50 X 30 House Floor Plans

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50 X 30 House Floor Plans – Home 1000-2000 Sq Ft House Plan 30ft x 50ft Floor Plan House Plans That Everyone Will Love

We are in the process of updating and improving. When you join our company, you can be sure that you will have the best home design in your hands. The plans of our institute are changed and updated from time to time. You have been asked to look at some of the best home designs and we are sure you will be amazed when you look at our home designs. So, make an appointment with our team, meet our sales team, designers, builders and ask them your questions and trust that you will be completely satisfied, they will make a decision on how you want your house to be in your color. , as in most, or what theme if you have and want to put it in your home. We cooperate with them and provide full services to our team.

50 X 30 House Floor Plans

50 X 30 House Floor Plans

A 30 x 50 house plan that will appeal to everyone is a great plan for those looking for an air that includes everything that a common person wants to love: a well-planned bedroom, a dining room, a living room with enough space, a carport. and three en-suite bedrooms. This whole project is really very impressive and you will be very happy after looking at the house.

House Plan For 30 X 70 Feet Plot Size 233 Sq Yards (gaj)

We provide a platform for information about house plans. In keeping with our personal deep concern to offer affordable and affordable home designs, we occasionally share the best home designs. To build a house or a house, you must first make a map of the house and most people make this mistake. We do it without paper, without thinking, we do rooms, kitchens or bathrooms.

We also go to the architect for the map and say it is ours. There are so many meters of land, three bedrooms, four bedrooms, a kitchen and one or two bathrooms. Take a ladder anywhere inside or outside and carefully consider the front of it and then the board

By taking one of the old maps you have and making some changes to it to suit your style. He gives us a printout and takes eight to ten thousand rupees from us.

One of the most popular house sizes is the 30×50 house plan. 30/50 house plans are more popular because the total house area is 1500 square feet;

Bhk & 3bhk 30×50 House Plans East Facing As Per Vastu

House plan 30*50 with 2 master bedrooms, living room, bedroom, kitchen, lawn and covered parking.

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50 X 30 House Floor Plans

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50 X 30 House Floor Plans

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13 types of door hinges | Types of Door Hinges Different Types of Door Hinges | What is a rear hinge? The house plan that we are going to talk about today is a 1500 square feet house plan with a total house plan size of 50 x 30. This project is an east facing house plan with a flat area of ​​2 sq.m. This project also has a parking lot where you can park your car and climb the stairs from here, this whole space is 17×12. After that, there is a room inside the house with a size of 10×10, in that room you can put a TV and keep a dining bed, this room is in the southern corner of the house, further behind the dining room. room size 14

It has 18, it is in the south corner of the space, from this space you can go to the kitchen, from here there is also a door to the bedroom. In the dining room, you can place an eight-seater dining table, and if you want, you can place a TV here, after going to the 14×11 kitchen, the kitchen is also modular, the bathroom and the area. They are made with a shared bathroom next to the kitchen, the size of this space is 10-13.

After that, let’s move to the bedroom, which is 13×11 in size, this bedroom does not have attached bathroom, it can store everything like bed, wardrobe, dressing table. This is followed by the master bedroom which is 13×11 and this room also has a bathroom which is 4×8 and this room is placed in the north corner of the house.

X 50 Ft 3 Bhk Duplex House Plan

This house project is built on a plot of 1500 square meters. This is a 3bhk floor plan. This area of ​​the house plan includes a parking lot and, in addition to the parking lot, there is also a large garden area to plant trees. The size of the lawn, where the space is provided, is 9×7, and the size of the small plot is 26×8, from the plot there are stairs from which you can go up to the terrace.

Going inside the house, the first room is 20×10, it is the main room of the whole house, from here you can go to all the rooms, then first to the kitchen, which is 10×8. The kitchen has all the necessary appliances and it is modular kitchen.

Next to the master bedroom, located across from the kitchen, this bedroom measures 9×17 and there is also a 6-7 bedroom off this bathroom. There is also a built-in wardrobe and a double bed. This 3bhk house is built on an area of ​​50×30.

50 X 30 House Floor Plans

In this house design, the front and back spaces are open. We saw one room, now we go to another room with a size of 12×12, from this room there is a door to the yard. A joint health facility was built in dimensions 7-5, which can be used by all members of the household.

Home Plans 7.5×10 Meter With 3 Bedrooms

This house plan is built on a 50 x 30 plot and the house plan is of 2bhk area. The parking space in this project has 2 rooms and a bar is also built, there is everything you need and this project is done, so let’s look at the first parking space, the dimensions of this space are 13×10. Cars and bicycles can enter here. After that, let’s go to the house, then the bedroom, the size of which is 17×12, you can put a TV here, so you can keep the sofa and decorate as you want.

In addition, there is also a small empty space where a common wellness facility has been built and a staircase has been built to climb up to the terrace. Shared bathroom size 6-8. Beyond this area is the dining room, which is connected to the 13×9 kitchen, as well as a 6×4 pantry. Also next to the kitchen is the bathroom which is very large measuring 4×13.

Moving on to the 10×9 master bedroom, it is also connected to a 4×6 bathroom and also has a wardrobe in this room. we are moving to the second room, which is 10×10 in size, both rooms are built next to each other, and this room does not have an attached bath, you can keep a bed here, you can.

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