Baskets To Fit Ikea Kallax

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Baskets To Fit Ikea Kallax – In my opinion, there is no better organization system than the Kallax IKEA line. Their ultra-sleek design, modular options and reasonable price combined with their large cubic dimensions make them ideal for storing a wide variety of items. While organization is a puppy’s dream, there are now many different drawers, baskets, shelves and inserts available for IKEA Callax, meaning you can make your shelves more functional and stylish than ever before! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite products that go with IKEA Kallax bricks (as well as other common brick systems like Target’s Threshold bricks and Walmart’s Better Homes & Garden series). Let me show you!

Years ago I started investing in IKEA Kallax cabinets because they have a lot of storage space and incredible versatility. Not only is this shelving unit the perfect addition to a living room wall or entryway bench, but it can also serve as a chest of drawers, room divider, or extra closet/wardrobe.

Baskets To Fit Ikea Kallax

Baskets To Fit Ikea Kallax

We currently have 5 different units; Regardless of the size of our home or its layout, I can

Wham Studio Storage Cube Baskets Boxes Fits Ikea Kallax And B&q Shelving Units

Find places for them. Today we use IKEA Kallax shelving to store children’s games and toys in the playroom; fabric, thread and sewing accessories in the workshop; Hats, shoes and umbrellas; and as consoles and media stations throughout the home.

In addition, I’ve stocked the 13x13x15″ cubes with all sorts of shelves, baskets, containers and other great accessories to keep them as stylish and convenient as possible. Here are just a few sample photos of the same apartments in our last 4 houses!

One of my favorite things about IKEA Kallax is that the size of the cube is really big: 13 inches wide, 13 inches high, and 15 inches deep. Obviously anything IKEA puts out for Kallax will do, but I find that many other IKEA baskets, containers, suitcases and bags are also compatible.

Note: IKEA Callax is the “new” updated version of IKEA Expedit. Although the frame of the Kallax unit is slightly smaller and looks sleeker, the cabin size is the same as the Expedit. Therefore, any Expedit product fits Kallax.

Best Bins To Organize Ikea’s Kallax

In addition, the cubes in the Threshold line (from Target) and the Better Homes & Gardens line (from Walmart) are the same size: 13 inches wide by 13 inches high. So these branded inserts fit too (although they don’t use the full 15″ depth unique to IKEA shelves).

The roomy dimensions of these suitcases not only give you plenty of room to work, but also mean they’re big enough to be taken apart, making them even more functional. Here are some ideas that I love!

Dresser. If you have small items that can get lost on large shelves or large baskets, using beautiful deep drawers is a great way to divide up the volume while keeping things well tucked away.

Baskets To Fit Ikea Kallax

Insert wine bottles. If you’re using an IKEA Kallax shelf as a console table or chest of drawers, this is a great option for wine bottles. I’m sure four boxes/rolls of Cricut vinyl will fit perfectly in each 1/9 square case. 😉

Felt Box Basket For Ikea Expedit And Kallax Bin Bag Storage

Shelves I was very happy to know that IKEA has finally released IKEA Kallax shelves. While I wish they weren’t made of glass, they are very affordable and a great solution for short boxes. The wooden shelf at the bottom (though designed for the Better Home and Garden Cube System) fits the Kallax perfectly and will divide it into your block without drilling.

Paper organization. There are many great paper storage options for IKEA Kallax. Do your research though. While these products are sure to make your cardboard rainbow an absolute dream come true, they can also be quite pricey. Etsy sellers seem to have a better choice for this IKEA Kallax hack.

1 – Drawers IKEA Callax | 2 – IKEA wine bottle holder | 3 – IKEA glass shelves | 4 – paper tray | 5 – Adjustable paper sorter | 6 – Organizer for paper 12×12, brown | 7 – Rack for storage of cubes

You know I don’t like visual clutter on the shelves. While I prefer bins and baskets to collect all the dirty stuff and use every inch available, an extra door is another really attractive option. In addition to hiding items on your shelves, these doors can become decorative pieces in their own right, allowing you to hide the chipboard trim and make the entire display look more custom or expensive! Etsy, again, has tons of neat (but still affordable) items!

Kallax Shelf Unit, White, 57 7/8×57 7/8

A door. IKEA makes a variety of door inserts specifically for Kallax, so you can be sure they fit and can be customized to your liking.

Door coverings. My Overlays is a company specializing in wood overlays that take your IKEA products to the next level. This front door can be painted or decorated to suit your style and color scheme.

Door sticker. Once you install a plain white door on your IKEA Kallax units, it can be completely white. One trick to keep in mind is adding (removable) flowers with various stickers featuring fun colors, geometric shapes, and more!

Baskets To Fit Ikea Kallax

1 – IKEA Kallax door | 2 – Front arched door | 3 – Door cover, diamond-shaped | 4 – Top door, square | 5 – Door, yellow + green | 6 – Door sticker, pink + orange | 7 – Sticker on the door, wildflowers

Storage Basket Felt Round

Well, you know, I generally like good baskets. But when it comes to the IKEA Kallax collection, I believe this is the best way to make the most of every inch. Good sized baskets can not only hold a variety of items, you can now find them in many stylish colors, textures and patterns! The IKEA Drona bins are some of my favorites (because they’re so cheap!), the big round Y-weave bins, and these black mesh bins. Half-height baskets (such as a medium Y-weave basket and a short bud basket) work well in Kallax cubes separated by shelves. Here are tons of more beautiful ones!

1 – Gold wire basket | 2 – IKEA Drone Basket | 3 – Open front bowl | 4 – Heather Beans | 5 – Tall matt plastic container | 6 – linen drawer with handle | 7 – Neutral fabric bowl | 8 – Gray wicker basket | 9 – Metal wire basket | 10 – Large Y-shaped basket | 11 – Medium Y-basket | 12 – two-tone with leather handle | 13 – Bowl with dark blue stripes | 14 – Raisa bin | 15 – Clean pot | 16 – Transparent containers | 17 – Two Ton Rope Basket | 18 – Rope basket | 19 – Two-ton can (with lid) | 20 – Felt storage boxes | 21 – Low bowl in dark blue stripes

Items at the perfect height and width of 13 inches aren’t the only things that fit on IKEA Kallax shelves. Look for products that fit the 13x13x15″ dimensions and allow you to use your shelves in a truly unique way. I personally use acrylic dividers to keep all my cardboard on Kallax shelves. And I’m actually looking for a way to store files in Cubby; This tissue box might just be the ticket!

1 – Wine bottle holder | 2 – Fabric file | 3 – Set of file boxes with lids | 4 – Classification of acrylic | 5 – Wooden glass holder

Hennez Basket For Storage 40 L Storage Basket Large Compatible Ikea Kallax Basket Grey Shelf Storage Boxes

I had fun scouring and finding various high quality IKEA Kallax inserts. I hope this review gives you some ideas for different ways to organize your shelves, and I’ll do my best to update this post as new products come out! you know? All items can be purchased in Jurong with our order and pickup service or delivered to your home address. Find out more here.

The jute basket is hand-sewn and folds easily to the desired height. Thanks to its soft shape and warm color, it takes its rightful place on the shelves of KALLAX and EKET.

Fits perfectly in the KALLAX shelving unit and other cabinets and shelves with a minimum depth of 30 cm.

Baskets To Fit Ikea Kallax

Designer Create it yourself Do you want to adapt the look and functionality of KALLAX to your space, needs and taste? Try the design tool and customize it

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