of the best properties when it comes to beautiful sunset views. Since these rooms often have a golden glow at the end of the night, choosing the right paint color is important.

Although they receive more light than rooms facing north, rooms facing west receive less light than rooms facing south. I’ve rounded up 21 of the best paint colors for west-facing homes. These colors include blue, cyan, green and neutral.

Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms

Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms

West-facing houses get a lot of sunlight, especially when the sun starts to set. So you’ll find plenty of golden glow from the afternoon sun in these rooms. Early hours do not bring direct sunlight into houses.

Paint Colors For West Facing Rooms

These rooms only have a warm look and feel from day to night. Morning and afternoon are a different story.

Rooms facing the west feel cool in the morning. The reason is that when the sun rises in the east, west-facing rooms do not receive direct sunlight and appear cooler.

With his name and versatility, I’m not surprised Sherwin Williams’ Gray made the list. Universal neutral tones work well in any space, which in this case includes west-facing rooms.

Sherwin Williams added that gray has honeycombs that help keep the room warm in the morning when the lighting seems cold. Fortunately, the warmth of the paint color is subtle enough that it doesn’t overheat the house at night when the sunlight seems warmer.

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It has an LRV of 60, which means you can worry less about the lighting in the room. The reason is that Sherwin Williams gray works well in light and bright environments. Combination options include Sherwin Williams Incredible White, Coral Rose and Extra White.

Behr Gray Mist is another great neutral option for a west-facing room. Medium gray has an LRV of 47 and is moderately warm. While not the brand’s most versatile neutral gray, Behr Gray Mist shines in these conditions.

The reason is that the lighting is warm enough to balance the look of the room, but still feel cool. In addition, the color of the paint does not heat up the room during daylight hours. Behr Gray Mist goes perfectly with some other paint colors, so you don’t have to use it all over your house to get the effect you want.

Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms

Examples of colors to match include Behr Almond Milk, Roaring Twenties and Poetic Light.

The Best White Paint

If you’re looking for a light cream color that’s medium blonde, look no further than Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream. Also known as soft beige, this neutral color creates a nice, flattering atmosphere in living spaces.

Its LRV is 71.32, making it a light paint. Still, with its yellow and orange undertones, Benjamin Moore’s soft cream color is good. This means it stays warm and comfortable throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a neutral color that will look good when the sun hits your west-facing home, you should consider Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan. Although the manufacturer describes it as white khaki, the paint color leans more towards the nice side.

It has more yellow tones and will add warmth to any space you choose. Sherwin Williams canvas works best in places where people gather because of its inviting, friendly atmosphere.

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Sherwin Williams Pure White Adds variety and bright neutrals to your west-facing home. The paint color has a slight hint of yellow and a bit of black that doesn’t make it red or cream.

It has an LRV of 84 and blends perfectly with any paint color you can imagine. Whether you choose to use it as a feature wall or as an accent to other colors, Sherwin Williams Pure White will give you great results.

Here we have gorgeous white vibes that are perfect for west-facing rooms. Soft and Loud Pink LRV 75.44 by Benjamin Moore, India White. This puts it at the top of the scale and is useful when the sun seems to be at its hottest.

Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms

Benjamin Moore India White Wall Paint looks great and is so versatile that you can match it with several other paint colors. Examples of suitable coordinating colors include Benjamin Moore Mountain Peak White, Chantilly Lisle, Soft Beige and Provincial Blue.

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Benjamin Moore Sandy White by 72 LRV can illuminate any space with its light. The paint color also creates a sense of comfort and warmth, perfect for west-facing homes. That way, homeowners can make it light brown instead of white.

Unlike some of the other blondes, Benjamin Moore’s Sadie White doesn’t have a blonde role. Instead, you can see shades of green (blue and gray) in the morning sunlight.

Examples of great pairing options include Benjamin Moore Dry Sage, Gray Old Salim, Creamy Onion and Carrington Bag.

Sherwin Williams knitting needles are a dull shade of gray that I often describe as gray. The warm gray has an LRV of 53 and has a cool visual appeal, looking even warmer in the afternoon sun.

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Sherwin Williams embroidery with soft shades of purple exudes an underlying warmth that is perfect for Western-oriented homes. What else? Beautiful paint colors blend perfectly with warm and cool colors in any space.

Sometimes almost everything in your room is hidden in silver-gray color. In this case, you should consider Benjamin Moore Staunton Gray for walls. Universal Neutral Gray has an LRV of 59.36 with hints of blue.

You may wonder why these colors work well in west-facing rooms. Benjamin Moore Staunton shines as the sunlight begins to warm the room in the gray afternoon. This balances the overall look and makes the environment more welcoming and peaceful.

Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms

Sherwin Williams Gray Shades is a soft light blue color that creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. It has an LRV of 59 which pairs perfectly with warm and cool paint colors.

Best Paint Colors For West Facing Rooms

In west-facing rooms, Sherwin Williams gray shades help keep the room cool no matter the day. Examples of matching finishes include Sherwin Williams White Hyacinth, Station White, and Studio Blue Green.

Fun fact: Most homeowners consider Sherwin Williams gray canvas and Benjamin Moore Staunton gray canvas to be equivalent.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White brings richness and warmth to any room or space in which you use it. Cozy whites with tan and tan will keep you warm no matter the lighting. His LRV is 78.26, which puts him on the light side of the spectrum.

Using Benjamin Moore Navajo White in a west-facing home warms the space. This room seems a little cozier on a cold day. However, if you prefer a warmer environment, you should use the room at night when the sunlight is warmer.

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Although Sherwin Williams macadamia belongs to the blonde family, it looks more luxurious. The reason is that it has a strong brown and brown effect, which not only warms you, but also affects your appearance.

Sherwin Williams Macadamia brings plenty of richness and warmth to your west-facing home. This morning works because the paint color warms up the room. However, you can always pair it with cool colors to balance out the warm glow of the sun.

Benjamin Moore Light Gray is a neutral paint color that will warm up any space or room. It has an LRV of 54.46 and a strong honeycomb, which is ideal for homes that receive a lot of fresh light.

Best Paint Colours For West Facing Rooms

In addition, the paint color creates a rich and relaxing color suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. It is versatile and goes well with related warm and cool flowers. Examples include Benjamin Moore Dark Pewter, Bonne Nuit, White Chocolate and Mascarpone.

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Sherwin Williams Classic Ivory is a light shade of yellow, LRV 76, with a cream finish. The paint color only works well indoors, especially in areas that need warmth and richness.

It belongs to the historical paint collection of this brand and its look is classic and timeless. Lots of yellow paint colors won’t make you feel at home, but Sherwin Williams Classic Ivory will do just fine. Matching options include Sherwin Williams Shell White and Cornwall Slate.

Although the shade is invisible, Benjamin Modo Whipping Nokia has a thick soft orange color. It has an LRV of 44.69 and performs well in both light and dark environments. However, painted colors look best in well-lit rooms, especially west-facing rooms.

Benjamin Moore Wilmington Tan can add a unique touch to any room and is the perfect choice for these spaces

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