500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Layout

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500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Layout – How big is it??? I’ll let you be the judge. Here, I will show you the whole journey of my 500 square meter house and how we added every inch. This was truly a labor of love. Big thanks to Em for this opportunity and to all of you EHD readers for your help along the way. Very much, THANK YOU. This Makeover Takeover (FIRE) has allowed me to work with the best materials and make my first home very special!! This post is FILLED with space planning ideas, hosting hacks, and amazing “white box” ideas. I hope you can take something away from this and leave inspired, regardless of the size of your home.

My boyfriend, Chase, and I had furniture when we moved in (like a mattress or bed), so we had to make this. After bringing hundreds of Home Depot works, and lots of trial and error, HERE WE COME!!!

500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Layout

500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Layout

Dining Gray Carpet | Striped Carpet | Dining table Dining Chair | Pendant Light (similar) | Leather Loveseat | Ottoman | The Sheep Felt the Rag | Round pillow | Disc Player | Bar Cart (similar) | Vase | Belt | Curtains | Picture candles

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After all the blood, sweat and tears, I can’t believe my eyes are looking at these beautiful pictures! The picture above is what you see when you walk in (well, you walk into the kitchen but it’s all one room, so this is real). The dining room is one of the biggest stars of this space and is always the first thing people talk about when they walk in (it’s all here if you want a step-by-step guide!). I couldn’t build my own landscaping – I don’t have a garage or work space for that matter and I don’t know how to use any electrical equipment, so I had to be a little more careful with what I did. how can you do this. of the box. / selection options. The benches are Design Within Reach line benches and have amazing storage space, as well as FRESANA quality. I put the small and large sizes together to make the base of this corner and it’s great. Then I used a company called Stitchroom to make custom pillows, and they really did.

As I mentioned before, The Parker Palm Springs and Sands Hotel were two of my biggest inspirations for this space, but I wanted to create a consistent, neutral look that was quiet and easy to live in. AKA I wanted a fun, bold Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern look mixed with cool California Casual.

The main light in my dining room is the same one they have at The Pink Cabana at Sands and Norma’s Parker (pictured), so I got a light shade from World Market (now it doesn’t work but this one). and this is the same), I knew it was a perfect addition to the design of Palm Springs and it always reminds me of my favorite place in the world.

It also brings your eyes up (which is important for small places) and increases the light of the space (we don’t have high lights anywhere in the big places, which is the best design choice where the houses are many houses. do). Since this is an adjustable light, turning it on and off was always an “issue” because you had to reach the corner of the condom and turn it by hand. That was until I found THIS – watch this video to see how it works. IMPORTANT. If you’re an employer, or if you’re just looking for your Christmas tree/decoration, I recommend you get in touch!

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Let’s talk about FUN in a small space like this. The corner allowed us to have more people sitting in our seats (believe it or not, we’ve had 7+ people sit here at one time, which would have been impossible to zero).

Frank Sinatra Palm Springs Print | Palm Tree Print (similar) | Beach Photos by Gabe Sullivan | Freddy and Michael Print | Frames

I also have another living room plan that I will show you later when I get to the desk below…you can see how we can use this “living room” to its fullest when we are entertaining. Everyone asks me about the most important credo, it comes from the Industry West and it is correct in every way. The reed is cool because we keep our speakers and such inside and the sound still comes through so I prefer not to have big speakers outside. The blue dresser is from Annie Selke and she sent two that ended up being GREAT because our space is incredibly long so we put all the rugs side by side and put a small rug on top so you can make out. I don’t see any carpet stitching. If you’re looking for a random size, I recommend this one – it made our space so much fun and interesting!

500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Layout

This wall was one of the last pieces I added to this space and it gave me so much flavor I can’t tell you. I’ve had many of them hung on command lines (and they last YEARS). Beach photos by local artist, Gabe Sullivan, who I met at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. His work captures the beaches well — and I found out that the girl on the far right is Bing Crosby’s granddaughter! Now some of these pictures I took, edited to black and white, and printed/framed (the photo of the MCM Stahl House next to the two smaller prints below is one of my iPhone photos).

Maximize Your Space: Studio Apartment Design Ideas For 500 Square Feet” By Redfin Real Estate Agency

Well, how good are $20 mugs? Bowser pulled it out and I immediately bought another one to keep here on the dining room table forever. A simple money-saving tip I’ve done to get this collection wall together is to buy frames in bulk and arrange them in different ways. I bought a 4-pack of 16×20 frames and hung some vertically and some horizontally, then spread them around the wall of the house. Now with the other frames I bought a lot of them at Target because they are a real steal there!! Well, now I’ll tell you about my “living room” trick.

Table chair | Scrunch Lamp |Credanza|Chandeliers|Candelare | Images | Mirror (full body size not available) | Wooden Tray | Warrior Game | Ribbed Lamp | Gray Carpet

Welcome to the table!! Ok, so… see Lulu and Georgia’s cute desk chair?? It is so comfortable and deep that you can sit in it for hours. The best part is when friends come over, we turn them around and turn the dining chair in the corner to chat with the Article leather love seat. We fit four comfortably like this, which is great value for money in this area, but I like it because otherwise we wouldn’t have a living room or people to host us.

You can see a little bit of the kitchen here, it hasn’t changed much since the day we moved in, . . The house was designed by Sechaba, so we were lucky to be in such good hands with the results and design of the place.

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Style | Rules for Innovation | Marble Box Desk Chair | Scrunch Lamp | Images | Wooden Tray | Match Striker

Ok now let’s look back and show you the bed you saw in the mirror…

Bet | Night tables | Pendant Light Shade (similar) | Pendant Light Cord | Linen Clothing | Linen | Pillows | Duvet Insert | Sheets | On the bed | Sleeping Pillow | Grass | Wallpaper | Gray Carpet | Leather Loveseat | Curtains | Hand Dish | Glasses | Gray Carpet

500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Layout

It’s like my boutique hotel room!! One thing I haven’t mentioned about Palm Springs before that I really tried to bring out with this design was the idea that in the glory days of PS, the city was known as the Hollywood Oasis where famous people received the same amount of money. a holy place. and play, outside the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. This quickly became the mission statement of my design and I think we did it. I have a detailed description of how I made this back wall if you want a more detailed explanation. It was a very long process with a lot of trial and error, but MAN was it worth it in the end!

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I’ve always loved Annie Selke