Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace

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Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace – Brick fireplaces are great for decorating a home, but if you don’t use the right paint color, they can make your home stand out. Whether you’re planning to install a new brick fireplace or retrofit an existing one, it’s time to find the perfect color for it.

How different paint colors work with brick colors; It explains what colors suit them best. This article narrows our paint selection down to 17 of the best from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. This small range makes selection easy and quick without compromising on quality and sophistication.

Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace

Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace

Brick colors can be cold or warm. Bricks come in a variety of colors and choosing a paint color for them can be a challenge. But you can narrow down your choices by colors and shades. Brick colors are red, black, white, orange, blue, brown. They can be brown or gray.

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These are the primary colors, but usually there are shades and yellow in these colors. Therefore, red, black, orange and yellow brick colors are warm colors, while white and gray bricks are cold colors. These colors will help you decide which paint colors to use for a brick fireplace in your home.

These brick colors often have undertones. Therefore, in addition to warm or cold tones, choosing the right paint color for a brick fireplace will help. With brown bricks you can see light or dark things. Sometimes, brown brick combines light and brown.

If your brick oven is made of brown, beige, skin color, it is better to use beige and white paint. If the brick color is too light. Use dark colors to add contrast. Dark brown brick works best with light neutrals to create the same contrast. Do not use dark colors on light or brown bricks.

For red brick; Bricks often have a purple/red or orange/red base. Red brick has a deeper purple tone than other types; Therefore, neutral paint colors such as gray or beige are best.

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Red brick is alive with orange. Therefore, gray or warm shades of gray paint are suitable. Green You can add bright colors to the decor, such as teal or blue.

The last thing to consider is gray or lead brick. Although not as common as red or brown brick, they are becoming increasingly popular. Gray brick in your kitchen, it doesn’t matter if you use a color scheme, colored lead bricks or a combination of both.

Simple neutrals like gray and tan blend easily with any decor. However, you may find that purples and blues are the best colors for gray brick fireplaces.

Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace

Based on the information above, let’s discuss the best Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors to match your brick space.

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Natural tan is a great neutral color that works well on any wall. It belongs to the yellow family, but the color of this paint has a green-gray tone to make it very warm. Therefore, it is suitable for a red brick fireplace.

220 RGB color codes; With 210 and 195 respectively and an LRV of 65, Natural Tan is one of the best neutrals on our list. A rare grey, combine with colors such as Westhighland White and Alabaster.

It’s a gray paint color, but the Dovetail stands out with the contrast between the fiery red bricks. Despite the heat, the color is still soft enough to play with the brick oven red.

It’s a color that can hold bright, vibrant colors or stand alone as a palette cleanser. It has LRV 26 and color code RB 144; 138 and 131 respectively. That’s why it’s called Inky Blue, best combined with Skyline Steel or Eider White.

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The distinctive charcoal tones of this paint color make it perfect with a red brick fireplace. In fact, Web Gray is pretty neutral with any brick color, especially since it has a charcoal undertone. The color complements the fireplace beautifully, bringing energy and depth to the room.

Web Gray is a neutral suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It has an RGB color code of 97; 102 and 105 respectively and 13 for LRV respectively. White Raisin, Greek Villa or consider contacting the site White.

A brown brick fireplace needs a balanced neutral, and Anew Gray is a great choice. The warm tone brings the brick brown to life without being too warm. The best part about this color is that it can be used in any room.

Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace

The new gray has an LRV of 47 and an RGB color code of 191; 180 and 172 respectively. Improves color even in brown brick ovens. A small box in Pure Blue White and combined with Incredible White.

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If you want to paint an area of ​​dark brick, loggia is a paint color to consider. When combined with dark brown, red or neutral light, it gives a great effect, but tones under the brown without the warmth.

Create a warm and cozy look in your living room or bedroom with Loggia. It has 48 LRV and 196 RGB color codes; 183 and 165 respectively. It is called Toile Red, Connect with Moth Wing or Aesthetic White.

The warm gray color reminds you of a quiet place. It goes with any color without compromising on its attractiveness. Due to its neutrality and stability, Repose Gray is very popular and suitable for a red or purple-red fireplace.

This calm color reflects enough light to be the LRV’s 58 color mode. It has an RGB color code of 204; 201 and 192 respectively. Coral Pavestone Clay, combine colors like Eider White.

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A perfect neutral balance is one of the key features of any color and Argos achieves this. This color has an RGB color code of 189; 189 and 183 respectively. This means it can match any color and has very little noise. Under certain lights you will see a blue tint.

51 and LRV; Pale Moss by Sherwin Williams; You may want Argos colors like Tin Lizzie and Nebulous White. You can choose other colors to complement and lighten this gray color.

This paint color stands out when combined with purple brick fire. You should also consider the other elements of the room and make sure they don’t clash with the undertones or undertones of the chosen color, including Gauntlet Grey.

Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace

Gauntlet Gray has 17 LRV, very low and dark, RGB color code 120; 115 and 110 respectively. For best results, mix it with Armagnac, think Repose Gray or Eider White.

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Gray isn’t the only neutral that works with different brick colors. White is definitely a great choice and Nebulous White is one such color. With a blue color, this paint matches the red brick fireplace because of its red tones.

Svelte Sage Greek Villa and Pure White are the best colors to complement the misty white. Color has LRV 74; This means it reflects a lot of light. It has 222 RGB color codes; 223 and 220 respectively.

Collingwood is an attractive gray paint color with purple undertones. As a result, it is an excellent choice for red firebricks. Although it is a cool color, it does not go beyond the brick red color. But before you use it, you should pay attention to the color of the decoration.

211 RGB color values; 206 and 196 respectively, Collingwood looks good in a variety of colors, including neutrals. It has an LRV of 61.52, so pair it with colors like White Heron and Amazon Soil or Steam and Silhouette by Benjamin Moore.

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This color works on a light brown brick oven with a slight yellowish tint due to its grey/tan base. However, pink and brown fireplaces do not match the colors. Still, it’s a great neutral that brings enough color to warm up any decor.

RGB color balance 229 in ballet white; 222 and 208 respectively with a maximum LRV of 71.97. Combine with other Benjamin Moore colors such as Dove White and Pashmina or Puritan Gray and Kendall Charcoal.

This bright white paint contrasts with the rich red of the firebrick. While we’re talking about brick ovens; I want to mention just white.

Colors That Go With Brick Fireplace

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