3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Plans

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3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Plans – The anchor box is a great design for couples and small families as it can accommodate two separate sleeping lofts, a full kitchen and laundry facilities.

The unusual ‘double shed’ roofline adds extra space, dimension and intrigue and paves the way for light to stream in through strategically placed windows, optional skylights and full glass doors. The first floor is accessed by means of a staircase which accommodates a storage compartment instead of a step. The kitchen includes space for a four-burner stove and a counter with bar seating

3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Plans

3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Plans

Renderings in black, gray and brown show how the design will look in 20′ and 24′ lengths and with modern, economy or rustic finishes (please note: this artist rendering is not a Sketchup model). One of ShelterWise’s most popular designs since its creation, the Cider Box Tiny House Plan is the modern tiny house plan you’ve been waiting for: spacious, beautiful, and functional!

Country Style Tiny House With Three Cozy Bedrooms

Our friend Jake from the Tiny Nest Project is a complete SketchUp expert, and he’s created a modified version of the SketchUp model of the 24-foot Cider Box Tiny House design, which is now available as an add-on to the PDF plans. Watch the video below as Jake takes you on a virtual tour of the Cider Box and discover just how powerful 3-D modeling can be!

The video shows how useful the model can be for new contractors.

The PDF files are the only plans you need to build a 20 or 24 foot Cider Box Tiny House. The PDF Plan + Additive 24′ SketchUp model together is a powerful pair, allowing you to test the look and feel of different materials, test interior layout configurations, or modify structures – without ever lifting a hammer.

These plans do not include electrical wiring, plumbing or exterior finishing materials These plans are a license to build a house and contain all the basic nuts and bolts to get a flammable, energy efficient tiny house, perfectly suited to your wishes. Professional builders interested in building multiple homes should contact us for volume builder licensing for our tiny home plans.

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All of the above, including a thoughtfully created, fully edited SketchUp model, the 24′ Cider Box Tiny House built by the Tiny Nest Project, with the supervision and full approval of ShelterWise. This model is a very useful companion to the Sider Box Tiny House PDF Plans, but is not a literal 1:1 translation – it includes some minor optimizations to the original design to reduce construction waste.

New to SketchUp? The Tiny Nest SketchUp Tutorial, available from TinyNestProject.com, is an ideal companion to this model for new SketchUp users. Jake from Tiny Nest is a great communicator and skilled SketchUp practitioner, and his tutorials teach you how to use the program and model.

When choosing a 20′ or 24′ cider box trailer, Shelter Wise recommends 7,000-pound axles for every 14,000 pounds of gross payload. The trailer will still carry a 10,000 lb GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), but will ride better and safer with higher rated axles. Iron Eagle Trailers makes some of our favorite tiny home trailers, and Darrin from Shelter Wise and Dee from PAD helped them design their trailer to be perfect for tiny homes. Tell them they sent you a PAD and you’ll get $50 off your order

3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Plans

Along with all of our plans, we recommend a copy of Go House Go, our how-to guide to building a tiny house on wheels. This is the book Dee wanted when he built his tiny house and wrote it to save everyone the time and trouble he put into building it smartly and safely.

Favorite Tiny Houses

Please note that all sales are final on digital products and returns are not available as there really is no such thing as a ‘return’ on a digital product We offer quality products at great prices and we think you will be happy with it If you have specific questions or concerns about a product before you buy, just contact us and we’ll do our best to answer so you know what you’re getting. See the Terms and Conditions tab for the full terms and conditions of this set of plans

These designs and plans are intended for skilled and experienced builders only These plans require general knowledge and skills including but not limited to roofing, electrical, plumbing and framing. These plans are not approved by an architect or engineer If you are not an experienced builder, we recommend that you consult a licensed contractor before attempting to build a home from these plans. Contact your local building code official to make sure you are in compliance with local codes

Any person or entity (hereafter: “Builder”) engaged in the construction of a tiny house using the designs of ShelterWise, LLC or Portland Alternative Housing has full responsibility and liability for ShelterWise, LLC and Portland. Alternative Dwellings, LLC from any damage or injury of any kind or nature to all persons, whether employed by the builder or otherwise, and all property (including the use of such property) owed in , or construction designs, plans, instructions or other communications based on or related to construction

In other words: you, the builder, assume all risk and responsibility for building a tiny house from these plans.

Tiny Home Vacation Rentals

All text and designs (“Design Materials”) are copyright publications of ShelterWise, LLC or Portland Alternative Residential, LLC. These materials are intended for use by individuals to build a tiny house. To build more than one house from this set of plans, you must purchase a new set of plans for each subsequent house.

If you are a professional tiny house builder, please contact us to inquire about a volume builder license for this tiny house plan kit.

ShelterWise and Portland Alternative Housing Plans retain all intellectual property rights in Plan materials. No intellectual property rights are transferred to the buyer. Buyer shall not remove any copyright or proprietary notices in the Plan Materials.

3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Plans

Designs copyrighted by ShelterWise and Portland Alternative Housing Any media coverage of photos, plans, illustrations, projects in progress or shared on social media, print, news, blogs, broadcast, etc., must be explicitly attributed to ShelterWise as the source of design for any use or reproduction. . Examples of appropriate credits include, but are not limited to: Shelter Wise and the home’s name, www.http://shelterwisellc.com, #shelterwise, etc.

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Copying, distributing, selling or otherwise transferring the plans to a third party is prohibited, except that 2 copies may be made and distributed to contractors working on your tiny house. Any copies made for this purpose will be destroyed upon completion of construction

Use of the plan for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited Commercial use includes, but is not limited to, building more than one tiny house in a plan to buy, reselling more than one tiny house, renting two or more tiny houses in a plan for the purchase or sale of planning materials. In whole or in part

Shelter Wise, LLC, an additional 2′ added to the front of the trailer The tiny house has 500 square feet of living space with lofts and comfortably sleeps 6 adults, maybe 7 if you push someone in the bed!

The Elmore Tiny House has a great place to entertain while still having room for privacy when needed.

Space Efficient Tiny Houses Under 200 Square Feet

The entrance to the house has a screened and covered porch that opens to the galley kitchen, which has a full size french door refrigerator, stackable washer and dryer combo unit, electric wall oven, 2-burner. Oil rubbed brass faucet with induction cooktop, small farm sink, tons of cabinet space and plenty of counter space for food prep and dining. Above the kitchen, the guest bedroom is located in a loft with a privacy wall

The main open living area of ​​the tiny house is cooled and heated by a powerful 12,000 BTU mini-split air conditioner and additional mini-split heating and cooling in the private bedroom.

In the middle of the small house, there is a large living room with a sectional L-shaped sofa, where a possible seventh guest sleeps. Off the living room, is the full bathroom, with a large shower and vanity.

3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Plans

Above the bathroom and master bedroom, there is a large loft – 16′

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