20 X 32 Garage Kit

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20 X 32 Garage Kit – Our mission at Stoltzfus Structures is to provide you with a two story garage that not only gives you more room to store your $$, but also becomes an asset to your neighborhood and adds value to your property.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Mega Garage where you have not only 1 floor but also 2 full floors of storage space. You can park your car downstairs and have a full 2nd floor that can be used as a warehouse or workshop to spend more time with your wife with friends or shopping because we all know how to do it already can do well!

20 X 32 Garage Kit

20 X 32 Garage Kit

This double garage has 2 full floors with 8ft high ceilings! The mega garage has many uses, such as a studio, a man cave, or a hunting camp. The list never ends.

One Car Garage With Loft

So if you are looking for the perfect solution for your garage or any other needs, give us a call and we will help you design the garage of your dreams!

Prices shown are reference prices and do not include customization or shipping features. Once you’ve found your size,

Click “Get Quote” and fill out the form to send your idea to the project manager, who will contact you with a complete proposal! Size: 20 × 24. From $20,618. Starting price indicated. Buildings shown in photos may contain additional improvements. 8 saves | Log in to save #13459

A one-story garage for two cars from the Workshop is everything a good garage should be: high quality, durable and beautiful. It’s also our most affordable two-car garage! It is the ideal budget solution for multimedia storage.

Tmg Industrial 13′ X 20′ Metal Garage Shed With Double Front Doors, 7′

Size: 20 × 22. From $19,768. Starting price indicated. Buildings shown in photos may contain additional improvements. 15 saves | Log in to save #13460

Engineered wood provides a durable and aesthetic partition wall for a two-car garage from a one-story workshop. The wooden partition that covers our prefabricated 2-car garage is called SmartSide® (or Smart Panel T1-11).

Engineered wood is not only the most affordable choice for a one-story workshop two-car garage partition wall, but it is also extremely durable. Engineered wood partitions are known for their weather and impact resistance (as seen in this video). SmartSide®. Plus, it comes with an excellent 5/50 year warranty. This siding option is a better choice, even compared to traditional wood siding.

20 X 32 Garage Kit

Start by reviewing our list of paint color options to determine your perfect color combination. Treat yourself to the perfect color choice to complete your one story two car garage!

X20 Garages: Are They Big Enough?

Size: 24 × 40. From $38 – $203. Starting price shown. Buildings shown in photos may contain additional improvements. 0 saves | Log in to save #36343

Vinyl siding is a virtually maintenance-free siding option. Yes, this means that the two-car garage of a one-story workshop will only require simple and periodic maintenance. Get ready to enjoy the classic, low maintenance and protective look of our double 4″ Dutchlap vinyl siding!

The main strength of vinyl lies in its resistance to weather and rot. The premium vinyl compounds used to line the Single-Deck Workshop two-car garage protect it from moisture, mold and other dangerous damage. In addition, the ability of vinyl siding to fade due to long exposure to sunlight is reduced when a UV inhibitor is added.

The vinyl siding that lines the walls of our one-story two-car garage gives the look of real wood with an aged wood grain. You can clean vinyl with a pressure washer or soap and water. Our pre-assembled vinyl 2 car garage comes with a 50 year warranty.

Barn 24’x32’x10′ High. Traditional Style Barn Gambrel Roof With 2nd Floor Full 8′ High Loft And Stairs! Simple End Load Overhead Doors, For

The single storey workshop two car garage has been carefully built by our team of professional garage builders and is a great choice for storing your cars. They are the most affordable option in our two car garage lineup while still being beautiful and quality built.

Each one-story two-car garage has a 5/12 roof height and a 12-inch overhang. Roof height from 12’2 to 13’6. It also comes standard with a 3 foot door and two 9×7 lift garage doors. (Note: A 20-foot-wide garage has an 8×7 garage door.) Two 30×40 insulated windows will help keep the garage bright. natural light.

