Shutter Colors For Brick Homes

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Shutter Colors For Brick Homes – Curtains are a sophisticated and popular decoration for brick houses. They have been around for centuries and come in a variety of colors and materials.

Choosing the right shutter color for a brick home is essential to maximizing your exterior design appeal. Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you about the huge impact of blinds. After all, a good first impression is the key to selling a home as quickly as possible.

Shutter Colors For Brick Homes

Shutter Colors For Brick Homes

There are many advantages to curtains, which we will discuss a little later in this article. If your home’s exterior is brick, adding shutters to your windows will create an immediate focal point.

Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

But it is important to coordinate the color scheme of the curtains with the tone of your exterior brickwork. Check out our list of curtain colors that match brick so you can apply it to your home.

Of all the curtain color options, black is the most popular for brick homes. This classic shade looks amazing on any brick color.

This is because black is an attractive neutral color that goes well with almost any other color. From red or brown firebrick to orange and earth brick exteriors with sleek finishes, black shutters are just what a brick home needs to boost its street appeal.

For a great example, check out the photos we’ve selected here for a brick/vinyl exterior with white siding and black shutters. Although the house is a little on the small side, the color scheme of the facade has increased the visual appeal.

Gorgeous Houses With Exterior Window Shutters

As a light and airy color, white curtains are the second most popular window treatment color after black. This timeless and clean finish option will make your exterior brick windows appear larger. Whether you match your white curtains with a bold or neutral color, it’s a great combination when paired with brick paneling.

The combination of white curtains and brick material enhances the appearance of the contrast as well as the elegance of the traditional house.

And just because the blinds are white, it doesn’t mean you have to paint them every year to keep them looking fresh and shiny. White curtains may be better because the white tone fades over time.

Shutter Colors For Brick Homes

This traditional brick home has clean white shutters and matching trim with a bold blue front door to accent the entryway. It is the white curtains that play the dominant role here, against the background of the brown brick wall.

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

As a vibrant and bold color, red is a great curtain color choice that offers a classic look. This color works especially well with red brick exteriors, depending on the red color chosen. Bright red shutters work well with a dark red brick exterior, while a dark red color matches the orange-red brick tone.

When pairing your red brick shutters, you can take this feature to the next level by adding a red front door, as seen here.

As a beautiful color, brown curtains are perfect for brown brick homes thanks to their earth tones. This is the best choice for homeowners who use natural colors to give their exterior a refined or polished look.

Any shade of brown will complement a dark brown or brown brick exterior. This idea will add a warm and inviting touch to your brick home, as brown is an easy color to match any brick tone.

House And Shutter Color Combinations

The house in this example has beautiful dark brown shutters with a gray brick exterior. The white accents and gray ceiling in this photo complement the brown shutters in this home’s exterior design beautifully.

Green is another classic color for brick house curtains. Whether your brick color is brown or red, dark green will be perfect for a traditional home. The brick colors complement each other with the green curtains because they are both earth tones.

Although green curtains are not as popular in traditional homes as black or white, they are still a great choice for those who want a natural, earthy color.

Shutter Colors For Brick Homes

Since green is a versatile color that goes well with most other colors, especially red and brown, matching this curtain color with a brick house is a good idea. Green also goes well with other neutral accent colors as well as the ceiling.

If Your Home Is Brick, Cloud White Is Not The Best Trim Colour!

A general rule of thumb for your exterior design is to choose a good shade of green depending on how dark or light your brick exterior is. Remember that your green shutters should contrast with the tone of the brick, no matter how light or dark the brick is.

In this example, the brick colonial house has dark green shutters with white trim, which together make a dramatic statement. Green is the best color for traditional houses.

Some people think that blue is a cool color for their brick house curtains. However, a dark blue like the one seen here can really stand out next to a light pink brick facade.

This will make your exterior warmer and more inviting as the blue tones create contrast without looking overdone.

Have We Gone Too Far With Painting Our Brick Houses White?

More importantly, the red brick tone still dominates this exterior design, although a dark blue color has been chosen for the shutters. Blue curtains add depth to a traditional brick home, the perfect combination to bring out your personality. You can place your curtains next to the brick facade without adding another accent color.

Our ultimate curtain color for brick homes is a classic and modern grey. This color has a distinctly updated look and pairs well with muted neutrals and brick exteriors. Gray curtains complement any accent color such as blue, white, beige and jewel tones.

With this idea, you can make a quiet statement by using a subtle gray color for your curtains, as it ensures that your home doesn’t stand out from the street.

Shutter Colors For Brick Homes

For those who value privacy, curtains are the best solution. Often preferred over curtains and blinds, blinds give homes more privacy with a quick swipe. These window coverings are perfect for keeping noisy neighbors out of your home.

Painted Brick House Ideas

Curtains do not only add beauty to the exterior of the house. They are highly sought after by home buyers and add resale value to a brick home. These window coverings can even be ordered to complement the architectural elements of your home as a great strategy to sell your property faster.

Shutters are an energy efficient option for brick homes. This window treatment insulates the window and retains heat in the summer and prevents cold drafts in the winter. This results in less heating or air conditioning, thus lowering your bill!

Unlike indoor blinds that require regular cleaning, outdoor blinds require gentle cleaning only once in a while. You should also readjust the rings every few years to keep them in line. In general, most types of shutters are low-cost window treatments and if they are made of wood, you should remember to apply a coat of varnish to keep them in good condition.

These types of curtains are strong and sought after by home buyers. This is because wooden shutters can be made into any shape or design you want. This window treatment material is easy to repair and is therefore a great choice for traditional brick homes.

Red Brick House Shutter Color

For larger home windows, composite shutters are a better choice than wooden shutters. As a much more affordable option, composite shutters are durable and long-lasting for both traditional and modern brick homes.

This type of blind is most suitable for patio doors and windows. It is easy to clean and fade and has better sealing properties than wooden shutters. Like composite and wood shutters, vinyl window treatments can also be custom made to fit any size window.

Brick is a versatile, earthy material that can easily be paired with any colored window treatment to enhance a home’s curb appeal. Shutters are a versatile window technique that is low maintenance and very attractive. Use our recommended curtain colors for brick house ideas to choose your favorite tone for your home. Of all the hundreds of posts I’ve posted over the past 9 years, the ones that consistently get the most hits are the two posts on Jack Arnold’s house, including my posts HERE and then HERE .

Shutter Colors For Brick Homes

Of all the hundreds of emails I’ve received over the past 9 years, the most frequently asked question is, “Would you share your curtain color?” I guess it’s because of the pictures of my house on Pinterest and people clicking on my blog looking for an email address and asking. People want to know the color of my curtains as well as the color of the copper paint, and now I know why.

Paint Colors For Your White Brick House

I thought it would be fun to try different curtain colors. In fact, when I answer email questions, I always tell them to paint green

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