Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets

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Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets – Stonington Gray is a neutral and versatile gray that can be used in almost any home.

Benjamin Moore describes Stonington Gray as “a versatile silver gray.” Of course, everything is an accurate description of this color.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets

When I sold my house I used Stonington Gray as my main paint color. It was the perfect base for my entire color palette, matching perfectly with all the accent colors I used on the walls, furniture and decor.

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Stonington Gray can vary significantly in different lighting. This quality is part of what makes it such a versatile color. But it can also make things a little more complicated.

Before buying gallons of that color, test the paint in each room and in different lighting.

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Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray has a reflective index of 59, which is still a very light color with a good amount of pigment. It is muted but very light grey. Your wall will not look white even in a bright room.

My Favorite Shades Of Gray

Stonington Gray has a blue tint. In fact, I like to describe Stonington Gray as a blue-gray color. Like other shades of gray, its tones are not always light. They are more pronounced in certain lighting and relative to different shades of gray.

For example, consider the difference between Stonington Gray (blue-toned), Revere Pewter (green-toned), and Collingwood (purple-toned).

When placed side by side, the differences in their colors are clearly visible. But when used in your home, the tones may not be as clear depending on the lighting and accent colors used in the space.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets

In cool light, Stonington Gray looks very blue. If you need a soft, muted blue color with a shimmer on the walls, it can be used instead of blue paint. In this basement, for example, the blue tones really stand out. Although the windows face south, there is very little light.

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Stonington Gray paint is definitely a cool paint color for its blue undertones. It goes well with other cool colors, including blue and dark gray. Warm light—like in a west-facing room—brings warmth to grays and softens cold blue tones.

Stonington Gray paint is so versatile that there are many ways to use this color throughout your home.

Yeah sure! Stonington Gray cabinets are a great alternative to a white kitchen. If the kitchen is not as simple as traditional white cabinets, it will be bright enough to make the kitchen bright and fresh. Stonington Gray can also be used in Tuxedo kitchen cabinet palettes.

Stonington Gray is a great paint color for a living room. It can be used in a large area without feeling overwhelming and is more durable than white walls.

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Because this color is so versatile, it can work well as a primary primary color in an open concept living space. Thanks to the neutral gray as well as the rich blue tone, it blends well with your living room furniture or home decor.

When we sold our house, we used Stonington Gray in my son’s bathroom and laundry room, and I love how it matches both.

We finished the walls and ceiling in Stonington Gray in my son’s bathroom. I like to paint the bathroom walls and ceiling the same color when working with bright neutrals – it really adds a nice touch to the whole. Stonington’s gray paint pairs well with the deep charcoal black featured in Benjamin Moore’s Magic Hour.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets

I first painted the dirt (look at the color) but it turned out too frosty. I added a Stonington Gray accent wall to tie it in with the living room. This simple treatment really adds dimension to this room and helps to connect through the hall to the main living area.

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The Stonington Gray bedroom is so pretty! Soft gray is the color of the bedroom. Although technically a cool color, gray provides enough warmth to make a bedroom bright and cozy.

This color can change a lot from room to room depending on the lighting, and is a really versatile paint color for a room.

See the difference between Stonington Gray in my previous master bedroom (above). This bedroom has lots of light (windows facing west and south) and a smaller room off the hall with blue views of Stonington. The small bedroom (below) has south-facing windows, but it’s darker during the day and the lighting is cooler, so the wall paint is a completely different color.

I like to use Stonington Gray in a south facing room. Both the living room and master bedroom in my previous home had large south-facing windows, and Stonington Gray paint worked well in both spaces.

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South-facing rooms usually provide warm light throughout the day. South-facing light intensifies colors. In the case of Stonington Grey, this paint color has the potential to really bring out blue tones.

! No doubt! As mentioned above, I used Stonington Gray as the main color palette for the whole house when I was getting ready to sell. In fact, I love this paint color so much that I created a pre-made paint color scheme based on it.

You can learn more about the Stonington Gray color scheme (and purchase a color guide to use in your home) in my online paint color consultation shop.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets

Don’t forget how important it is to check the paint color in every room you paint. When Stonington Gray was painting our house, I came back from vacation and was shocked to see that the paint on some of the walls had turned blue after the painters were done.

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Luckily, Stonington Gray paint was just the right color for this house. But if you don’t check the paint color properly, you may be disappointed when the color appears on the wall. It’s also a good reason to take your time and choose quality artists – they can do anything!

One of the best things about Stonington Gray is that it goes with so many colors thanks to the variety of shades of blue. It’s a great background for colorful accents in general.

It works well in an upstairs hallway, for example with a Chantilly Lace bookcase full of Stonington Gray books.

It’s the perfect backdrop for the colorful gubernia hanging on my stairwell wall (brought home from a trip to Istanbul many years ago). There was a window in the corridor facing north and it looked very dark and cold.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Vs Stonington Gray

No matter what colors you want to use in your home, there’s a good chance that Stonington Gray will find a place in your paint palette.

Stonington Gray pairs well with navy blue and other shades of blue. I used Stonington Gray in my open concept kitchen because it goes so well with the Carrara marble and navy blue cabinets in my kitchen.

Cabinets painted in Sherwin-Williams Cyberspace, Stonington Gray are a good match because Cyberspace has a gray undertone and is a much more muted color than Stonington.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Cabinets

Stonington Gray looks best with cool or pure whites like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace or Sherwin Williams Pure White.

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The main thing is that the white color of the decoration should not be too warm. Stonington Gray Cool blues make warm whites look too yellow.

Oh yes! I like to pair a slightly darker version of the same gray with Stonington Grey.

In the upstairs hallways of my previous house, for example, we had Stonington Gray walls, a slightly darker blue-gray version of the paint color, which really complimented the paint. Again, the north facing windows look cool with very bright lace banisters down the stairs.

I’ve used Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace ( color review ) as a rug and trim throughout the house and I love how it looks on the Stonington Gray walls. Chantilly Lace is a clean, neutral white, so Stonington Gray paint works well when changing the look in different lighting.

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You should always look at the paint color as a sample, but this is especially important for a color like Stonington Gray, which can vary from room to room depending on the time of day and size.