Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

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Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match – Skimming Stone is one of Farrow and Ball’s most popular modern neutrals, it is versatile and the perfect alternative to bright white which is warm and welcoming.

If you are looking for the perfect pairings in your interior, this article explores all the best combinations and which colors go well with Skimming Stone for a harmonious and well-designed interior.

Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

It is often described as a soft, soothing color that works well in modern and traditional interiors. Due to its undertones, Skimming Stone can be considered a gray-yellow color.

Oxford Stone Fabric Collection

The color can also look and feel different depending on the lighting and the look of the room, so always buy a test pot first.

Skimming Stone has beige and gray undertones and pairing it with similar tonal and neutral combinations creates a nice and soft Skimming Stone color scheme.

If you want to use Skimming Stone on walls, F&B suggests using Wimborne White in areas such as moldings and architrave, and Strong White as an accent color.

In my design experience, I personally prefer to transfer the wall color that you also use to the moldings, especially in small rooms, because it immediately catches the eye.

Preference Red No.297

If you start using different colors on the borders than on the walls, it can cause instant chaos as you try to pick up different colors as you walk into the room.

I think choosing one color also helps with cohesion and flow in the room, so if you use Skimming Stone on the walls, I would also use it on the trim and architraves.

When using a neutral interior color like Skimming Stone, you should always aim to introduce a darker shade into your color scheme.

Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

Using a darker accent color like F&B London Clay will add a defining color to the room to help frame and ground the space.

Farrow & Ball Color Chart

If you want to achieve this with paint, there are many other options available in different paint colors, grid walls are a popular choice, or you can choose a standard matte black.

Neutral combinations are one of Skimming Stone’s most popular color schemes, but incorporating warmer tones into the mix can create an inviting and welcoming space.

Sulking Room Pink is a classic shade that adds a bit more definition than dusty pink and works in a variety of settings.

If you want to play with the gray tones of Skimming Stone, Selvedge is a great choice that looks denim, blue, gray depending on the light in the room.

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If you want to create a transitional interior, the black accent will contribute to the consolidation of the interior and all the important details that define the room.

It contrasts perfectly with Skimming Stone for a touch of modernity. A few simple details like a lamp, radiator or door hardware are all you need.

Next, you want to bring another color into the equation for a certain depth and color in the room.

Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

Do you like this look? Combine with a plain bright white such as F&B All White or Dulux Brilliant White on the ceiling to achieve a similar look.

Neutral Paint Colours

The white oak felt-like finish creates a fresh, modern look when paired with the top half of Skimming Stone. This creates a timeless look that works well in any room.

With Skimming Stone continuing across the cladding, it also helps draw the eye as you enter the space.

Add black accents to a few well-placed areas, such as photo frames, side tables and interior accessories such as outlets and switches.

Bright, bold accent colors like spicy terracotta create a strong color tone when combined with Skimming Stone. This works especially well in smaller spaces and some well-placed spaces.

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As shown here, a splash of this color on some scattered pillows on the sofa is a simple but effective way to contrast the Skimming Stone.

Whether it’s forest green for added definition or a soft shade of sage green, green is the perfect combination with Skimming Stone to create a truly earthy, neutral interior. Try Green Smoke for a similar look to the bedroom below.

Use green as an accent with furniture, textiles like pillows and throws, or decorative accessories.

Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

If you don’t want to go all out, fake or real plants are a very simple way to introduce greenery.

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Skimming Stone is a natural warm gray / beige color with gray undertones, so layering it with other shades of gray in the interior will create depth and texture.

Choose a darker gray to define the edges and layer in different shades of gray for added visual interest. This creates a really neutral but warm and inviting interior, a great example of how you can still have a gray, warm and cozy living room using Skimming Stone.

Dulux Egyptian Cotton pairs beautifully with the Skimming Stone film, carrying the same contemporary warm neutral tone that gives the room an elegant and sophisticated feel.

As you can see, it’s almost a perfect match. Always get a test pot before you start, as shades can look different in different lights.

Oxford Stone Vanity Unit

Looking for more Farrow and Ball shades? See our full post on Dulux alternatives to Farrow and Ball shades.

Whether you choose a neutral Skimming Stone color scheme or go for something a little bolder and warmer, this versatile color is a real winner in interiors, the perfect balanced color that is the perfect replacement for magnolia and bright white, but combined. in other colors.

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Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

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Farrow And Ball Oxford Stone Colour Match

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