Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent

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Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent – Benjamin Moore Sea Salt (CSP-95) is a popular paint color that is taking the world of interior design by storm! As many homeowners and designers move away from gray to warmer areas, this paint color works well with this change in style. If you’re looking for a paint color to brighten up your spaces – this is what you need!

I understand why homeowners struggle with choosing a paint color for their house – there are so many options! Also – the colors are very different. If your eyes have changed your home and moved to warmer tones, this might be what you’re looking for!

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Black is a dark gray color with beige undertones. Dark backgrounds make this color comfortable and welcoming, but it can be used with softer colors to contrast it in a space if needed. Often referred to as a “grey-black” shade, they took inspiration from the beach and made this color look like a tropical beach.

Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Let’s take a closer look at this paint color and talk about how and where to use it in your own home!

Over the past few months, I’ve been choosing warm paint colors for my clients’ homes, and Benjamin Moore has pulled out Sea Salt as the final choice for many of them! It’s a very neutral color that works well as a paint color or as an accent wall. Versatility with paint is something I always look for when choosing colors, and sea salt is one of my favorites!

Although this paint color is warm with rich colors, it can be cool when paired with a color like blue. Sea salt is one of those colors that can be combined with other colors to create a design scheme, and this paint color makes it perfect!

Benjamin Moore’s Sea Salt is a great paint color for any wall paint. Combine oils or whites to bring the color to life! You can use sea salt as wall color.

Going Green + Choosing The Right Swatches, Color Matching Samples, And Selecting The Details.

You can use this paint color in all kinds of rooms: small, big, right or left. You can be sure that this color will look great in any situation!

Benjamin Moore sea salt can be mixed with other colors! Since you can use sea salt instead of gray paint, you can use bright colors and rich colors.

We love how Benjamin Moore mixes grays and greens to create a colorful palette. Use neutral colors, whites and oils to lighten the atmosphere.

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent

To make this color pop and liven it up, mix it with Benjamin Moore Absolute Green or Benjamin Moore Symphony Blue to complement this warm beige. The combination of neutral color and opulence creates a comfortable, sophisticated and well-thought-out space.

Sea Salt Csp 95

If you want a calming atmosphere, combine sea salt with Benjamin Moore October Mist – a beautiful sage green!

With all the paint colors suggested above, they can be used as a full paint or create a feature wall in living areas. Either way, make sure the tone of colors you use matches the rest of your home’s feel for each area.

In addition to these paint color combinations, Benjamin Moore sea salt can be mixed with other colors! The unique beige color makes it easy to combine with other materials. Use bolder colors to create a feature wall, and use sea salt as a neutral color for other walls. Or, use this paint color for a hot tub color.

If you don’t want bright colors, pair sea salt with lighter, more refined tones like navy blue and deep purple.

The 3 Main Paint Colors I’m Incorporating Into My Home (& How)

Like the paint colors you choose, there are a few things to consider when using Benjamin Moore sea salt in your home.

The most important thing to avoid is falling into the “muddy” trap. In warmer temperatures, it’s easy to create a “hilly” space, featuring black and beige tones. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about where you will use this paint color and what it will be combined with (what colors, decorations, wall art, etc.). Be sure to add neutrals and other colors that aren’t in the “muddy” color range.

So it’s yours! Here are some of our neutral beige colors and how to use them effectively at home. What do you think of Benjamin Moore’s sea salt paint? Do you use it at home? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent

Add softness to your bedroom with this beautiful beige bedspread! This Benjamin Moore sea salt color is perfect for adding to your home.

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt

We love using printed artwork to add extra color to our clients’ homes. This outfit uses sea salt color and provides a complementary base!

This decorative pillow is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom that needs a little modern style, warmth and style.

Bring Benjamin Moore’s sea salt into your home with this soft rug! Curved rhythmic geometry gives this bed an edge.

A thick throw rug is a great addition to any living room or bedroom! It’s an easy way to add style and color to your home.

Hc 170 Stonington Gray A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

Are you looking to attract a professional interior designer to your area? Contact us for interior design services in the Chicagoland area or virtual interior design services anywhere in the world. There – Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. I know most of you know and love this color, but I wanted to share more information and tips for using this color.

I want to talk about this color in depth because it is the color that I get the most questions from readers, because although it is a beautiful and popular color, it is also one of the most intense colors. Sea salt is also a great example that shows two great tricks in choosing the right color and the effect of light on color.

Before I get into the details, I want to show you the Sherwin Williams paint color range called Sea Salt because it is one of the most popular paint colors out there. See you wearing Comfort Grey!

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent

When I poll readers of the blog or my Facebook page on their favorite paint color, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is the top of the three colors. Year after year, it was readers of Color #1 Choice. This is not surprising to me, as it is one of the main colors I recommend to my clients, because green/grey/blue is really beautiful!

The 75+ Best Blue Gray Paint Colors For Home In 2024 (for Interior & E

If you’re interested in the other colors that readers voted as their favorites, you can see them below:

For those of you unfamiliar with color, it’s important to remember that sea salt is a chameleon color. This color can shift colors and change dramatically in certain light sources.

To show you what I think of the wide color swing, here’s Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in a wide area with no natural light. Notice how the green color fades.

Next, here is sea salt in a “combination” with natural light before the last place which I think is a very good place to use sea salt. Notice how blue this light is.

Best Types Of Paint Colors For Farmhouse D├ęcor In 2024

Below is the sea salt in my client area with tons of natural light. See more blue than green.

Here is a photo of natural light on sea salt. Again, you will see blue and gray.

While it’s important to experiment with paint colors in the space with the lighting you’re using, it’s especially important with chameleon colors like sea salt. As you can see above, while any color change is beautiful, you need to see how it works in your space to see how the color performs in the light and if you like the colors. Results.

Benjamin Moore Sea Salt Equivalent

I was working with a client on choosing colors for her whole house and we sampled colors on all her walls and matched similar colors to get the color we wanted for all the rooms.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

Lighting is important along with colors, and of course, color sampling is important, but when choosing a color it’s also helpful to know the following:

3. Area with only work light

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