Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

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Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick – Check out our top red brick house colors for 2024 and learn how to find the right color for your red brick or red stone home.

Choosing the best colors for red brick has always been a topic of interest on the internet. In recent years, many homeowners have decided to paint their brick. But lately in our color consulting practice, we’ve been receiving fewer requests for painted brick and more requests for color schemes for red brick homes that incorporate this classic building material.

Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

Many of the homeowners we work with can figure out what color brick they have. They say their brick is orange, burgundy or red. However, we use the same principles when choosing red, orange, brown or burgundy brick colors.

Everything You Need To Know About Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Today, we’re sharing these principles with you—along with some great red brick exterior color palettes to inspire your next project. But first, let’s explore some of the 2024 exterior paint color trends we’re seeing on Pinterest.

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We like to use Pinterest trends to keep track of what people are looking for when choosing paint colors. So far in 2024, here are some of the top outdoor trends we’re seeing.

When it comes to brick houses in particular, Pinterest also offers a pretty good overview of trendy color schemes. And of course, leaving the brick in its natural state is until 2024!

Timeless Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Pinterest searches for limestone brick exteriors and painted brick exteriors dropped nearly 30% last year. On the other hand, the demand for natural masonry houses has increased significantly.

Orange brick house exterior colors received 200% more searches last year. There has also been an increase in the search for brown and tan brick color schemes. And red brick home exterior color schemes have increased by a whopping 1000%!

So it’s safe to say that fewer people are painting their brick exteriors and that homeowners want (and need!) inspiration for painting red brick homes.

Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

Choosing paint colors for red brick homes isn’t as simple as picking a color you like from a sample. When designing red brick exterior color solutions for our color consulting clients, we follow a few important principles. They include:

Over 20 Painted Brick And Stone Transformations!

As an extreme example, fluorescent lime green doesn’t pair well with warm, earthy red brick.

One of the best ways to choose the right red brick exterior color scheme for your home is to work with a color consultant. At Color Concierge, we have three exterior paint color packs to help you find the perfect palette for your home.

Our color consultants will create up to four individual color schemes for your red brick home and deliver them to you with a personalized illustrated preview of the new look. You can also add realistic Photoshop renderings to more easily visualize your home’s new color scheme.

We recently helped create a red brick home color scheme for a beautiful red brick, red roof home in the historic section of Denver. The color selection of red bricks is similar to that of houses with red stone roofs.

Exterior Paint Colors That Pair With Red Brick

Although the house is less than 10 years old, it blends in perfectly with the neighborhood because it was designed to do just that. When choosing a color palette for this home, we wanted to find a timeless exterior that would highlight the home’s beautiful red brick and keep it in line with its historic neighbors.

This palette is a classic palette for a red brick home. Although fewer homeowners paint their brick white, it is still a popular color to match brick.

This palette features Sherwin-Williams Oyster White as the body color, one of the best whites for red brick. This warm color is actually a very light gray with green undertones, but on the outside it looks like a soft white.

Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

This is a great all-purpose white exterior paint color. In high-altitude mountain states like Colorado, it looks more like a crisp white on the outside.

Fixer Upper Paint Colors

We paired oyster white cabinets with dark painted finishes Sherwin-Williams Rock Bottom, a deep, moody green. This color combination is a unique take on the classic black and white palette.

We used a Sherwin-Williams Dragonfly tailgate for a fun pop of color. I love how these colors look together, as shown in the mockup pictured below.

Normally our classic exterior package only includes a front view, but this customer upgraded their service to include a rear view and a garage view.

This rich gold palette is cheerful and bright. The gold color, Sherwin-Williams Tarnished Trumpet, is a very muted tone, so it is not very impressive at high altitudes and in bright sunlight. Our owner was inspired by a trip to Italy.

Paint Colors For A Modern House Exterior

We used Sherwin-Williams White Duck on the porch to reflect the white interior and brighten it up. SW White Duck is a very warm creamy white, but still soft and smooth.

The gold and white palette is accented by deep brown Sherwin-Williams black bean trim and deep blue Sherwin-Williams indigo batik rear doors.

This year we’re seeing colorful exteriors as a trend, and this palette definitely fits the bill!

Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

Warm navy blues like Sherwin-Williams Sea Serpent look great with red brick and are trending on Pinterest. This color looks absolutely beautiful on the Denver home in the Photoshop rendering below.

Paint Colors That Compliment Red Brick House

This dark blue with green undertones is paired with Sherwin-Williams Oyster White on the roof and front porch, and Sherwin-Williams Black Bean for the rafters, garage door, and back porch posts.

The Sherwin-Williams faded trumpet tailgate adds a fun pop of color that looks great with the deep blue exterior paint.

Jewel-toned green exterior colors are also trending on Pinterest, especially Sherwin-Williams Dried Thyme. In this case, we used the darker Sherwin-Williams Rosemary because it adds a beautiful richness to the palette.

The SW perfectly balances the rosemary red brick and creates a modern exterior color scheme that also works well with the home’s historic neighborhood.

Exterior House Paint: Benjamin Moore Vs. Sherwin Williams

We paired the deep green body paint with Sherwin-Williams Oyster White for the roof and porch, and Sherwin-Williams Black Bean for the rafters, garage door, and back porch posts.

When looking for the best colors to go with red brick homes, never assume that a color that looks good on paper will look good in your home.

In the past, this meant we painted a large cardboard with test pots and huge pots.

Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

If you’re looking to revive your red brick exterior and breathe new life into your home, choosing the perfect paint color is an easy update that makes a big impact!

Best White Paint Colors For Brick Exteriors

Remember: Never, ever use a brand of paint other than the one specified. The results are poor and there are no standards when it comes to brightness. If your painter truly believes it can be done, don’t do it. See the color matching results here.

We love your comments! Please note that the blog is intended as general advice and may not provide specific answers to your color questions. For more in-depth advice, consider purchasing a color consultancy. Thank you for your understanding.

Help customers fall in love with their home again with desired color solutions. He founded the company based on his passion for color and the ability to transform a house into a home.

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Best Sherwin Williams Paint For Exterior Brick

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