Ranch Remodel Exterior Before And After

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Ranch Remodel Exterior Before And After – Welcome to CC and Mike’s Modern Navy and Cedar Ranch Remodel Showcase! Wow, what a mouthful! Ha! :).

When a friend of mine from college called me to tell me that he had a ranch in downtown Jenks that he thought we should visit, we hopped in the truck and headed that way. When we came to a large lot with a ranch style house running across it, I knew I wanted it. Mike Miller got a little excited when he saw the peach-colored walls, the floral wallpaper that covered the ceilings, and an enclosed kitchen with dark cabinets and four floors. Oh yeah, and the 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house that Mike thought would be hard to resell.

Ranch Remodel Exterior Before And After

Ranch Remodel Exterior Before And After

As we entered the house, a friend explained to us that the first owner’s daughter sold it after her death. The same person built and owned this house for over half a century. She raised her family and created thousands of memories within those walls. When we left, we decided to buy it and fix it up. What I didn’t know at the time is that during the reconstruction of this house we met Dorothy, a good 90 year old neighbor who was the best friend of the previous owner, and we will be very happy at home. history of this house. We loved listening to Dorothy relive her memories of sitting on the back porch drinking coffee and hanging out with her friends around the kitchen table. After meeting Dorothy, we really fell in love with this house and this neighborhood and developed a sense of pride in being a part of this history…

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You see, I learned that every house has a story. And it’s an honor to have it. part of this story, knowing the memories that were created within its walls and being able to prepare for a new family, a newly married couple who finally bought this house, to define a life full of memories inside.

Forward! And welcome to CC and Mike Modern Navy and Cedar Ranch Style Remodel.

In this beautiful ranch house originally built in the 1950s. I didn’t want to do it

If you know what I mean. Do not misunderstand. I like white. My entire house is painted brick white.

Front Exterior Of Home 2 Before And After

But the beauty of this house is due to the many exteriors, I felt it could be turned into something more spectacular and terrifying. I knew I wanted to use the blue exterior and complement it with cedar shutters and signs. I am very happy with what happened.

WALLPAPERS: Bricks are Sherwin Williams Gale Force, moldings and doors are Sherwin Caviar USAGE PREVIEW:

HGTV came to this site to film a pilot at the beginning of this project. Mike and I had a fun “model day” while the film crew cheered us on! Unfortunately, they decided not to continue filming and we ended up tearing down the entire wall. We actually lived in the house for a year before Mike let me design it. It’s a blessing in disguise because otherwise we wouldn’t have taken down the wall. It looks amazing and the whole house is open. Thanks HGTV!

Ranch Remodel Exterior Before And After

Here’s an interesting BEFORE VIEW of how we transformed this kitchen from a dark, closed kitchen with low ceilings and old wallpaper, to an open plan kitchen with a large island, open shelving and lots of WOW!

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The built-in kitchen was the perfect opportunity to have a little fun and do some creative projects that I knew Mike wouldn’t do in our house; in other words, BLACK CARPET mixed with warm wood tones. It’s no secret that I love black and white design and you’ll hear me often; “You know what never goes away? Black and white.” I also wanted to add shelves and open windows, and the sliding doors are a nice strong accent to the display!

FULE RESIDENCES | APRICOT/MIST SKYE RUG| General Manager | sinking| kitchen faucet | Golden tools| applique

Hardwood floors were provided by Mill Creek Carpet and Tile. They provided all the flooring and transmissions for this project and we were very happy to work with them. They were very helpful in the selection process and their customer service from installation was incredible. If you are local to Tulsa or Oklahoma City, I highly recommend using Mill Creek and you can also come and tell them you want to see what CC and Mike like and there is a board made of the same material we use in our haunted house! The floors we chose are the Bella Cera Monza Collection made of Bivio French oak.

If you are not in Tulsa, you can purchase the flooring we used in the home installation project here:

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HOOD: We made this hood look using the same hardwood flooring we used in the house, in the hood. We had our carpenters cut wood made from Bella Cerra to match the size of the hood and attach it to the front and sides of the hood. It was actually Mike Miller’s idea and I’m very happy with the result.

Now when I look at these photos, I can’t believe it’s the same room! Tearing down the brick wall, which was once the outer part of the wall, was not an easy task. It wasn’t an easy task convincing Mike Miller to go there either, ha! But I’m sure it’s the right choice. Especially when you see these things before and after how the brick wall in the kitchen is completely isolated from the living room.

All interior lighting is provided by HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING. We are very happy to work with them and use HVL in all of our products. CC and MIKE THE SHOP are also proud to offer Hudson Valley lighting in our STORE, and these are some of our favorites:

Ranch Remodel Exterior Before And After

We love these gray canvas chairs from CC and MIKE THE SHOP. It also comes in a very attractive skin. We have used all of these bar stools in many of our upcoming projects and not only do we love them, but our clients love them too!

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APRICOT MIST SKY KITCHEN RUNNER – We love this runner with beautiful colors and patterns. It makes a statement wherever it goes and we love how it looks in a fall kitchen!

Below you will see the original laundry room of the house. One of the big things we did in the kitchen renovation was go into the garage and build a new laundry room, making the original laundry room part of the new kitchen. We converted it into a bar and shelves in front of the window and this made the kitchen bigger and more useful!

The original warehouse door is quite small and has many hidden openings in the corners. But it was not available and the design was not good. I knew we had to turn the wall into a design statement. To achieve this we came up with the idea of ​​rolling garage doors. Mike is more of a workaholic and I’m definitely a repeat customer, so this store now has the best of both worlds. The large pantry is fully accessible and is one of my favorite things in the house.

We were very happy to work with MILL CREEK CARPET AND TILE for our kitchen floor and backsplash. One of the most beautiful things in the entire house is the Bella Cera wood floor that we installed in the house. Mill Creek has all of our favorite design options, so you can come in and request a CC and Mike Special and they’ll take care of you!

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Kitchen Backsplash Available Locally at Mill Creek Carpet and Tile – Eden Bianco 3 x 11 | If you don’t live in Tulsa, you can purchase this concrete basement car to bring back our retro look.

Now for the TILE: We used two different sets, both available at your local Mill Creek Tile in Tulsa. If you’re not a Tulsa local, I found the black and white checkered and black and white geometric tiles for you here:

I will let the front and back speak for the living. I will say that I think the fireplace is one of my favorite details in a room!

Ranch Remodel Exterior Before And After

Indigo Rug | Gramercy Sofa | Seat | Custom frames | Image for Frames – by CC and Mike THE PRINTING STORE Store | Library lamp | Fig tree and basket | A mirror

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