Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

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Learn how to choose colors to complement oak cabinets, plus I’ll share my favorite wall colors that go with oak cabinets.

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

Take an old kitchen and turn it into an inexpensive piece of furniture by painting the walls instead of the cabinets.

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What do you do when your kitchen is old and your dream kitchen is nowhere to be seen? Maybe some furniture is right up your street – paint some white cabinets, put in some tiles or tiles and renovate.

Or maybe this information is not an option. Maybe they’re not in your budget or you don’t have the time. It is possible that you are renting the premises and do not have the right to permanently change the premises.

This is where I ended up a few years ago. After a long summer of repairs, we decided to wait for a major kitchen renovation. However, I knew I wanted to make some changes without painting our orange cabinet.

My goal was to make a simple, inexpensive change that would help me accommodate our imperfect kitchen until we were ready to remodel. We need to find simple and creative ways to renovate the space. Lucky for me, I love being creative!

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I decided to look for colors that would match the oak panels, complement the orange tones, not compete with them.

But first, here are some before pictures of our kitchen. It worked and worked well for us in many ways. But it was written and not what I wanted to see. I knew I could do better with a few simple changes.

Our kitchen was like many others at the time. It was filled with 1980s oak veneer cabinets, dark green on green made the room feel heavy and small, dark gray metal connected to the cabinets, and just a small window above the hole.

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

Certain things happen to help him in the kitchen. The wardrobes, for example, were neat. And while the carpet was a little dark, it didn’t compete with the cabinets or the floor. That was the beginning!

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First I knew I had to paint the walls. The colors there – green and red – didn’t compete with the orange oak cabinets, but they were dark and heavy in the dark room. I wanted to chase things.

Painting is one of my favorite ways to add light to a room. There’s nothing like a splash of color to make a room look bright and fresh! Plus, painting is budget-friendly, easy, and quick—you can paint your kitchen as a weekly project!

I love a nice warm white or light oil on the walls and decorations. Sometimes I paint the walls and tone them down with one color to really open up the room and make it feel bigger and tighter.

In this kitchen I painted the soffit, walls and ceiling with a nice light oil. It also matches the cream tones of the tiling. The dark green color made the kitchen heavy and also made the room more spacious.

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Painting the soffit white instantly made the kitchen feel open, light and airy – it was amazing! The box was mixed with the roof and almost missing, so the roof was longer.

Because it was so close to the background color, the whole room seemed to change, making it so much brighter and brighter!

I also painted the trim white for a nice finish. Dressing in bright white and lining the doors and windows brought out the creamy walls and emphasized the soft color scheme. The end result was a clean, fresh, light and airy kitchen!

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

The problem arises when many cool-toned homeowners ignore their homes and paint their kitchens oak gray or blue.

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Or maybe they think they’ll play it safe and paint the walls white, then just go white with some nice role.

To make the closet look more – not less – orange! Now those baths you hated to begin with are sticking out like a sore thumb.

The trick is to paint the walls with a color that plays off the orange tones over the oak rather than overdoing it.

The warm color of the walls complements the cabinet and does not compete with it, making it more harmonious and unified.

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Here are some of my favorite hot whites. I used them all in my home:

I have neutrals in my home that have more color than white. They all have a color tone that matches the oak cabinet:

If you’re looking for color, why not try a classic color like Sherwin Williams Rosemary or Pewter? After all, green is here now.

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

I know I painted it dark green in my little kitchen. But if your space is more open, a warm olive green can complement your oak cabinet perfectly.

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To complement the orange or honey yellow tones or palette, choose a calm, neutral tone that is warm enough to balance, yet light enough to distract.

While I would say that beautiful wooden cabinets are always in fashion, it is true that the orange and yellow finish of the oak cabinets of the 80s is not very fashionable today! Change up the finish by choosing a neutral paint color!

Although the copper bowls are no longer sold, they are very similar in style and finish.

What do you think? Is it taking time to paint your kitchen the color you want? Brenda Nevara is a writer at She is a qualified architect with a passion for breaking ideas in design, fashion, art and the interests of the contemporary world.

Kitchen Paint Colors That Go With Oak Cabinets

Oak cabinets are available in a variety of shades and styles to complement the look of your kitchen. We know you’re probably thinking, “Oak cabinets don’t fit.” But they were all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s.

However, a small upgrade, such as a new mantle, can transform your kitchen. Also, your oak table can look modern and complement your personal style if you use the right wall colors.

The challenge is to choose colors that match the oak cabinet. When choosing a paint color, consider the type of oak you are working with, as well as its shade and grain pattern. Learn more about shade trees here.

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

Also consider the size of your kitchen and the amount of natural light it gets. Darker, more reflective colors are used in larger, more elegant spaces that don’t feel overcrowded or overcrowded.

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Lighter colors are best for small, dark areas, but you can use deeper shades if you mix them with lighter things like white kitchen appliances or backsplashes, or use them sparingly.

Traditional midtone texture is one of the most used oak styles. However, depending on the classic oak finish you choose, you can also choose a yellow shade.

Shades of Oak is a medium red shade of pink and bright red or orange. When choosing a color scheme for beautiful oak flooring, choose a light color to brighten the midtones or something neutral to emphasize the intensity of the colors.

Another common wood color in modern homes is dark wood. When choosing a dark brown color, we recommend neutral or soft colors to complement the space. Dark wood also tends to be warm, making cool tones like blue and green a good color to use when you’re looking to freshen up the look of your home.

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White wood has a smooth, washed-out appearance. This wood accent complements the neutral warmth and dark brown color, making it one of the preferred wood tables for contemporary aesthetics. Shadow is used more than color to balance the space. Choose colors with shades of red or purple.

Many homeowners like the look of red. Red wood is stronger than traditional wood and has a dark red color that warms the look of the room. Combine it with cool or neutral colors to bring out the rich red color of red oak.

The good news is that oak kitchen cabinets can be upgraded and finished in many colors. However, when choosing colors that go well with the style of the home, it is best to consider neutrality or contrasting oak cabinets.

Kitchen Wall Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets

A warm color like orange or creamy white may look good next to oak trim in your home, but may not go well with a contemporary style. However, dark blue or purple may look good in a modern home, but may not be suitable for a warm environment.

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You can also visit your local hardware store and pick up a color chart to help you choose the right color. Color name

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