24 By 30 Metal Building

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24 By 30 Metal Building – Our metal buildings are built with a high quality galvanized steel frame and the price includes installation! You work hard and you deserve a metal garage, shed or carport that will last a lifetime at an affordable price.

Whether you need it for your home or work, we always make the desired custom metal building at the right price.

24 By 30 Metal Building

24 By 30 Metal Building

Our team cuts no corners. We use materials and certifications that meet all government requirements and make sure you know exactly what your building will look like – inside and out.

For Sale: 40071 Twp Rd 430, Rural Wainwright No. 61, M.d. Of, Alberta T0b1k0

Clearance Metal Architectural Details This compact yet spacious metal garage offers an amazing amount of space at an affordable price. Use this metal building for all your storage needs, vehicle protection, shed or mancave, small home office space or anything else you are looking for that a simple yet strong metal building can provide. The metal construction costs $8,690, but for a limited time, we’re offering a $500 discount, bringing the total to just $8,190 plus tax. Type: Metal Garage Style Dimensions: 20x20x9, vertical roof Equipped with: (1) 9×8 center gable roll-up door (1) pedestrian door (1) window 24×30″ (1) entrance 36×80″ $8,190 plus taxes (Southern States)

Metal Building For Sale: Garage 24x30x9 Want to add a prefabricated steel garage to your property? Afraid of high costs? If so, we’re safe. Alpha Structures offers a rare opportunity to purchase a metal building at an exceptionally low price. Metal Construction Details Type: Metal Garage Dimensions: 24x30x9 Equipped with: (2) 9×8 roller doors (2) Windows 24×30″ (1) Entry 36×80″ $12,575 plus taxes (in southern states) High ceilings and plenty of storage space, this metal garage The possibilities for sale are endless. Of course you can park your car inside, but due to the large size it can also accommodate tractors, motorcycles and even boats. Get peace of mind by keeping your belongings safe with a reliable steel garage. Discount Garage Curb Appeal Most people consider custom metal structures to be an expensive addition to their home. In fact, they are an affordable option that can really increase the value of your property. Think of a discounted metal garage as an investment in your home or business. The vibrant colors and eye-catching design of this 24x30x9 garage add both appeal and functional space to almost any property. Metal shutters and large windows provide natural light and fresh air. Install picnic tables and add landscaping to create a natural recreation area. You could even open a metal workshop or studio and get your work done in the comfort of your own home. By placing solar panels on the roof of the cheapest metal buildings, significant savings can be made. You can save on energy bills while becoming energy independent. Add a greenhouse or hydroponic system and grow food in your new garage — you could even turn the two-car garage into a guest house and rent it out for extra income. Steel is known as a reliable building material. It is not susceptible to rust, mold, rot or weather damage, so you can be confident that this metal building will last for years to come. Many supply chains have been disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, driving up steel prices. Alpha Structures is discounting this brand new two-car garage below pre-pandemic levels. Does this two car metal garage need concrete? This steel building will last for decades, so it’s important to know if you need a concrete foundation. Most metal garages of this size do not require a concrete slab. However, many people choose to pour concrete for safety and peace of mind. Professional leveling of the ground prior to installation is imperative. Many people are put off by the upfront cost, but avoiding unnecessary repairs will save you money in the long run. Be sure to check with your contractor if you have any other local building codes. They can vary by state, province, and city. If in doubt, contact your local zoning department for more information. Do I need a permit? Buildings larger than 120 square meters usually require a permit. This discounted metal building is well over the threshold, but you can check with your contractor or local zoning department for local codes. If you happen to live in an unincorporated county, the rules may be more lenient. To clarify, Alpha Structures does not conduct surveys of your property and is not responsible for terms that are overlooked. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the local regulations and decide whether you want to revoke your license. Once you have made your choice, Alpha Structures can support you in all subsequent steps. With our many years of experience, we can provide you with the documents necessary to obtain a building permit after the first delivery. How much do these two garages cost? Alpha Structures is a North Carolina-based company with extensive operations in the South. We can offer a competitive price of $12,575 plus tax in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Expect to pay about 20% more if you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Nevada, Arizona, and California. This is still well below market rates, so don’t hesitate to contact Alpha Structures if you have any questions or requests. We offer fixed rate financing up to $20,000. Make a payment plan for this metal building for sale and spread the cost over several months. If this metal building does not meet your needs, please contact our qualified personnel. We offer bespoke buildings to almost any specification. The sky is the limit for prefabricated steel buildings. Call us today!

Metal Buildings For Sale: 30’x70’x12′ Garage Are you looking for affordable vacant metal buildings for sale to use as your dream auto shop or workshop? Look no further – we currently have a special offer on a metal garage unit that ticks all the boxes for the perfect car shop.

Metal Buildings For Sale: 24 x 30 Garages If you are looking for an affordable metal building to use as a garage, storage room, swimming pool, etc. this spring or early summer, you are in luck. We currently have a special offer on a metal garage unit that is the perfect addition to any property – be it central to the driveway or backyard

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Metal Buildings For Sale: 20′ x 26′ x 12′ Garage with 12 x 26 Bearings Have you always dreamed of an affordable garage with plenty of storage space that doubles as an outdoor gathering space? Alpha structures can help. We currently have a special offer on a metal garage with shed, perfect for BBQs, parties and more. Clearance Metal Building Details This metal garage is perfect for vehicle storage, boat storage, grilling, general gathering space and more. Type: Metal Garage with Awning Dimensions: 20’L x 26’W x 12’H and 12×26 Bearing Dimensions and Features: Three 10×10 roller doors Four windows One entry door Spacious awning – Includes installation and delivery Installation only $12,335.00 +taxes (in select states) This affordable metal garage is fully functional and has great appeal. It offers a wide range of applications at an unbeatable price without compromising on aesthetics or quality. Many customers love this garage for vehicle storage, boat or tractor storage, picnic and BBQ area, children’s playground, storage shed and more. Use of metal garage Get creative with your new metal building with openings by considering the following uses. Some have already been completed and may reveal new possibilities for implementing new spaces. Car Storage The most obvious use for this metal garage is for storing and parking vehicles. The interior dimensions provide ample space for car storage and more storage space for your vehicle. The carport is 4 meters high so that another car can easily be parked. Boat, Tractor and Other Storage The outside porch is also high enough to shelter a small tractor or other equipment that needs to be covered. The word “carport” is a bit of a misnomer as there is plenty of room for motorcycles, jet skis and boats. We hear from many boat owners that their garage is full or that they have to pay high monthly fees for storage abroad – with an outdoor shed these problems are easy to solve. Covered Picnic or BBQ Area This spacious metal shed is perfect for outdoor picnics, BBQs and gatherings of all kinds. You sit in the shade of the sun, protected from the rain. You can enhance your space by adding a comfortable table and chair set, lounge chairs, potted plants, or anything else you want to expand the space with

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