Red Brick House With Siding Colors

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Red Brick House With Siding Colors – UPDATE: Since this is a reproduction and a painting shop doesn’t seem to have enough information to paint the look of the painting, I am now sending large hand-painted samples to anyone interested- for a small fee. If you take my sample to your local paint store, they can easily match you. Please email me at and I will send you samples as soon as possible (I am still selling samples for 2022 and beyond). Or send a $20 deposit to my PayPal for a timely shipping reply: including your shipping address.

I spent 20 minutes coming up with the perfect title for this post 🤔 – it provides a wonderful contrast to our bold paint duo on the outside of our house. I’m not sure what the title is.”

Red Brick House With Siding Colors

Red Brick House With Siding Colors

“Enough. All I know is, after researching paint colors and red brick, and after all the little test sessions on our side of the house, far away, this dark blue one my husband and I did is definitely a great dog. If you have red brick exteriors that match your house and you want your house Looking to update, this is the paint color that will give your home a new look.

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When we moved in, our new house was painted a bright ivory color that washed out the whole Cape Cod style. I guess it resembled brick, but it didn’t crack and the building looked old. It felt like dust to me 🤧. To be honest, it’s boring and very predictable.

The dark green door matched, but when I looked at the front door I was old and dusty again. As you can see below, our dog, Dude, wanted to come out too.

The first thing I did when we got in was remove the cowl bars from the side windows you see below. They were dusty, faded and I grabbed them and they are still in the cellar. You can find our affordable wooden shutters here: Wood Shutters. Lockers provide privacy!

After about a year, we hired people to paint the house cool blue (you see a lot of instructions and read a lot). Did I get the right color? No no. It rose upon us, and rose periwinkle blue from the faded sage. After we replaced the traditional shutters with DIY cedar stained shutters, I began to appreciate the color blue better. Sit like that for about 10 years. You can see the replacement garage doors match the shutters and everything works perfectly.

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Unfortunately, the front door doesn’t look good 🤔. Despite replacing the old brick stairs with these beautiful DIY mahogany wood stairs, I still don’t think this front door fits. We thought about replacing it, but the old door was so sturdy that it didn’t seem like the right choice. Especially considering how expensive premium doors are. Maybe one day, but wait until we see how the final colors make our old door POP…

Wow! Welcome to our home. See how this deep black paint brightens up our front door. So bright, you can catch a rainbow 🌈  …

Here are some photos from last fall to show how the cool colors of the dark blue brick pop and the white highlights show the shape of our house with the forest/ocean in the background. The difference is striking, especially in person.

Red Brick House With Siding Colors

I love how the cedar shake looks with this dark blue paint. You should note that using a semi-gloss finish on cedar planks will make their unique texture pop rather than hide it. The picture above and below confirm to me why I think our unique color combination is “

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So tell me. See the blue in the brick? This is the main reason I have this brand. The brick is blue so I know it will work.

After the artists finished all the patches and preparations, which seemed to take days and days because there was a ton, they asked me to come out and make sure the color was good. Between my yard and my pajamas I panicked, but I said, “Yes, sure! I’m going out! 😳” I slowly stepped out and almost fainted at her beauty. It’s really scary. , but I guess you could call it a well thought out risk.

I told the two young men about the great work they were doing. I even made them into cookies 😂.

My husband (note: Rick ran his own painting company during the day while attending law school) and I spent months researching paint colors, interviewing paint companies, and waiting all winter before hiring someone because the prices were so crazy (estimated to be 10,000, so be careful). stay).

Of The Best Paint Colors To Go With Red Brick

Next season we got a husband and wife team and like I said before, they did a really great job. There are only two of them so there are no “workers” in our society. I straight up told him to clean everything every day (very careful with our environment) and not to smoke. There is nothing worse than people smoking while working in your home. When I was younger, I could handle it, but not anymore. Red Head is now in charge.

UPDATE: Since this is a reproduction and the paint shop doesn’t seem to have enough information to paint the look of the painting, I am now sending large hand-painted samples to anyone interested- for a small fee. If you take my sample to your local paint store, they can easily match you. Please email me at and I will send you a sample today or tomorrow.

Together with our artists and our local paint store we were able to create a dark blue color that matched the image I loved. Isn’t that wonderful?

Red Brick House With Siding Colors

Talk to your local paint store and ask if they can match your colors. I found my favorite combo on Pinterest, but this is our house’s color combo. If you want to know the color, I have the formula details. Take this poster with you to the paint store and show: Looking for siding colors to go with red brick? Check out our informative articles for expert advice and inspiration on choosing the right pallet for your home.

Perfect Colour Palettes For Red Brick Exteriors

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When choosing siding colors for a red brick home, it is important to find a color combination that enhances the beauty of the brick and enhances the curb appeal of the home. The right color can change the look of a home, make it look new and modern, or preserve its beauty.

While this decision may seem overwhelming at first, considering a few factors can help narrow down the options and make the choice easier. Factors to consider include home layout, neighborhood, preferences and interests.

In this article, we will look at the best siding colors that go well with red brick and give different ideas for combining colors to suit different styles and tastes. Whether you choose a traditional look, a modern aesthetic, or a bold and unique combination, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

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Choosing the right siding color to match red brick requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are some things to keep in mind:

By considering these factors, you can narrow down your options and determine the best color combinations to complement your red brick and create an attractive and attractive exterior for your home.

When it comes to choosing the best color for red brick siding, there are several methods that work well. Here are some popular options:

Red Brick House With Siding Colors

When choosing the best color for your red brick, remember to consider the aforementioned factors like your home’s style and neighborhood. Consider trying different models on the original

Red Brick House Shutter Color

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