How To Seal Wood Floors

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How To Seal Wood Floors – When I looked at our current 1950s remodel, I immediately thought of the dingy kitchen and private bathroom as soon as I saw these beauties. We happily purchased 65-year-old hardwood floors with the intention of refinishing them.

, but our circumstances made this choice very difficult. So, less than 4 years after our previous date, my husband and I moved into a one-bedroom apartment over the weekend for less than $200.

How To Seal Wood Floors

How To Seal Wood Floors

I’m not among the top 1% of DIY enthusiasts, but I’m ambitious and I’m not afraid of imperfect results. That’s why I call this project a beginner craft because it’s so easy. But as with anything, there are techniques and skills that make it easier and better.

I’m A Hardwood Floor Technician. Here Is My Latest Project. New Install With 4 Inch White Oak, Finished Using Bona Natural Seal And Bona Mega Hd Traffic (matte)

Either way, it’s not rocket science. The general idea is: clean the space, sand the floor, pour some stuff on it.

But you already know that! And now you’re here, which means you want to know what steps I took and what we learned from this whole mess.

Sad floors, damaged by heavy water damage and unpleasant color choices. This situation was ready to change. But I’m carefree AF ​​and don’t like to overdo this stuff. I want my projects to be as simple and affordable as possible.

The room is messy and dirty, but you can clearly see the difference in the lighting in the corridor and the bedroom. The rest of our house is NOT lit. As if at all. Overall, the repair lasted and still looks great a year later.

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I think this is a good opportunity to let you know that the advice you hear all over the world is to put a carpet over a wooden floor or something else.

These things require more maintenance compared to laminate or tile, so their beauty is better hidden from view. That’s one problem, but it ultimately makes the savings more attractive. If it’s worth covering, why not do it yourself and save thousands of dollars?

Excess will only make it harder to achieve a good finish. The smallest hidden dust particles will spoil your hard work and create more work.

How To Seal Wood Floors

The room should be as open and clean as possible. And if the room doesn’t block the door, I would seriously consider creating one with plastic sheeting and heavy-duty tape or padding.

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Since we only had one bedroom, we were able to close the door and protect it from the dog, baby, and other debris while the seal dried.

2. remove all baseboards (you want to see the gap between the floor and the wall). This won’t be good.

Tape is used to remove baseboards or other items stuck to or around hardwood. Remember that you need open floors. The entire room was surrounded by a small gap between the wall and the solid floor.

The wood filler is addictive, not the constant smell (yay). Who knew how satisfying a “filler tree” could be? This material covers cracks, crevices, holes, etc. You can buy different colors to match your wood, but I’m sure the “natural” color will stain the floor. The one we bought starts out pink and then dries beige, so there’s no question whether it’s ready or not.

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Moreover, it is cheap and easy to use. Just apply it to any nook and cranny using a spatula. Also very satisfying?

We didn’t bother renting a sander until all the wood was sanded, patched and ready to go. This part took about 3 hours in total. There were many cracks.

After it dried, we purchased the rest of the equipment and rented a sander from Home Depot for 24 hours (1 p.m. to 1 p.m.). They asked for a $200 deposit, but the rental price was $64.95.

How To Seal Wood Floors

Side note: these things are stupidly heavy… Getting in and out of the car was a pain… for my husband lol. They told me to leave and I didn’t want to argue.

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If you want professional results, hire a professional. Some undeniable skill and a lot of patience are required. I felt privileged trying to time it and get my toothbrush back within 24 hours, so it drove me nuts. But anyway:

The first pass with the sander did not fill all of the wood. But the rain sheet does. Works like a charm, but don’t rub too hard or it will work too well :/

Patience has its price. I’m here! Bad position in the project and all. I started at the back wall and moved towards the door. See that big jug? I just poured it out from there and spread it out as evenly as possible.

This photo shows my second coat. See the puddles of milk? That’s why experts don’t do it… But the benefits probably don’t even extend to renting equipment! I learned from the first, thin layer – it wasn’t visible. So I mixed these things a second time.

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After one room was finally said and done (lol), we weren’t happy to tackle the rest of the house. However,

Overall, this is a worthwhile project. It’s not too physically demanding and not too difficult in theory or practice. The hardest part is finding a place for all your stuff. You know? We live here. There isn’t much extra space to move everything into one room for the weekend. Not without major costs.

My husband and I will be completely willing to pay professionals IF they can handle the entire move and can do it in less than 3 or 4 days. We will have to stay elsewhere as the only rooms without woodwork are the kitchen and bathroom. So make sure you stay at the hotel for 3 nights and the costs will keep going up.

How To Seal Wood Floors

For this reason, I prefer to go room by room and tinker until I die. Ultimately, I don’t want to pay someone else to do something that I can do with my own hands. One of the biggest projects we planned while renovating the house was renovating the wooden floors on the first floor! The floor is over 20 years old, so it is warping, fading and peeling. We received several estimates from flooring contractors based on referrals (always get first-hand experience!) and were able to get a good quote for what we were looking for. This post describes the process, prices and materials we used, as well as what we used to install this hardwood in the upstairs bedroom.

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Before replacing the floor, we had to remove the built-in wardrobes that were to house our future pantry. We were lucky in this process and managed to remove them in pieces! Thanks to this, we managed to find a new owner who will reorganize them. Since the buildings being constructed were above the floor (and linoleum?!), we had to have our contractor patch the surfaces by installing new baseboards. We also had to repair the woodwork, which was a mess due to the flooding of the previous owner’s fridge, toilet and pet area. To prevent future damage, we had to install a dehumidifier in the lowest space of our house. (A home is a treasure trove, I tell you!)

Our floors were very dark, which I liked, but it was very difficult to keep up with smart cleaning. Children eat one meal… while sweeping. With a light floor, you won’t see any crumbs, so you can ignore the mess a little longer πŸ˜‰ We sanded the bottom of the test area to see what wood was hiding under the dark stain. We hit the red oak tree. To our surprise, the floor was made of white oak! The best situation for us as a color that we expected was the one we found.

We knew that natural white oak wood would brighten up the rooms, so we wanted to keep its color as close to the original color of the wood as possible. With thin wood, there is already some shade difference, so a natural stain will work well. After trying Bona Natural Seal, Bona Nordic (mild lime effect) and special blends, we decided on Bona Natural Seal. We have selected Bona products after researching which will work best for a natural look and which will wear best over time. What we used:

One coat of Bona Natural Seal – a very light, natural stain similar to the white oak color of our floors.

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Two coats of Bona Traffic HD Commercial Matte – this is an expensive process as it is the ultimate in preventing yellowing over time. You can probably find both of these products at a good price from your local supplier.

Our first floor is approximately 1,200 square feet and the total cost to renovate these floors was $5,000.

– Sand the floor and fill the cracks. Note – the transition from dark to light is more difficult and takes longer. This may increase your overall costs.

How To Seal Wood Floors


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