Small Bathroom Colors Benjamin Moore

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Although functionality is the most important function of any bathroom, with the right design elements you can turn this room into an oasis of calm. If you’re working with limited square footage, your bathroom may feel cramped instead of relaxing. One way to make this space look bigger is by choosing the right shade for your walls. Ahead, as our experts say, a small bathroom can be bigger.

Small Bathroom Colors Benjamin Moore

Small Bathroom Colors Benjamin Moore

If you’re worried that gray will be too cool, don’t be—in fact, it can be a warm and charming shade when chosen carefully. Choose light gray because it’s a neutral enough to create the illusion of light that can make a small bathroom feel larger, says Meg Made founder and owner Meg Piercy.

Ideas: Add Style To A Small Bathroom

Because the bathroom is such a small part of your home, it allows you to be creative with colors. If you want a more muted shade, choose pink. Home decor and lifestyle expert Kathryn Emery says there are so many neutral colors that you can pair them with other colors with straight neutrals.

Taupe is a versatile neutral that will make your space feel larger while complementing your decor. “Its warm tone feels warm while maintaining an open and welcoming atmosphere,” says Kerry Kelly, Creative Director of Design Lab. “Consider using it on a wall or as an accent color for timeless charm.”

Lavender is a cool shade that can give your bathroom a modern vibe. “These colors not only reflect light beautifully, but also add an elegant layer to create a spa-like feel in a compact space,” Kelly says.

The gray-blue haze is the perfect shade to zoom in and enjoy. “This cool shade enhances the feeling of space while providing a modern and fresh backdrop, especially when paired with white details,” says Kelly.

Master Bathroom Paint Colors Archives

White is always a good choice when creating the illusion of a large bathroom. “Light colors reflect light easily and make a room feel larger,” says Piercy. If you don’t want a white room, add fun accents like cheerful colors, like Tufanda.

If you want something warmer but still light and bright, consider white. “My favorite white coffee is Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee,” Emery says at home. “Many different brands have the same liquid, which shows its popularity. It has a smoky smell, which gives texture so colors don’t look dull or flat on the wall.”

The soft green of seaweed can make any bathroom feel airy and fresh. “This color choice brings the essence of the beach into the space, creating a visual atmosphere,” Kelly says.

Small Bathroom Colors Benjamin Moore

Piercy says dark colors can make a bathroom feel more relaxed. For example, a saturated green works in a bathroom if you have natural light. You can also give the illusion of more space by painting the cut-out walls, painting the ceiling the same color, and choosing a darker color where the wall ends and the ceiling begins.

Bathroom Paint Ideas

Another neutral color, pale blue is bright enough to reflect the fire, a timeless bathroom color. In a small bathroom, it is light and airy, making the room feel larger.

This year’s bathroom color trends range from 9 of your favorite basement spa paint ideas that will make a room feel brighter and 20 beautiful ways to decorate bathroom walls with art. Classic effect 9-tone glass, unusual kitchen cabinets. According to interior designers, 20 bathroom tile ideas that are off-base, we call it blue – the official color of 2024 – here’s how to use it 18 warm colors for a cozy and inviting space 14 Living room ideas. that they are more comfortable

How to decorate a small bedroom to create the illusion of more space How to choose the best curtains for your bedroom, according to experts? Feel fresh and modern 26 Simple – and Impressive – Bathrooms for Under $100 6 20 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room, Naturally Inspired by Interior Designers According to interior designers, plugging in to Inis doesn’t use older versions of your web browser. remains safe. Update to the latest version.

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The Best Small Bathroom Paint Colors

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Small Bathroom Colors Benjamin Moore

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A dark blue tone sets the tone for a whimsical space that designer Pierre Gonalons boldly shakes in this beautiful Paris apartment. Elegant pieces of high-gloss eggplant are the perfect backdrop for this Manhattan decor designer’s black-and-white photo by ELLE DECOR A-List client Katie Ridder. Even a truly neutral one – check out Marc Valeanu’s layered bathroom, Drop in Dove Tale and Ball Lilac Drop in Dove Tale – can sometimes be the furthest thing from most bathrooms.

“The purpose of any bathroom is to be nourished and enjoyed,” says designer Sarah Bengour, who recently visited Michael C. Redesigned Hall. “It can mean different colors to different people. Bengur says some of her clients like to make their bathroom look like a cave — with ottomans, decorative cabinets and antique lighting. — Others prefer the warmth of neutral tones.

Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Before you’re faced with the wide selection at your local paint store, there are a few things to consider. If your room faces north, the incoming light will be softer and create a warmer effect than southern light. Different decorations can also change how the sound is perceived in the room. For example, gloss paints generally darken the color due to brighter light and absorb more light. On the other hand, egg whites or pigments are usually close to the color of the sample. Bengur has just one warning: stay away from yellows and greens that contain a lot of yellow. “These colors aren’t good for our best and brightest looks in the mirror,” she warns.

Do you feel paralyzed by your choices? Below, we’ve selected our favorite colorful bathrooms for inspiration from the ELLE DECOR archives. Read on for bathroom paint ideas that will inspire your next renovation—with style.

Need a pink cream? If you want to live rosy every day, Michael S. Check out this vibrant shade that adds softness and sophistication to Hall’s New York apartment. Light pink color

Small Bathroom Colors Benjamin Moore

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