Behr Living Room Colors 2020

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Behr Living Room Colors 2020 – Behr released its 2020 color palette a few months ago, and now the paint brand has revealed the colors you’ll be seeing everywhere next year. Behr’s Color of the Year for 2020 is Back to Nature S340-4, a versatile shade of green that works well in both residential and commercial spaces. As part of the brand’s palette of color trends for 2020, the elegant colors were unveiled during a special press launch in Napa, California, in collaboration with The Home Depot.

Last year, Behr chose warm blue as its color of the year for 2019, but this time the paint retailer turned to nature for inspiration. It’s no secret that nature relieves stress, promotes creativity, and promotes peace, so it’s only fitting that Behr chose these calming shades of green for 2020. “Green is nature’s favorite color,” says Erika Woelfel, color and creative services at Behr, 2020 Color of the Year. “It’s like neutral weather.”

Behr Living Room Colors 2020

Behr Living Room Colors 2020

Wondering how to do this job in your own home? There’s nothing better than Back to Nature, which can even be paired with shades of pink, red or orange for a chic look, says Woelfel. Going back to nature can add personality to a small space and even make it bigger. Also perfect for an accent wall, fireplace or door. If you’re feeling crafty, use shades to update furniture, cabinets, woodwork or window frames. Woelfel also likes to see this special green in the basement, attic or laundry room. “There are endless ways to multiply that,” Woelfel said. “It’s a little neutral and on the hot side, but it still has energy.”

Behr’s 2020 Color Of The Year Is Back To Nature

Sarah Fishburne, director of design and trends at Home Depot, Behr’s specialty retailer, agrees. “Some of the papers are too old or out of date,” Fishburne said. “This green has enough energy and light to carry it throughout the house from the front door.”

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Behr’s 2020 Color Of The Year Will Help You Relax

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5 fall home trends that should be on your radar now 43 outdoor Christmas decorations to try this year Meet the themed kitchen 39 Christmas trees for this holiday season Did you know that people are happier in nature? This true inspiration is the inspiration behind the Behr Color of the Year 2020. After announcing Blueprint (a combination of denim and navy) as the Color of the Year last year, Behr’s creative team is on a mission to create the perfect color that resonates with consumers. And this year, people have discovered that they want to live the good life.

Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr says, “One of the lifestyle trends that’s happening right now is that everyone’s getting outside: camping, going to local parks, national parks, hiking.”

Behr Living Room Colors 2020

This retreat to the outdoors led the brand to choose Back to Nature (S340-4), a “sunlit, lawn-breathing green” as the color of 2020. The shade, available only at Home Depot, promises to bring that feeling back. that you get when you walk in the park or ride your bike home. The color is also one of 15 colors announced earlier this spring as part of Behr’s 2020 color palette.

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“We landed on this particular green because it represents awakening, it represents our desire for peace and stability in our home. That peace,” Woelfel said.

While the shade of green evokes calmness, this color is also energetic and energetic. It has the ability to mix and match many different styles, from rustic to modern. Woelfel also sees color being used in business spaces such as a welcoming lobby or a productive conference room (after all, spending time in nature improves productivity, improves memory and improves problem-solving skills).

The light yellow tone of this green makes it “easy to use,” says Woelfel. “It translates well with colors that people already have in their homes. We know that people often have neutral furniture or neutral floors, so it’s easy to relate to that.”

Woelfel sees it being used more often in bedrooms. “You can bring in neutral furniture, and any wood tone—from dark to light—will work well with this color,” she says.

Behr Paint 2020 Color Of The Year

But the color expert also likes to go back to nature for the bedroom. “If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, surround yourself with this [calming] color,” she says.

Confused about exactly how to wear green? Use the same trick you do with your favorite grays and blues: Go for a monochromatic look by pairing it with greens, forest greens, or vibrant emeralds, says Woelfel. Or take a decorative example from your garden and add colorful flowers like blush pink.

“Green is neutral in nature,” he said. “When you think of a garden landscape, you think of the green color that it has against all those beautiful flowers. It’s a color that goes well with others.”

Behr Living Room Colors 2020

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They are often considered dark rooms, dark rooms designed for additional storage. How about turning it into a quiet, private space instead? Using soft, relaxing tones like Light Drizzle N480-1, Dusty Lilac N110-1 or White Painter PPU18-08 will make the room feel more open and peaceful. Perfect for dipping at home.

Another space that is often neglected in our homes is empty corners. These zones can be minutes away for reading, studying, journaling, or just scrolling through your social media feed. Get a comfortable chair, soft pillows, a soft cover and a warm color to create a new corner. I personally like Battleship Gray N360-4 for small spaces like this because the color gives warmth, comfort and peace.

Who said a laundry room has to be flat? Not me! Consider revitalizing your laundry room with a warm, dark color like Charismatic PPU6-14, turning it into a room you want to spend time in. Colors like these add energy to those long laundry days and look especially good when paired with fun accessories like vintage baskets, bowls and decorative baskets.

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It’s time to start exploring new spaces in your home by renewing the living space in your small spaces. After all, small spaces can make a big impact! Join the color clinic from October 10 to 11 on Facebook. I will be answering paint questions LIVE to help out

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