Sherwin Williams Exterior White Paint

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Sherwin Williams Exterior White Paint – Back by popular demand, (*drum roll please!*) I give you my favorite outer water! Now, white, especially for your exterior house color, can be tricky. I think it’s the harshest of all the colors because it changes the most drastically depending on the lighting. Lighting aside, there are many shades, tones, and undertones that can give your white exterior a hint of blue, yellow, and purple!

I mean,  choosing white is really hard! So I decided to write a post to help you navigate your white exterior paint color options. I’m going to share my top five picks for the perfect exterior white paint!

Sherwin Williams Exterior White Paint

Sherwin Williams Exterior White Paint

The struggle is real, isn’t it? Choosing the right shade of white can be difficult. So here are my top tips for choosing the right white color for your home’s exterior.

Perfect (for You!) White Exterior Paint Colors

Try a little! I usually don’t know until I try. I recommend taking some sample pictures of different parts of the house and looking at them throughout the day to see what you think. Better yet, try two whites next to each other on the same wall. That way you can see the undertones better. Do this on several sides of your house as the direction of your house is important. (See tip #2!)

Pay attention to the direction of your house. If your house faces north, that lighting will enhance the cooler tones, so I would choose a soft white. Conversely, if your home faces south, choose white with blue or green tones that can reduce sunlight. This will avoid your house looking creamy yellow and white.

Take your time. Really think about what style you want. Each white really tells a different story. Some are soft and give you a feel of Martha’s Vineyard, while others have cool tones that can translate into a little surf bungalow. I rushed the process and really regret it.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s my favorite, but it’s the one we use the most when building and renovating our homes. If you’re building a house, chances are you’re using hardi plank—it’s superior quality and durable. If you are, there are stock colors to choose from. So, for budget purposes, I suggest you opt for arctic white for your exterior paneling. It’s a very neutral white and I think it transcends different styles. It works for homes with a coastal or low country aesthetic, homes with traditional architectural elements, and homes with a modern vibe. You really can’t go wrong with Arctic White. You can see it here in our modern farm project. So if you’re trying to save some money somewhere, head over to Hardy Plank Arctic White and make something fun like this patio!

Sherwin Williams Extra White 7006 In Real Spaces

This is probably my favorite white color for exteriors. It is a warm white with a very subtle yellow undertone. You can see it used in the house we built here. I think I have other favorites for interior white, but for the exterior, this color is perfection for me. It looks great on this exterior of Avenue B – especially with the green and blue front door!

This white color is the perfect creamy white exterior color. It softens the house without looking yellow. I’d say it has a grey, beige (or grey!) undertone. We used it inside a house in Burton Street. It happened! The designer chose White Dove for the white exterior color. To me, the outward appearance of the white dove is simply classic.

I think white is perfect if you want to use brown and copper or if your house faces north. It is a very creamy and warm white color. It has deeper shades of gray than the white dove. I would say that sometimes in winter you can see more of a yellow or brown undertone. I’m not a huge fan of it, but if you don’t mind, China White is a great choice for a warm white exterior color.

Sherwin Williams Exterior White Paint

This might be my new favorite. It’s so cute! It’s a really classic, “pure” white and looks great in homes with a coastal feel. It is new and clean. I love this exterior from Barrow Building Group with its French blue shutters and warm wood doors.

Sherwin Williams Extra White Review

There are so many shades of white that choosing one for your home exterior can be overwhelming! But don’t worry. And don’t rush! You may find that there isn’t one on this list that works for you. Share with me in the comments which colors you chose and which you love! If you’re in the process of choosing an exterior paint color right now, follow my advice – try swatches on a few different walls on your exterior and live with them for a few days. You will naturally gravitate towards one. As they say, when you know you know!

Want to check out Amanda Seibert’s exclusive content and updates? Sign up now to stay up to date on everything! Oh, happy day! The most exciting thing so far is getting a nice coat of white paint on the house! (I think I said that

If you read my last post, you know how we chose Sherwin Williams Pure White for the exterior color of our house, and we couldn’t be happier with how it looks!

The painter began by priming all the woodwork (rafters, tongue and groove porch ceiling, porch posts).

The 5 White Exterior Paint Colors We Tested

Everything else on the exterior of the house (hardware and siding) is hardiplank and comes with primer! That is the yellow color you see in the house.

I remember how excited I was when I saw the white painted porch posts! 🙂

It’s the cleaning crew! Ha! We can either pay someone to clean it, or save money by doing it ourselves.

Sherwin Williams Exterior White Paint

I bet you can guess who we chose! We realized that it doesn’t make sense to pay someone to do something we can do ourselves.

Before And After White House Paint Reveal

It’s certainly not glamorous, but it saved us a lot of money during the construction process.

Also, the boys think it’s great when we go clean there: we give them a big garbage bag, and they think it’s fun to fill it with garbage on the ground and put it in a big container!

We had our first “meal” in the new house – Publix subs picnic style on our new kitchen floor!

John Davis and Fletcher enjoy the new John Deere tractors they got from their grandparents for Christmas 🙂

Clarity Homes: Top 4 White Exterior Paint Colors

One afternoon we took some of our friends to the farm. Stassi and I have been friends since ninth grade, and now it’s so fun to see all of our boys (six together!!) play together.

I was so excited to get here so we could host our friends and family regularly! So how do you choose the right white exterior paint for your home? There are a lot of white people whose decision might go overboard.

In my opinion, you don’t want to use too bright a white, especially for the exterior of your home. If you do this, your home will dazzle in sunlight.

Sherwin Williams Exterior White Paint

The best way is to go with an all white and slightly creamy look. It will not glare on the eyes and will give your home a soft and elegant look.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

As you know, we are in the process of construction and right now we are trying to decide on an overall color scheme for the exterior. It’s a very tough decision, but we have to get it right. Since most of the house is painted with white bricks, it all depends on the shade of white we choose!

Before investing in gallons of paint, it’s important to try out a few paint options first. You can do it the old fashioned way, which is time consuming and messy. Or you can use Sample to order large color samples with accurate color rendering.

Despite its name, Sherwin Williams Pure White isn’t exactly pure. It has just a touch of warmth, but it doesn’t look creamy. This is the lightest white I use for the exterior of the house.

Oyster White by Sherwin Williams is a very warm white. It can be called very light gray. If you are planning wooden accent

Painting The House White? What Is The Best White Exterior Paint Color (plus Door Colors)

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