2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Anniversary Edition

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The Sportster 1200 Custom takes Sportster grunt to the next level with a drag steering wheel with forward-mounted foot controls, turn signals and a one-piece lift structure. A black and chrome 1200cc Evolution┬« engine drives the point home and completes the look. Add to that a 21-inch mesh front wheel and a 16-inch chrome disc rear wheel, and you’re on your way to one of the best motorcycles ever made.

2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Anniversary Edition

2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Anniversary Edition

In 2003, Harley Davidson released a limited edition Sportster to celebrate its 100th anniversary. This is one of those bikes. They are identified by the 100th anniversary paint scheme, instrument panels, speedometer housing and engine mounts.

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This bike also has a special history that makes it unique. Purchased new for the current owner as a gift from Harley Davidson at Arsta Stockholm in the spring of 2003, this bike is meant to fulfill his dream of touring the Swedish summer landscape. The first trip was a transfer to a nearby municipality, 20 km from the center of Stockholm, where it was found.

After graduation, he kept the motorcycle until the new owner got his driver’s license. However, he did not issue a driver’s license and kept the motorcycle in a warm warehouse for 14 years.

Moved to new storage in 2017, then replaced battery, drained tank, filled with new fuel, cleaned all filters and then tried to start. It started immediately. It covered more than 50 kilometers in half a day, wrapped in a blanket in its new garage, and has not been touched to this day.

After careful consideration, the owner decided to give this classic to someone else.

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Since the odometer reading is digital, the battery needs to be replaced to get accurate mileage. At the owner’s request, this example is being sold as is and we are offering a full overhaul including an oil/fuel change prior to launch.

All photos were taken after 10 minutes and the bike was cleaned a bit to avoid damaging its original condition.

Not only does it have very low miles, making it a time capsule, but it’s last year’s model with the frame-mounted Evolution engine and dual-crown black/silver paint completely typical of the 100th Anniversary HD model. years as a motorcycle manufacturer.

2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Anniversary Edition

This model features an HD version with Vance and Hines Screamin’ Eagle pipes to ensure a better sound experience.

Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycles For Sale Near Atlanta, Georgia

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Do you own a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200C or similar? Contact us and we will put you in touch with our sales experts shortly.

Want to track new cars? Signing up as a Bidder Express member is easy and free. You can save your searches, bookmark auctions and bid! The Sportster was the most popular small Harley, albeit a very heavy bike that was considered the “Entry Level”. It’s no wonder some Harley riders with big bikes have added a Sportster to their garage to go fast without the “big guns.” It’s heavy enough that it’s hard to drive, but nimble enough that it just rolls. Shorter riders and women like the lightness, and bigger guys like the power-to-weight ratio.

Sportster is offered with two power units. A stock 883 engine and a 1200 engine. Both bikes are equally fun and aftermarket manufacturers can customize this bike from start to finish for a small fortune.

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This is the XL1200 anniversary model with the 100th anniversary paint package in bold black. The bike runs great and has great paint, but there are some minor rust spots on some of the chrome plates. Check out our website for a video showing all the flaws. The bike is a great rider and hasn’t seen its best days at 35k miles. Ready for what you got, this bike needs a new rider, this bike needs someone to add a new story to it. The 1200cc engine is powerful enough for this relatively light bike.

Most dealers charge an additional fee on top of the purchase price of the tire or car. These “payments” are the dealer’s profits. We do not cheat our customers.

Instead of negotiating a good price for you, we value the bike up front. We do not negotiate prices, we make the buying process as easy as possible. No deals, no hidden fees, no BS, no sales pitch! No upsells, no sales guarantees, no fees.

2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Anniversary Edition

Here’s the deal: the price of the bike, if you’re in Florida, we have to collect sales tax and the actual registration cost. That’s it!

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We are a fully authorized, insured and DMV licensed dealer to issue local registrations. There are NO lines at the DMV. Move with your metal!* Great running, late model, low mileage bike. This bike needs an air filter, battery cover, belt adjuster and cable adjuster.

* Visit here or pick up the phone and speak to one of our sales staff who can visit this Deena Street Chapter for you today.

* Bike has minor cosmetic issues and air filter – $42.20. $, battery cover – cable kit – $17.21 USD, with belt adjustment – $34.41 USD, so we sell it “BY THE BALL” and the price reflects that. A buyer should do their due diligence when purchasing this bike and check all photos and descriptions of the bikes to make sure they get what they want. If you have any questions, please ask before purchasing.

* Visit or call us, but let’s do something about it today. Let us show you how to buy a motorcycle! If you would like more information about this beautiful unit or to discuss the business, please email us or call us at 1-888-400-1151. The American Motorcycle Sales Team will be happy to assist you with your purchase. We ship bikes worldwide, so we know how to get your bike to you safely and on time. We are located fifteen minutes from DFW International Airport. You can fly home. Travel with your shopping! We love shopping. Let them know what they are deciding for you. We have very low interest financing for credit scores below 400 and above 700. Take a moment to fill out the online application and let us do the work for you! We want to knock your knees off. Call us now! * It is the user’s responsibility to check the availability and condition of all listed equipment. Neither dealers, eBay nor Auto Revo are responsible for pricing or misprinting of equipment. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of prices and images with the seller. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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