Living Room Paint Colors Ideas

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Living Room Paint Colors Ideas – As the largest space in your home, your living room is where your friends and family gather – and where you create your signature style. When it comes to living room colors, you must first decide the atmosphere you want to create. Rest and normal? Modern and refined? Comfort and warmth? If you set the mood, the color of the living room will emphasize it.

Follow expert advice on choosing the best living room colors, living room color schemes and colorful living room looks.

Living Room Paint Colors Ideas

Living Room Paint Colors Ideas

As the name suggests, we live in living rooms. In this video, you will see how six popular colors can greatly affect the same room, resulting in different types of design.

Dark Color Palette Ideas That Won’t Overwhelm Your Space

Benjamin Moore’s favorite neutral colors include Classic White Dove OC-17 and Stardust 2108-40. Another neutral key with gray and beige, Wish AF-680 is from the Affinity® Color Collection. The vibrant paint colors in this cinema room include elegant black raspberry 2072-20, cheerful hibiscus 2027-50 and gossamer blue 2123-40, all of which create different moods in the room.

When choosing a color for the living room, keep the lighting in the room in mind. The amount of light your room receives and the direction it’s in directly affects the visible color. In a room with southern or western exposure, lean towards cool colors to balance the strong natural light. High quality paint such as Aura® Interior can also help soften the effects of light.

Once you’ve decided how much light the room will get and you’re ready to start your color journey, here are 30 living room color ideas to help you narrow down your choices.

The ultimate color scheme for living rooms, neutrals provide a blank canvas to decorate as you wish. Here, Brandon Beige 977 gives the outdoor space, thanks to a green label, and White Down 970 matches the roof and cuts well. Other mossy mediums for living rooms we love include:

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When combined with white, light blue colors have the ability to create an ethereal atmosphere that feels effortlessly cool and infinitely flexible. Give your living room a cloudy sky feel with these beautiful colors:

Add a touch of dark glamor to your home with unexpected drama in a white painted living room. Here, the black and gray tones of Raccoon Fur 2126-20 evoke the quiet mystery of midnight, creating a perfect scene. Other black and white combinations to try as living room accents include:

Do you want to add a touch of modernity and luxury to your home? Try using soft purple as an accent in your living room. Purples with a healthy dose of gray or blue, like Winter Gray 2117-60 shown here, make a room inviting without being overly warm. Use one of these colors for a better look:

Living Room Paint Colors Ideas

Invite guests into your home and go “new retro” with living room colors that celebrate the influence of vintage design trends. Lighter colors help set the stage for bolder accents such as funky end tables or floral decorations. Enter the spirit with colors like these:

Paint Colors For Living Room Walls With Dark Furniture

To find a space that allows for “fun”, make a record and enjoy the fun of the living room in vintage style. We suggest enhancing the drama with a dark blue color such as Twilight 2058-10 or Champion Cobalt 2061-20, which evokes a soft, rich texture and subtle accent.

The most popular feature of leading interior designers, living areas painted in deep colors with high gloss create an attractive room that will be one of the favorites in your home. We suggest using a professional painter to get this amazing effect with rich colors like this:

An interesting teal blue, like the popular Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 seen here, gives a universal elegance to your living space. Try Tucson Teal 2056-10 or Pacific Rim 678, strong green tones that are sure to brighten up your living room.

Sometimes the best idea for painting the living room is to follow the classic white paint color. Bright white, clean and endless, white color sets the stage for everything else in the room. Our favorite white colors for living rooms include:

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If you’re looking for a way to use extra color, two-tone “fain” scotting really makes an impact. Try one of these white and yellow living room combinations for a bright and colorful look:

Want to make a color statement in your living room? Look for it! Pair richly painted ceilings and baseboards with neutral walls for a unique and accessible luxury. Try using one of the selected living room colors:

If most of the prominent elements in your living space are neutral – carpets, floors, textiles – a soft green color like the old color of October 1495 will add dimension and interest. Use it to bring in natural elements while still maintaining Zen. Other healthy greens we love include:

Living Room Paint Colors Ideas

Living and family rooms are often the focal point of the home, connected or open to the rest of the home. A neutral living room color can help connect adjacent spaces, creating color flow and cohesion. Try a neutral two-tone style to make a statement by creating the perfect starting point for the color flow of the rest of your home. To get the look, try this combination:

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Create a soft, modern living room with a crisp white paint color. Look for low tones and high LRVs to create a bright and clean cast. Trim the walls with one of these new shades to create a blank canvas for your favorite art and furniture:

If you want to bring more color to your room, but you are not ready for something dark or saturated, try a light color or a pastel color. Pastel colors help to enhance a room with a soft and soft color, especially when used in close areas such as the fireplace wall. Some of our favorites include:

Fireplace insert with fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose solid color, white or something in between, be sure to use a quality interior paint that provides long-lasting color and a stunning finish. Try one of these colors to make your project a success:

Do you want to make your living room more comfortable? Try to evoke the Scandinavian style of hygge with fluffy pillows, thick blankets and a warm white color scheme. Create a relaxing atmosphere with one of these attractive colors:

Blue Living Room Ideas That Will Make An Unforgettable Statement

Looking for a unique paint color idea for your living room? Go green! The homeowner’s favorite deep green paint colors—including Fairmont Green HC-127 shown here—are a great choice for a monochromatic color scheme. Some of our many, favorite green colors include:

Create a calm space with a gray living room ceiling. Colors like Dolphin AF-715, Greystone 1475 or Chelsea Gray HC-168, seen here, pack a modern punch while being usable in any design style. With so much to choose from, trust your local Benjamin Moore store to help you find the right color.

For a color that’s light enough to work with year-round decor, look for a rich taupe or gray with a rich undertone. The ceiling mounted on the white walls is a great choice, sure to stand out while maintaining a neutral feel. Our favorite neutral colors for living room ceilings are:

Living Room Paint Colors Ideas

“Soft white paint colors are the epitome of modern farmhouse style,” says color & design expert Molly Lynch. “Make the high places comfortable and inviting with a mix and match fabric.” To get the look, paint traditional boats in one of the popular white colors:

Best & Popular Living Room Paint Colors Of 2021 You Should Know

Of course, the maximalist style can be called “controlled chaos”, but if it looks amazing, why not try it? Start with bold colors and semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes, then add patterned accents, universal decor and abstract art. Colors to help you start your color journey include:

If you want to change the colors of the living room, go for a small design with one of our most popular neutral colors as a starting point. These great colors are beautiful and timeless, beige, white and grey:

Update your living room with a warm paint color like the sunshade and fireplace. Add the colors of each of these to the terracotta pots and handicrafts of the Southwest genius.

Create a cozy living room with a deep chocolate brown color. Pair rich walls with a light pink ceiling and dark purple trim for a solid, modern design that works seamlessly. Some of our favorite brown-red living room combinations include:

Living Room Paint Ideas To Transform Your Space With Colour

Can’t decide between warm or cool gray in your living room? Place a solid color in the middle. Beautiful and balanced, these lawns bring a modern feel to your space, allowing you to play with seasonal decor at any time.

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