Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

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Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue – Blue-gray is a delicious color combination that pays homage to the past while still feeling modern and fresh. Although sophisticated, it can bring a fresh look that suits a variety of design styles.

I love a good blue. You can also go for a chameleon-like color or a beautiful neutral color mixed with gray. The gray-blue and blue-gray color palette has many light blue-gray and dark blue-gray colors. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular colors in this color family.

Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

Blue-gray is a color that is a mixture of blue and gray. Another name for the bluish-gray color is “livid.” Livid is a medium blue-grey tone. Contrasting colors are brown with dark orange and red.

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These colors are classified as “warm colors”, where blue-gray or bright colors are mixed with dark blues, and azure colors are classified as cool colors.

There are many colors on the market that can be considered blue-gray, but let’s narrow it down a bit and categorize them by brand: Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Sherwin-Williams Misty Misty looks more gray but is considered just a blue with dark gray undertones. LRV is 64. In natural light, it is a very bright, airy, and muted blue.

Northstar – Sherwin Williams – Northstar is bluer than Misty. I have similar LRVs of his (Northstar 62, Misty 64), both of which have a strong gray color. The difference between the two is that Northstar is a warm grey-blue color while Misty is a cool color.

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Breezy-Breezy is Sherwin Williams’ bright slate his blue. Its shade is slightly darker in LRV 41. A dusty blue color with gray undertones is a relaxing and calming shade.

Jubilee – A slate gray-blue color with a cool bluish tone. LRV is 45. A beautiful slate blue that brings a calming atmosphere to various spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Krypton – This color is a slate-grayish blue. With an LRV of 52, Slate Dusted is the brightest of his blues in this group.

Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

Stardew – Balances warm and cool tones. This is also his LRV 43 in stunning slate blue, a bright but subdued mid-blue tone.

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Away – A denim shade with gray undertones. LRV 15. The sense of distance is deep and dark, and it’s still cool. I love atmospheric rooms, so this is a nice muted blue for the walls.

Storm Clouds – Storm Clouds – are a nod to nature in their nuances. The color of dark storm clouds, from which they derive their name, is a dark grayish-dark blue shade. LRV is slightly lighter than 23.

Boothbay Gray is a bluish steel gray. I love this cool toned color in most rooms and it’s a very versatile color. In some lighting, this color appears gray; in other lighting, this color appears blue. LRV is 43.26.

Smoke is a medium gray with blue and green undertones. LRV is 56.49. In front of other dusty or slate blue-gray or gray-blue colors, it becomes gray-green. However, it itself usually has a smoky blue tint.

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Silver Gray is almost a pastel blue color with gray undertones. I love this color because it’s soft and calming and gives a room a very calming feel. LRV is 61.31.

Cloudy Sky is a gray with shades of steel blue and green. LRV is 32.34. The dark, moody feel of this color works well in bathrooms and master bedrooms.

Van Cortlandt Blue is a medium-toned blue that is part of Benjamin Moore’s historic collection. I love that old world feel. LRV is 31.47.

Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

Water’s Edge is another Old World blue similar to Van Cortlandt Blue, but a little darker. Almost a pastel color, it looks great in bright natural light but is versatile enough to add a dark European feel. LRV is 30.

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Van Deusen Blue – This dark blue is on the trim and picture rail in my son’s room. It is the most beautiful classic navy blue. LRV is 10.04. There are some shades of gray, but they are subtle.

Gentleman’s Gray is a deep blue-green color with hints of gray and purplish. I really like this deep navy shade. LRV is 5.37.

We have lived in an era of neutrality for a long time. Brown and tan appeared in the 2000s, then gray in the 2010s, and then light gray in the 2020s.

I’m glad that blue-gray and gray-blue are becoming more popular these days. With a variety of undertones and a soothing softness, these colors work as neutrals.

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Many of these soft blues are found in older historic homes, but they also work well with a variety of current styles. Whether you want modern and clean or country and rustic, there’s a blue-gray to suit you.

First, these colors can be used anywhere in your home. More blue colors are recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Brings a calm atmosphere.

Light blue-gray colors look great in living rooms when combined with lots of patterns and bold colors.

Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

Next, let’s talk about the exterior. All of these colors look beautiful, but there’s something very soothing about the blue-gray hues of Stardew by Sherwin-Williams.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Gray color is suitable for large rooms and open areas, or for adding character to kitchen cabinets.

Finally, I love the grey-blue shade of Benjamin Moore Booth Bay Gray that my friend Alexis painted on her kitchen cabinets. I want a blue kitchen. Overwhelmingly beautiful!

Darker shades work well in cropped or small-scale projects, or as accent colors or bold colors in small rooms.

There are some great blue-gray colors on the market, but here we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin His Moore. I hope this will give you an opportunity to consider some colors for your next color scheme.

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There’s no more classic color than navy blue. However, not all navy colors are created equal, so you may need to do a little research before using your favorite blue color on your walls.

That’s why when you’re looking for a color that’s a little less common, take a closer look at one of my favorite blue-gray colors of his, Benjamin Moore’s Anchor Gray.

Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

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As with any color, it’s all a matter of perception. If you ask me, Anchor Gray is a deep navy with plenty of gray (and I’m always right, really). But when I tell my hubs he says it’s gray with a bit of blue (insert marriage advice here).

For a north-facing room, anchor gray is a little darker than standard gray, giving it more character (although some grays can be calming). On the other hand, it’s not so blue that it feels punchy or overpowering, regardless of exposure.

This cool blue hue balances well with warm tropical light and afternoon western exposure, adding a cool vibe and personality.

His LRV for Anchor Gray is about 12. I get a snack, but I like a little more meat and potatoes in here (no gravy).

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Don’t know what LRV is? It stands for light reflection value and can save your life as a color lover. Learn more about.

Anchor Gray with an LRV of 12 is not dark enough to appear black in a dark room (unless you literally have a light on it). The slightly higher LRV (compared to other navy blues) allows it to retain its color in low light.

It is important to know the type of blue you are dealing with. Anchor Gray is a solid blue, but instead of leaning towards green like other popular shades, it has a purple undertone.

Benjamin Moore Dark Grey Blue

Color is a matter of perception, but finding an anchor of gray or purple can be difficult. It’s a really nasty blue-gray.

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SAMPLIZE offers peel and stick paint samples that are more affordable, easier and more environmentally friendly than traditional paint cans.

Anchor Gray makes a beautiful exterior paint color for siding or stucco, as long as it leans toward blue rather than gray (expect the blue to stand out a little more).

It can also be used on kitchen cabinets, islands, and vanity tops, but most of my clients prefer darker blues like Benjamin Moore Hale Navy or Sherwin-Williams Cyberspace.

These shades of blue

Benjamin Moore Smoke

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