Color Catalogue Of Asian Paints

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Color Catalogue Of Asian Paints – Some time ago, Blogadda teamed up with Asian Paints for an interesting venture. Bloggers from God’s Country Kerala were asked if they would like to preserve and really enhance the natural look of any wooden surface in their abode with Asian Paints new product – Aquadur PU Luxury Aqua Wood Finish. I was fortunate enough to be among those who raised their hands in various cities including Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi for this unique occasion.

One constant that you will find in most of our homes is the presence of wooden furniture. These can range from beautifully carved teak doors to mahogany and rosewood dining tables. Good wood processing gives our home a classy touch.

Color Catalogue Of Asian Paints

Color Catalogue Of Asian Paints

But do you know what the other constant is, unfortunately? Wood is also susceptible to physical damage, UV radiation, humidity, vagaries of weather and rot.

Color Chart Standard Using In Redox Mapping

As for the product itself, Asian Paints seems to have done something to bring the best of two different worlds with Akvadur PU – on the one hand it aims to give furniture a premium look – while also trying to be more. are environmentally friendly than the products of its competitors.

It can be used for both exterior [doors, columns, balcony railings, chairs] and interior furniture [cabinets, wall panels, tables] and acts as a wonderful shield against all the suspects we fear when we have wooden objects. houses

Aquadur wood stain is available in 6 different shades to help you choose the perfect look for your home. Depending on the level of use, you can choose whether your furniture will be dark or light.

The Asian Paints team members were very courteous in their demeanor and took a challenging approach instead of completing my front door. As you can see in the pictures below, it has its own intricate workings and has faded to a dull chestnut shade over the years.

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In person, guests who have visited since its construction can easily notice the difference and love the shine and new hue of the front door compared to its previous incarnation. My family was also very happy with the final product and gave it a thumbs up (not easy for us to achieve when it comes to Mallus and our carved doors, mind you!).

In conclusion, what does Aquadur PU really offer compared to others and why should you consider it? No textures found for this selection. No shade found for this option. Enter any color to search. Enter any structure to search. Unable to connect to database. Please try again later. This goes well with colored products

Shades shown on this page are indicative and not an accurate representation of actual paint colors due to differences in monitor calibration and resolution, as well as screen settings. Even though scientific tools have been used to match colors and create the color you use, there are still likely to be differences.

Color Catalogue Of Asian Paints

You can bring any color code to your local Color World dealer to compare and/or order the exact color you are looking for.

Asian Paint Tractor Emulsion Price At Rs. 200/litre

In selected Color World stores, we offer 200 ml samples of our products, which can be dyed to any color of your choice. Not all shades are available in all products. Details about the shades can be obtained from the nearest World Color dealer.

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