Apple Barrel Satin Acrylic Paint

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Apple Barrel Satin Acrylic Paint – Color Options- 21976E Vivid Navy 21974E Electric Blue 21972E Acapulco 21955E Toasted Arshallow 44844E Bright Pink 21959E Sambara Berry 21959E BERY19 PERY19 PERY19 STRACK LUE 18 Pro Atlantis 4 1957E Paradise Pink 21968E True Green 21958E Candy Apple 21964E Leon 21981E Classic Carael 21983E Seamless Vessel 21983E None Wish Gray 2 Yellow 495 Street 495 ILD Grape 21978E Purple Princess 21982E Chocolate Hair 21982E 979E Wister ) 21961E Spicy Orange 45003E Cabana (Cabana) 4 St 1983E (Cabana) 45004 St Fox Stock) 13442E Orange Cr

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Apple Barrel Satin Acrylic Paint

Apple Barrel Satin Acrylic Paint

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Buyer beware! I bought 3 tubes of paint from this guy. The pipes were leaking. They were essays. I have had contact with this man in 4 relationships. The answer is no. Read other negative reviews for this person. This isn’t the first tie that a human buyer hasn’t responded to. This is not the first time the packaging has failed. The first tie dye will not bleed. In other negative responses received by this person. This person is not exempt from responsibility. Buy from someone else. Be careful !!!

Jacket received quickly and in new condition. It sold for a little more than I expected, but not the seller’s fault.