Mid Century Modern Cabinet Colors

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Mid Century Modern Cabinet Colors – Modern kitchens today are mixed with colors that bring bright colors to a space that was previously dominated by natural wood and fresh white. Emotional colors like blue, black and green are popular, and for good reason. These cool colors have become the new neutrality of contemporary interior design, introducing color and evocativeness without being overwhelming. Cool colors have also been shown time and time again to appeal to modern homeowners, often helping owners get a premium price when they sell.

Bringing personality and flair to your modern kitchen starts with choosing the right colors for your kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re redoing your closet or buying something new, choosing a color is an important factor. Here are some of the best colors to paint your closet and other colorful ideas.

Mid Century Modern Cabinet Colors

Mid Century Modern Cabinet Colors

Dark blue is one of the most popular kitchen cabinets for decorating the interior of a modern home. Home buyers are willing to pay more for a blue interior, so adding some to the kitchen could be a smart move if you’re planning to sell soon. Perhaps what makes a blue kitchen so popular is that the color makes the ocean or sky form a bridge between the home and the outdoors. Almost any shade of blue can be easily incorporated into interior design.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors You Won’t Get Tired Of

When used in a mid-century modern design style, navy blue kitchen cabinets and white tiles are a classic combination. Contrasting colors provide the perfect solid backdrop for mixed metals and substantial warm wood details in mid-century interior design.

If you want to bring some color into your space without having to go all out, two color cabinets may be for you. Consider the white cabinet on top and the blue tone on the bottom door. It is recommended to use dark colors in the cabinets below, because they attract attention and give a special touch to the kitchen.

If multi-colored kitchen cabinets are too bold for you, another idea is to decorate your beautiful white cabinets with a dark blue background. The background can always be changed later and is a fun way to incorporate colors you might otherwise discard.

Green is one of the most unexpected kitchen colors that has been trending in recent years. Although the soft mint green harkens back to the 50s and 60s, the woods and greenery are more recent than the interior. No matter which shade you choose, green cabinets are a natural wonder and suit many design styles. Boho-style interiors may prefer lighter tones, while romantic interiors or mid-century interiors may prefer darker tones.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors, According To Interior Designers

Choose a cool shade like Benjamin Moore’s Flora as a full body paint. Light green kitchen cabinets match the fresh white table. Add modern brass or wood appliances to add warmth and sophistication and keep the kitchen from looking too dated.

If bright green isn’t your cup of tea, consider green cabinets for your modern kitchen. Shades of blue-green will pop, changing color throughout the day and with different lights, so make sure you combine them with a neutral environment. Be inspired as you watch your wardrobe change from vivid green to deep blue, hiding a different amount of light filtering in.

Although the backsplash can be a stunning color for a black kitchen, it is perfect, especially for modern Scandinavian designs and country houses. Black kitchen cabinets create a sensual yet neutral atmosphere that can be stunning when paired with contrasting white decor. Since black doesn’t reflect much light, you’ll definitely want to match other glossy surfaces or lighter colors to complement the shade. Dark cabinets give a modern, theatrical look, but depending on the style of the door, they can also be very modern.

Mid Century Modern Cabinet Colors

Give your outdated kitchen a modern farmhouse look with black cabinets, stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops. Put together a black kitchen in your modern farmhouse complete with a farmhouse sink, matching black faucet, industrial lights and block cutters. You can use all the dark tools for extra effects.

Gorgeous Green Kitchen Ideas From Country To Modern

Or go for a minimalist approach with black panels. When paired with an all-white backsplash and worktop, you’ll create a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen that feels fresh and clean. These black cabinets are used deliberately, adding depth to the darkness.

In addition to your cabinets, you can introduce a variety of colors to a modern kitchen with these details:

Window treatments are an essential part of any kitchen decor. Blue, green or gray blinds or curtains are a practical aesthetic choice in a modern home. They take up less space and at the same time provide a bit of color that matches the nature outside.

Transforming your modern kitchen from drab to bright can be as simple as adding a new rug. Washable floors are now stable enough to withstand the working conditions of the kitchen, especially in high-use areas such as sinks or ovens. If you opt for a neutral wardrobe, look for rugs that bring in new colors.

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas You Can Easily Copy

Tiles and paint are not the only wall finishing options for modern spaces. With so many color styles and prints available, wallpaper makes an attractive backdrop for any kitchen. Use vibrant wallpaper to create a unique accent wall that incorporates your beautiful cabinets and countertops, or take advantage of current wallpaper trends on the ceiling.

Painted furniture helps to personalize and add personality to a simple space. Consider adding furniture like chairs, cabinets or antique bookshelves. Give it a fresh coat of paint and apply it to use as a popular color in your modern kitchen needs.

New paint will refresh the atmosphere of any room. One of the easiest ways to add color to your kitchen design is to paint an unexpected surface, like the ceiling or the corner of your kitchen island.

Mid Century Modern Cabinet Colors

Finding a good, reliable contractor for your kitchen remodeling project is essential. Whether you want custom kitchen decor or a simple update, find a contractor who specializes in the style you’re looking for. Do your research, ask for references and get a written quote. See online reviews posted on Yelp, Google or Houzz.

Elements Of Mid Century Modern

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Try as you might, other interior styles can’t compete with mid-century modern homage. Yes, cottages and farms have built a proud name, but you look at social media and the design mood and you see mid-century excitement everywhere. The trend has not been tiresome since its inception, but it seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Mid Century Modern Interior Design Characteristics And Ideas

But how can you fully embrace mid-century modern style in your space? It all depends on the base and accent you choose. The following 17 styles will give you all the motivation you need to make a similar change — whether it’s choosing a lattice cabinet, turning on a Sputnik lamp, or choosing a stylish color palette.

Many flats and wooden cabinets are strong indicators of mid-century modern style, but adding a pop of color like shrubs and plants makes a big earthy impression. It’s an amazing example of how you can make the lines of this particular trend tighter and smoother with a few small changes.

A wide variety of colors make for a mid-century modern space. When a style lasts for decades, it’s no surprise that you can find everything from reds, pinks and oranges to light browns, browns and blacks. If you like a lot of saturation, try mixing this beautiful pink color to perform your remaining function.

Mid Century Modern Cabinet Colors

On the other side of the color spectrum is a state-of-the-art kitchen that embodies warm neutrality. This specific brown tone is cooler and looks stunning with a round gray bench. In terms of spherical shape and elliptical cylinder, mixed with sharp lines, it is a mid-century modern movement.

Help With Colors For My Kitchen!

With an Art Deco influence and a mid-century modern feel, this kitchen is perfect for renters and homeowners who love an elegant, chic space. Add jewel tones like navy or navy blue for a space that doesn’t feel dated.

Simplicity is a key tenet of mid-century modern rooms, and this kitchen is no exception. Its serene light brown tones and clean,