5 Bedroom Double Wide Floor Plans

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5 Bedroom Double Wide Floor Plans – If you are considering building a multi-bedroom holiday home, consider double widths. Our double-wide caravan has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plus an airy open-plan living, dining and kitchen area of ​​1600 square feet. This doesn’t affect anyone in my family as our old caravan had a slightly smaller footprint and a whopping 8 bedrooms. That said, I am proud of our luxurious, custom-built bunker-style vacation home.

But the problem with double-wide is that they don’t really have a good internet presence. I had to personally visit several model homes to understand what our options were.

5 Bedroom Double Wide Floor Plans

5 Bedroom Double Wide Floor Plans

When I met Steve from our home store Moore’s Homes, he said his homes are completely bespoke, but he was confused when I told him I wanted to fit at least five bedrooms into an 60-foot double-wide. When I asked if there was an online floor plan tool, he handed me two Titan Homes catalogs and said I could manually cut and paste the floor plans. He thought he was joking, but hey, here I am with my favorite mast bird scissors pictured above. What I came up with is:

Scotbilt Legend 28 X 80

After a lot of thinking and scribbling on graph paper, I took two floor plans from Titan’s Multi-Section Homes catalog, #970 and #987, and pasted them into a 26’8″ x 60′ floor plan. Then I emailed them to Steve, the actual In the post (As I’ve said before, in my experience a dual-wide company isn’t very convenient with email/internet. Don’t let that stop you though. We have nothing but a strong, design love – handmade, home made.)

Anyway, Steve thought my cut-and-pasted map might work. Then he had the great idea to park the house at the back of our property so that the kitchen and laundry room faced our mountain views. I drew this map to explain the setup to my family:

Two of the five bedrooms have no closets, so they are not really bedrooms. Technically, they are a warehouse and an office. The floor is made entirely of linoleum that resembles graph paper. The rest of the house has hardwood floors, which was an expensive (but totally worth it) step up from the standard wall-to-wall carpeting in our built house.

Have I made it clear that this house was given to us in one piece? Just park in our parking lot? Titan Homes may have a 90’s website, but bringing a 5 bedroom home along highways and dirt roads and keeping it intact is a true modern marvel.

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Is anyone building a manufactured home? Would you like more information about how we put together two standard floor plans? Read on, my friend. Check out this double-wide 75-foot floor plan #970 with a total of 2,027 square feet:

I didn’t want a huge master suite like the bedroom/bathroom/walk-in closet combo you see on the left. I didn’t even need a family room other than the living room. i

Because of the way the study and the three smaller bedrooms were arranged, the entire bathroom was tucked away in the bedroom wing. For my design I cut out the living room, the study and the small bedroom. (We moved the hall door to the hallway, but kept the rest. The cabinets behind the bathroom are too spacious!)

5 Bedroom Double Wide Floor Plans

For my design I cut out the kitchen/dining room block, bedroom #2 and the bathroom/laundry room block. I placed the bathroom and laundry room next to the kitchen, so that all the bedrooms can be pushed to one side of the house. It really works for us and now we can stay up late in the living room without waking any kids.

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I couldn’t be happier with our setup. If you want to know what it’s like to walk through our space, check out all our posts about double-wide design.

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5 Bedroom Double Wide Floor Plans