Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

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Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint – Choosing a paint shade for your new room or repainting an old one is often a challenge. Working with colors that dictate how you decorate the rest of your space is a lot of pressure. Is Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue (SW 7604) really blue?

The situation becomes even worse when you are designing an interior and have endless options. Having gone through similar stress when redoing my room, I understand your frustration, especially when repainting or dealing with unknown shades.

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

That’s why I’m here to help you make that decision and answer all the key questions so you don’t regret it when you start painting.

Charcoal Blue Sw 2739 Paint Color By Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue is a blue-gray color that hints at blues and grays. Under the right lighting conditions, one tone dominates the other. So it’s a two-tone color. Technical descriptions always translate differently in real life, so pay attention.

For the most part, the blue side of the smoky blue hue predominates, but in dim lighting it looks like hazy smoke (grey).

You can analyze each color using the RGB color format, which is the intensity of the red, green, and blue colors in your shader. This format states that each color starts with black, and drops of red, green, and blue are added to that black to create a unique color.

Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue RGB Content: Red 89, Green 110, and Blue 121. HEX value is #596e79.

Blue Gray Paint Colors The Experts Swear By

Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue has an LRV of 15, meaning it leans toward the darker side of the spectrum. Paint Color LRV will tell you how well it will perform in and out of light.

The scale ranges from zero to one hundred, where true black is the lowest at 0 and pure white is the brightest at 100. However, paint colors exist between 3 and 93 because no matter how “black” or “white” they are, there is always a compromise shades

Colors are warm or cold depending on the color wheel. Reds, yellows, and oranges are warm because they brighten up a room, while blues, greens, and purples are cool because they are calming. Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue is a cool neutral color that pairs well with other shades.

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Think of it as warm colors representing summer and the sunrise, while cool colors represent land and water.

The Best Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Paint Colors

Smokey blue has a strong presence without overpowering your space, making it a unique neutral shade. Smokey Blue by Sherwin-Williams is considered a true blue shade precisely because of this characteristic.

Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue is a true blue paint, but has mostly gray undertones. This means that the color appears gray in medium light, making it a blue-gray tone. So, if you want to have both colors on your wall, Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue is the best choice.

The color scheme coordinates a four-color gradient, combining white and black as a reference shade. A smoky blue layer usually gives a blue-gray version that can be decoded using a unique Sherwin-Williams code.

As Smoky Blue has SW 7604, other shades SW 7601 – SW 7603 layer for lighter shades SW 7605 – 7607 for darker shades. See their names and shades. in the table below.

The 13 Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors For 2022

Dockside Blue is about three shades lighter than Smoky Blue, so its blue tint is more pronounced than before. It has more RGB decimals than its counterpart and turns a dirty gray under bright lighting.

It is a shade of brown, hence its nautical name Dockside Blue. The color leans towards the lighter side of the spectrum, so it’s a great choice for monochromatic decor. Smokey blue has more character than plain white when used as an accent, so try it today!

Indigo Batik is two shades darker than Smokey Blue and is the shade to go for if you want a more defined gray in your blue. Its RGB decimal values ​​are lower than before, which means it has a lower LRV and is less likely to show tint.

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

This shade is as beautiful as a smoky blue, perfectly combining with other shades. It gained popularity two years ago due to its grandeur and distinctive aura. An indigo batik painted on the wall or an island accent in navy blue will absorb your entire space.

The 16 Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors For 2023

Pool House 128 This is a blue shade with strong gray undertones. This is the color you choose based on the calming psychology of blue.

The Sherwin-Williams Poolhouse isn’t the best coordinator for the smoky blue because of their similarities, but it works well as an accent. With a monochrome design, you can use shades on furniture and decor.

Sherwin-Williams Gale Force is a darker shade of smoky blue with vibrant green and gray undertones. This green shade makes Gale Force best for outdoor use, although it works well indoors.

Gale Force blends harmoniously into the exterior of the house as it acts as an extension of their natural colors. If you want to create a natural atmosphere, then this blue-gray paint is for you. Mix it with stone or brick for best results.

Blue Exterior House Paint Colors

Blue Cruise is three shades lighter than Smokey Blue and bluer than its gray counterparts. This color symbolizes the soft northern lights and creates the impression of blue.

This color goes well with white and other bright colors, as they together make the space larger. This is a great option if you are painting a small room. Use Blue Cruise on large areas of wall to get your money’s worth as it will fade on trim and accents.

Santorini Blue is two shades lighter than Smokey Blue, so it retains its gray color but has a more dominant green undertone. It has a 44.11 LRV, making it lighter in real life than it looks on screen.

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

This color is more blue-green than blue-grey and is perfect if you want to simulate a tropical vacation in your home. It shines best in bathrooms, laundries and any greenery.

Sherwin Williams Pure White

Sherwin-Williams Smokey Blue is a unique shade of blue because although it is on the cool spectrum, it casts a shadow wherever it is painted. It’s not boring and has a strong presence without overpowering the other coordinated colors, making it perfect.

Smoky Blue has a wide range of uses and it would be a shame if you don’t realize its full potential. Luckily for you, I’m here to help you create the optimal space. Learn how to coordinate a smoky blue color palette.

Choosing complementary colors for a smoky blue room depends on the atmosphere you want to create in your space. You can decide on a design with monochrome or contrasting shades. Still confused. Do not worry; I will explain all this now.

Monochrome design involves using one color as a base and choosing colors of that shade. In this case, that means decorating your smoky blue room with other shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest.

Exterior House Paint Colors: Top 6 Most Attractive Options

Like many decorating tricks, it’s not cut and dried because there’s a clash of the wrong shades. It’s always best to stay within the range of LRVs you have, choosing more than three lighter or darker colors to get a good mix.

If you add a smoky blue to the spectrum like Stargazer, Wall Street, or Before the Storm, you’ll see better contrast. For different decors, look for shades of blue two to three times the LRV.

To open up the space, try dressier blouses like embellished blue, snowdrop, swim blue, etc. To keep the mood dark, use dark blues such as navy blue, royal blue, country check (which gravitates towards green) and rain colors.

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Monochrome color coordination is fun because it allows you to play with the anchor color and explore its possibilities outside of your chosen wall paint.

Grey Blue Paint Colors: How To Create A Tranquil Slate Mood

If you want to have a variety of colors in your space, it is best to combine contrasting colors. When you create contrast, your dark blue paint is the anchor color. This means that any other color you add to your space should match the tone, unless you’re color blocking.

Contrasts work as a monochromatic decor because you need a darker or lighter LRV than your base color of smoky blue. However, the similarities end there. Sherwin-Williams suggests white sorrel, yellow bird, and ice cube as the best coordinating colors.

What these three colors have in common is that they are all bright. As mentioned earlier, high LRV colors open up a smoky blue space because they reflect light instead of absorbing it.

Complementary colors are colors located on the opposite side of the base color on the color wheel. Shades of dark blue, like shades of smoky blue, additional colors are shades of orange.

Sherwin Williams Blue: 15 Paint Colors That Take Your Breath Away

Also try shades of brown created by mixing orange (or red, its primary color) with black. You’ll find that they work well together, especially with orange tones, since smoky blue is already on the muted spectrum.

Mix cave clay, persimmon and other woods with smoky blue for a complementary color scheme and you won’t regret it.

The best smoky blue wall decorations are three coordinating colors from Sherwin-Williams, Egret.

Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Exterior Paint

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