Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Cabinets

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Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Cabinets – It took a year, but really, I think it took us a lot longer to get to our kitchen Today I’m sharing our kitchen updates! Well, this is a little warning There

A little warning 😉 (I also think I say “finally” in every reveal post.) But we have been enjoying our beautiful gray kitchen with white alabaster walls – a change from the ones pictured with gray walls – for a while. , and I’m thinking a lot First, I feel we need a short trip to remember how we got here

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Cabinets

Source: Pendal Backsplash Cabinet (Champagne Bronze 1 5/16″). | Dutch Oven (7.25 qt). | Gold Dutch Oven Button (Large). | Deep freezer Absorption Installation Pump Sofa Belgian linen pillow

Most Beautiful Greige Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Back to our kitchen story…we started with cabinets and small(ish) hardware in the cream, Paber(?) family. The walls were the perfect gray color, with taupe/black granite countertops and a beige travertine tile backsplash. We don’t have any windows in the kitchen so it’s black with only natural light filtering into the morning area and the far kitchen.

Also note – we have a small kitchen island and the bar gets used a lot…but it’s used all day. The kitchen is open and a wall separates the kitchen from the living room

Attached It was a good kitchen by all means Also, I didn’t know how dark it would be before moving into our house and I wasn’t happy with the overall color scheme – trying to lighten the dark and make the cabinets look less greasy. Without natural light, they tend to turn very yellow, so I try to avoid them

Fast forward to 2018 (almost five years ago at the time of this post). We decided to make some changes to give the kitchen a new look without major renovations We upgraded our countertops to beautiful, beautiful quartz, replaced our small stainless sink with a stainless sink, changed our lighting, changed our cabinetry to something nicer and brightened the color, Edgecomb Gray – still gray, but lighter. I wanted the kitchen to be light, but my main goal was to hide the color of the cabinetry and backsplash. And I think we made it! You can see it here after we completely replaced the counters and did some minor decorating

Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

We had a few things from the wish list for one day, but I didn’t plan too soon We thought we might have moved or were moving, so I didn’t know if there would be any changes. But then 2020 rolled around, we started a flood-bathing project after the flood (see the reveal here) and with the crazy housing market (increasing home prices, crazy demand and competition, and construction costs) we thought we might as well stay. Property and we only change what we want to our house (it’s limited 😉). It also decided to continue with the pool

Anyway, when we were working on the bathroom and they already had a tile, 1. I loved the different neutral colors of the tiles we used in the bathroom and thought they would look good in the kitchen, and 2. If we were changing our backsplash, it would be cheaper. It is worth having a tiler to add a kitchen to the project to be able to do both spaces I wanted a vertical tile backsplash in the shower and asked for a horizontal tile backsplash in the kitchen to keep things interesting. Yes, I was wrong Not just a tile or pattern But when the tile was installed in the kitchen, it was horrible that it clashed with our cream cabinets. I thought that a variety of neutral shades from white and cream to gray would blend together and tone the beauty of the cabinets, but it had the opposite effect. The cabinets looked officially yellow This is not a question that we have to worry about – we have to change the color of the cabinets

So that’s the back story of where we started our kitchen renovation (part-2) – we didn’t change anything we had done before, but we continued and expanded on what we had planned. We’ll get into the details and “why” along the way, but let’s move on and get to the fun stuff!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Cabinets

After renovating the kitchen, we went ahead and coordinated the transformation of the breakfast bar at the same time, since the two spaces are connected. You can see the before and after with the full reveal in this post I posted last week This place looks like this…

Agreeable Gray Sw 7029 Paint Color By Sherwin Williams

Source: Wood Bead Chandelier Dining table (48′ diameter). | Dining Chair (Stone). Buffett Primrose Mirror (Gold; 5′). | Round Jut Rug (7 x 7′). | Large black bowl Terracotta Bead Garland Salt and pepper shaker set White stone bowl Branches for making magnolias

And speaking of the kitchen and where we started, I thought it would be fun to share how it looked in 2018, before the mini-remodel (for a little drama and fun 😉 ). Here it is…

Source: Woven Leather Backless Stool Rattan bowl Runner (2.5’x10′). | Backsplash Pull (Champagne Bronze 6 5/16″). | Pull (Champagne Bronze 5 1/16′). | Cabinet Drawer (Champagne Bronze 1 5/16″). | Dutch Oven (7.25 qt). | Dutch Oven Gold Button (Large). | Texted Spoon Rest Dish Cup White cheese board Olive Wood Cheese Board A bottle of olive oil Olive Tree Salt Preservative Deep freezer Absorption Absorption

Like it It feels more comfortable and clean to me It’s light, but not bright (we’ll talk more about painting a gray cabinet with alabaster walls in a little post!). It has traditional elements and a bit of modernity It’s stylish yet formal, combining natural materials with lots of accessories and making it feel like a functional kitchen.

Most Popular Greige Paint Colors Story

There’s a lot going on here and we’ll cover everything but first – I said there’s a caveat and the first is that my second high chair hasn’t arrived yet lol. It probably won’t be here until June and I can’t wait so for now use your imagination 😉

Source: Woven Leather Backless Stool Rattan bowl Runner (2.5’x10′). | Backsplash Pull (Champagne Bronze 6 5/16″). | Pull (Champagne Bronze 5 1/16′). | Cabinet (Champagne Bronze 1 5/16″). | Dutch Oven (7.25 qt). | Gold Dutch Oven Button (Large). | Texted Spoon Rest Dish Cup White cheese board Olive Wood Cheese Board Bottle of olive oil Olive Tree Salt Preservative Deep freezer Absorbent insert A Turkish towel with a hole Note Primrose glass

One of the last things in the space was when I realized that the black Windsor chair I’d had at my writing table for the past few years—and planned to continue using—was very different from what I’d been going for. . I love the soft natural wood of this chair and when it arrived, it was perfect It has a beautiful color and is well made and durable But it clashed with my existing rattan furniture – which I wasn’t ready to replace either It will take years to get there

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Cabinets

, I didn’t want the entire kitchen we had to cook in to feel like it was thrown away because of the furniture/toilet clash. I didn’t want to waste any more money

Best Gray Paint Colors By Sherwin Williams

Source: Stall (Marine Drift). | Tissue box cover | Backsplash Pull (Champagne Bronze 5 1/16′). | Cabinet (Champagne Bronze 1 5/16″)

I found this backless woven leather rack and loved it – it looked modern yet vintage and I felt like it carried over my entire kitchen. So, I decided to run to the PB outlet to see if they were there, I know they weren’t. I was open to different types of leather and lots of wood, but luckily they had a stool – at the right height – and it was sea wood like the desk chair, and it was pebbled leather like our breakfast bar. What’s wrong with the furniture?! If there are two, it will improve I got a great deal on this chair and didn’t have to pay for shipping But I had to order a second one from the website here

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