Ranch Style Home Exterior Ideas

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Ranch Style Home Exterior Ideas – The ranch style home was born in sunny California and peaked in popularity in the post-war 1950s. Easy to build, this style was a response to the relatively cheap cost of suburban land and the desire to live the good life in a spacious backyard. At that time, 9 out of 10 households owned a farm.

Although not nearly as ubiquitous today, ranch-style homes are experiencing a renaissance, especially among first-time homebuyers interested in their wide-open single-story floor plans and versatile design options.

Ranch Style Home Exterior Ideas

Ranch Style Home Exterior Ideas

Low-slung, informal, and distinctively American, ranch-style homes have many design variations. But they have the following characteristics:

Ranch Homes With Gorgeous Exteriors

Life without stairs. You’ll find two-level farmhouses all over the country, but the classics stay true to their practical and modest nature and are built on one level.

Wide open call. Some ranch-style homes are U-shaped, while others are asymmetrical L-shaped. What they all have in common is open spaces that increase flexibility to add rooms, move from one room to another, and connect the interior to the exterior.

Back to fun. Rather than relinquish their space to the inviting front porch, ranchers direct backyard barbecues, get-togethers, and casual games. Sliding glass doors in the back make it easy to get there.

Side garage. The wide, horizontal profile of ranch-style homes makes them ideal for accommodating two-car attached garages or carports.

Modern Rustic Dream Home Exterior Stone Veneer Ranch Style Stone Design Buechel Stone

When enhancing your farmhouse exterior appeal, keep in mind that this style of home is very adaptable. There’s a range of colors and trim styles that liven it up while maintaining casual modesty.

Applying exterior trim and color isn’t the only way to beautify a farm. Use landscaping to frame and decorate, not cover. Choose low-growing plants and shrubs and narrow trees that add personality and privacy without dominating your home’s profile.

Ranch-style homes are experiencing a resurgence for several reasons, from their simplicity to their relatively easy remodeling options. Use some of the tips in this article to get the most out of yours and share your ideas with the LiveAbode community. The Ranch House has been an important part of American architecture and American life for nearly a century. Although some dictionaries describe it as a style of home suitable for ranch living, the famous ranch-style home we know and love was born in 1932 by San Diego architect Cliff May. Highlights of the style revolve around single-story designs, often built of brick or plain brick, with low pitched roofs and deep overhangs.

Ranch Style Home Exterior Ideas

After the Second World War, these houses were quickly bought by soldiers returning from the war looking for simple and affordable housing to support their families. The livable, ground-level design maximizes outdoor living with access to decks typically used for relaxing and entertaining. No doubt the farmhouse contributed to the popularity of outdoor barbecues and neighborhood gatherings.

Raised Ranch Exterior — Gordon Architecture

By 1950, nine out of ten homes built in the United States were ranch homes. But what goes up must come down, and in the 1970s, ranch houses were replaced by more ornate and traditional colonial-style two-story homes.

Today, however, a new generation of homeowners appreciates the original ranch-style homes and is drawn to simple architecture to update and simulate mid-century style homes. Farmhouses are now a favorite part of home renovation. In fact, in a 2018 Harris poll of more than 2,000 Americans, 41 percent rated the farm as one of their favorites.

Farming is definitely here to stay. So, let’s take a look at ways to make the most of popular, livable, and affordable homes.

Since ranch homes are typically one-story with horizontal lines and a shallow roof, some vertical elements of that height, such as landscaping, potted plants, or decorative details, help break the flow. Adding trees to your front yard can add interest, shade, and curb appeal.

Ranch House Remodel Ideas

In general, the facade of the farm is elegant and simple. But the door can set a modern, attractive tone. Modern single entry doors with wide side windows can draw attention, while double doors add a more formal tone. Spice up your exterior color palette with a bold door color like yellow, red or turquoise to add an eye-catching pop.

Working with farms is their connection to the outdoors. Sure, you often see sliding doors that open to an outdoor entertaining area at the back, but what about creating a similar effect at the front of the house? A brick or stone patio near a front entry or walkway can add personality, appeal and an invitation to meet the neighbors.

Decorative fences or decorative details of the house should keep the house in a horizontal position. A wide horizontal plank adds a modern touch. Add some large, modern numbers to make an easy decorative statement.

Ranch Style Home Exterior Ideas

Although the original farmhouses used wide open spaces, their interiors did not always have the same open feeling. Yes, some boast great rooms in addition to formal dining and living rooms, but if yours is a little cramped, remove a feature wall to open up the space and view.

Affordable Home Exterior Makeover Before And After Ideas

The low roofs of ranch houses offer the option of getting a modern vaulted look by removing the roof and adding attic trusses. This compromise makes for an impressively open and airy home, exchanging some attic space for a kitchen or bedroom.

Add a clean, modern touch by replacing traditional double-glazed windows with new energy-efficient paneled styles. The simple design makes the most of any view and is easy to open and close with a crank. Also, consider pairing large paned windows with porch-style windows to allow for ventilation.

A distinctive feature of original farmhouses is the use of wood paneling in living areas rather than wallpaper. Even if you don’t want to go for a great wood look in your home, using natural wood tone window frames can give a room the casual vibe that homes are known for.

If you want to pay homage to the original ranch-style design, add a bay window in the living room or dining room. The layout adds natural light and creates interest inside and outside the building.

Curb Appeal Before And After

If you find the simple, single-story design of a farmhouse exterior a little too simple, adding a curbed entryway can be an attractive change from the curb. A gable roof can cover a porch or patio or define a front door area.

Window World’s wide selection of entry doors, patio door designs and window options are a great way to update your farmhouse or any home with beauty and energy efficiency. Discuss your ideas with a

. Over 25 years of experience have made Window World the name you can trust with your most important investment – ​​your home. Connect with yourself, not your grandma’s farm! You’ll love the modern ranch-style homes on this list with their charming charm, modern updates, and modern color palettes. We’ll introduce you to what a ranch-style home is, and detail design options, features, and suggestions for upgrading your ranch-style home.

Ranch Style Home Exterior Ideas

If you need help bringing your farmhouse into the 21st century, our virtual exterior designers at Brick&Batten can help. We’ll take photos of your home and bring it to life with a new color palette, finishes, windows, fixtures and more – complete with a printable shopping list. Learn more about how it works here.

Home Exterior Makeover For Less Than $3500

The ranch originated in the United States in the 1920s. It is traditionally one-story, low to the ground and has a wide profile, with a wide and open layout. Ranch-style homes combine modern ideas with the wide open spaces of the American West to create an informal and casual living space that blends in with nature. Modern ranch-style homes are typically rectangular, U-shaped, or L-shaped, with a yard or deck, large windows, and often a finished basement and attached garage.

Next, ranch style homes have many advantages. They offer easy maintenance with a pitched roof exterior, no stairs to climb and are great for entertaining. We’ve also seen an appeal for modern ranch-style homes due to our preference for living spaces that combine indoor and outdoor space.

This modern ranch style home has been updated with painted vertical siding with Benjamin Moore wood accents in Iron Mountain. We love the color on the blue door, and the A-frame porch and light fixture add visual interest. The porch is like an extension of the yard and driveway typical of a real farm.

This small bungalow-style home features large windows common in ranch-style homes, as well as an exterior painted in Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. In addition, wooden columns and a stone path help to harmonize the house with the natural environment.

Ranch House Exterior Redo

A flat roof and tall square windows give this modern farmhouse style home an industrial feel. Adding stone and wood accents will help ground the space and connect it to the outdoors. Also U-shaped

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