Our 2 car garage is customizable! We offer a wide range of options for adding pazaz to your garage. You can choose the color, partition type and finish of your prefab garage. Domes, weather vanes and sunroofs are just some of the things you can add to make your garage perfect for you.

20 X 32 Garage Kit

One Story Workshop Our two car garage was carefully constructed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We offer a 2 car garage for sale in and around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia. We also offer this garage style with an attic (Our Two Car Attic Garage) or a full second floor (Legacy 2 Workshop Garage). If you want the most modern look, check out our state of the art 2 car garage.

Replacement Cover Kit For The Garage In A Box Suv/truck 13 X 20 X 12 Std Brown

All interiors of the two-car garage in our one-story workshop are delivered clean, ready for any use you desire. The inner shell is empty; however, special settings are always available. We are happy to add left or bill on request.

You can bring your Single-Deck Workshop’s two-car garage to life! Because the two-car garage of our one-story workshop is built with rivets and roofing (just like your house), the interior can be easily customized to your taste (we do not provide interior decoration services). Upholstery, trim, paint and flooring will help create the right atmosphere!

Here are some examples of a two-car garage in a studio on the same floor to inspire your exterior design. Hover over the image of the Two Car Garage in the Single Floor Workshop and click the heart icon to save it to your personal My Saved Photos library. You can log in here at any time to view your collection.

Size: 20 × 22. From $19,768. Starting price indicated. Buildings shown in photos may contain additional improvements. 10 saves | Log in to save #13463

Ontario Prefab Cabins (delivered) » North Country Sheds

Size: 24 × 40. From $38 – $203. Starting price shown. Buildings shown in photos may contain additional improvements. 0 saves | Log in to save #13464

Size: 20 × 26. Starting at $26 – Listed starting price is $830. Buildings shown in photos may include additional improvements. 2 saves | Log in to save #36326

Yeah right! Only if there is not enough space on the wall to place windows and/or doors, we have to offer an alternative.

20 X 32 Garage Kit

Garage doors are available in non-standard sizes (smaller, wider and higher). In most cases, to upgrade to a larger door, you will need to upgrade to taller walls and possibly taller beams than wider garage doors.

Prefab Three Car Garages By The Amish. Free Quote

Our garages come standard without openers, but they are certainly an option. Make sure to ask your sales representative to include an estimate in your quote and we will be happy to adjust it for you.

Yes, we have a limited number of interior photos in our photo library. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact our office. One of our sales representatives will be happy to help you!

Each city has different rules for adding additional buildings. Contact your city or town to find out what rules apply in your area. You will be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and fees associated therewith. If you​​​​​​are buying a portable structure (with wooden floors), make sure the city understands that the building is not a permanent structure. In most cases, property taxes will have no effect unless the building is solid and the mattress is permeable.

Yes, assembly is included. All 2 garages are offered prefabricated, assembled on site and secured to a concrete floor/foundation. The exception is our modular double wide garage with wooden floor, divided into two halves.

Barn Style Garage Plans & Garage Apartment Plans

Yes, modules are meant to distribute bits and pieces. Our modular garage consists of two halves that our team will assemble on site. Our two-story modular warehouse also consists of two halves – the top and bottom, which our team assembles on site. The assembly of the two halves is included in the price of the building.

Standard 9 × 7 Garage Door We will install a standard garage door if the width and height of the wall corresponds to the size of a garage door 9 × 7. In a 10 foot wide garage, we installed an 8 foot wide garage door. Premier garages have a garage door height of 6 feet 6 inches.

Create your dream building by requesting a free estimate or customizing your own 3D design. You can also call us at 717-442-3281.

20 X 32 Garage Kit

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Driver Sam Jr did a great job maneuvering the warehouse to my fund. Warehousing is excellent from order to delivery.By Joe Calciano

Everything is super helpful and kind. We set up a pumpkin patch to make it our backyard oasis in the city. This process is painless. When we had problems they worked really hard

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