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Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Images – When it comes to classic neutrals, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is at the top of our designer list. After all, it’s one of the trending paint colors of 2019 and one of our favorite neutrals. We prefer the phrase that Balboa Mist is “naturally sophisticated and versatile,” as Benjamin Moore puts it, “with features that lend themselves to calm, quiet environments and create color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces.” Here are some of the best uses for this ever-popular hue.

As with many attractive and versatile neutrals, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is one of our favorite colors to play with decor and crisp white accents. Whether it’s lavish cornices and center wall panels or minimalist door and window trim, this color is perfect for creating that hard white yet adding a subtle pop of color to tone it down. We call that perfect balance.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Images

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Images

Looking for the perfect neutral that adds a pop of color but draws attention to your beautiful hardwood floors? Our designers recommend Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist as a saver to bring out your home’s rich wood, whether on floors, wainscoting, or cabinetry. Similar to the striking effect of crisp white accents, the warm tones of Balboa Mist often play aspects of woody qualities, creating compact spaces with just the right amount of drama and subtlety. Use them to spruce up reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets or really take some mahogany floors, like this one, to the next level.

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is a great neutral to go against a bold accent wall. This Rustic Living Room example uses Benjamin Moore Backwoods and Benjamin Moore Hunter Green to balance warm and green tones, similar to Balboa Mist to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The industrial theme of the furniture in this design (rich woods and earthy metals) brings the whole room together for the perfect rustic look.

And while Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is great for making small spaces look bigger, we love that it’s the perfect shade for rooms that already have plenty of natural light. For large, airy spaces — living room, entertainment room, or dining room — Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist adds a subtle, subtle pop of color to your usual neutral whites. It’s also a great base color to complement with plants, textured fabrics, and wood- and metal-oriented furnishings for a bright, organic aesthetic. If you’ve read any of my recent paint posts, you know I’m a sucker for crisp white walls. However, sometimes I like to warm things up and add some color to my beach house. Enter Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist OC-27. This is a perfect neutral greige, neither too warm nor too cool. It fits into any interior style and looks great in any lighting.

We have Balboa Mist 50% in the breakfast nook and living room and it’s a color I’ll never tire of. In this post, we define paint shades, compare warm and cool colors, and explore other paint colors that go well with Balboa Mist, as well as some greige paint comparisons. If you need more inspiration for your walls, be sure to check out my other favorite neutrals: Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace and Sherwin-Williams’ Extra White (SW 7006).

What do I mean by “Balboa Mist 50%” in our house? If you like a color but want to tone it down a bit, you can order a color at a lower percentage. This means they use 50% pigment instead of 100% pigment. It doesn’t necessarily lighten the color and doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll like the less pigmented paint. Sometimes it can change the color from white, black and one color.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Paint Color Review

Color consists of two components: mass tones and undertones. The mass tone is the first visible color. Undertone is the second visible color and is the result of combining colors. For example, when you first look at Balboa Mist, you can clearly see that it is a gray paint. But if you look closer, you can see some yellow and purple. This color is very important when choosing a complementary color throughout your home.

The best way to know the hue of a particular color is to look at its pure form. This is best achieved using the color wheel. The tone of the tone will quickly become apparent when you compare the sample to the actual shape. Another good tip for finding a lighter neutral shade is to check a darker swatch on the same paint chip; this makes it easier to identify the second color. For neutral paint colors, I find it helpful to compare it to pure white.

Now that we have a good understanding of tones and mass, let’s talk about fresh and cool paint colors. Warm colors are usually red, orange or yellow, while cool colors are blue, green or purple. While warm colors can make a room cozy and inviting, cool colors make it feel fresh and clean.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Images

If you feel overwhelmed by hues, I recommend paying attention to the temperature when trying to achieve the perfect color scheme for your home. Making sure your paint colors have a similar “temperature” can be very helpful in creating a cohesive space.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood

The beauty of Balboa Mist is that it can lean warm or cool depending on the room lighting, surrounding paint color and decor. In my opinion, greige is the perfect neutral – a balanced and versatile combination of gray and beige – that makes a room feel warm and cool at the same time.

If you want to combine Balboa Mist with other colors in your home, I always like Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace and Sherwin-Williams’ Extra White (SW 7006). Other great white options include BM White Dove and BM White Heron. These are all perfect choices for adjoining rooms or to complement Balboa Mist paint on your walls.

Balboa Mist OC-27 also looks good against a variety of blues. For the perfect beach combo, I recommend SW Sea Salt, BM Eternity, and BM Seattle Gray. If you want to add some drama, I like Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy, Oxford Gray or Rock Gray.

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is a nice neutral greige, but has more blue and green than Balboa Mist. This undertone makes it cooler than Balboa Mist but also has a darker tint.

Exquisite Interior Spaces Showcasing The Color Greige

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is one of the most popular neutral paint colors. Greige is a good choice, but it is slightly warmer than Balboa Mist and has more browns and pinks. Pleasant Gray can also be a bit peachy in certain lighting and is slightly darker than Balboa Mist.

While these two colors are very similar, Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak has slightly more brown undertones, while Balboa Mist has more gray. Pale Oak is also a touch warmer with less blue than Balboa Mist.

What do you think of this beautiful greige painting? Too gray? Too beige? Or not? I love using Balboa Mist in my breakfast nook and living room, but it looks great in any room and brings the perfect amount of warmth and coolness to the living room. Tell me, where do you plan to use Balboa Mist in your home? Learn all about Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist in this color review (swatch here). This bright gray color has enough warmth to be magical. It’s a versatile neutral color that looks great in light or dark rooms. Thanks to the soft purple color, it fits well with almost any type of light. Purple gray is what appears to be the color of an elephant.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Images

This color can look like a soft white in a bright room. In a cooler light room or a dark room it looks gray and I prefer the contrast with the stark clean white ceiling.

Thoughts On Color Scheme? Bm Chantilly Lace, Balboa Mist, Boothbay Gray, Charcoal Slate

Balboa Mist is beautiful with warm wood, and if you have a lot of leaves outside, the heat neutralizes the green color so your walls don’t wash out.

White is still popular as a trend, but warmer and more pigmented colors are still popular. This greige paint color certainly sounds warm. It looks great in cold north light, or any light for that matter. Balboa Mist is warm and inviting and can sometimes glow green in warm sunlight.

Balboa Mist’s LRV is 67, making it very light gray and leaning toward white. The dark version is BM Collingwood and the lighter version is BM Silver Satin. The scale goes from 1 (pure black) to 100 (pure white) and indicates how dark or light a color is.

Use Balboa Mist if you have a light, warm, north-facing wood

Balboa Mist Oc 27, The Perfect Greige Paint Color

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