Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Interior

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Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Interior – Colors are always a great opportunity to give your home character. And wall painting is one of the best ways to achieve this! However, choosing a color is not as simple as it seems. Check out our guide to choosing the best bedroom colors and read on to discover 10 Benjamin Moore colors that designers love!

“Color of the Year” is the annual announcement that all designers wait for. This is such a great source of inspiration! This year, the choice fell on Metropolitan, a timeless and elegant gray. This is definitely one of Benjamin Moore’s best colors for bedrooms, but not the only one. Gray is actually the perfect choice for any room; it creates a neutral background for work and at the same time creates a sophisticated atmosphere in the room.

Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Interior

Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Interior

If you think gray is boring, think twice! It can actually become fun if used in the right way! For example, consider painting the walls while leaving the moldings and trim white. The contrast immediately adds character and is a good start to a fun interior design!

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If we are still talking about neutral colors, beige is another favorite color of all designers. If gray is the best cool neutral, beige is the neutral color when working with a warm color palette. Even in this case, it is suitable for an elegant and fun interior. In combination with brown and earth tones, it gives a sophisticated look. But if you combine it with yellow or orange, the result is so fun!

Can we make a list of interior designer Benjamin Moore’s favorite paint colors without mentioning taupe? Certainly not! The perfect combination of brown and gray, taupe is a way to do something different while sticking to a neutral shade. It goes well with almost any color and leaves complete freedom to add more colors to furniture and accessories!

A clean and fresh white should also be part of this list. White is not only the basic color of boring rental apartments. When used skillfully, it is a valuable ally that makes a room appear larger and increases light. It’s also a great backdrop when the furniture and accessories are already bold and colorful. And it’s perfect if you like to play with colors and often change the accents in your home.

Neutral colors are not just bright colors. And if black is too harsh in many situations, a light charcoal gray can be a great choice. Benjamin Moore’s color choice, wrought iron is an amazing shade to create a deep and dramatic atmosphere.

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People are often reluctant when designers suggest colorful walls. In these cases, light shades are a good compromise between a neutral colored wall and a steamy bottom look that is not overpowering. Palladian Blue is also a beautiful Benjamin Moore paint color for bedrooms. It is the perfect combination of blue and green, two of the best color options for sweet dreams!

And here is the brave green peacock! Beau Green is part of Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color palette, and designers are loving it. Painting just one wall with this vibrant shade will breathe new life into even the dullest room! This color goes well with other current trends. For example, the combination with brass accents makes for a modern yet sophisticated palette. We love it!

This navy blue is undoubtedly the designer’s all-time favorite. It goes with all interior styles, from coastal, contemporary to traditional, and is a great background color for any room and any home!

Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Interior

Timeless colors are always a good choice for interiors. After all, you don’t want to die every few months! And that’s why designers love to draw inspiration from evergreen color charts. Martha’s Vineyard is part of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Color Collection and we understand why! It’s bold enough to make a statement, yet understated enough to remain charming and stylish even after many years.

Historic Paint Colors

Earth tones are best for adding warmth to a room. And Benjamin Moore’s Topaz is a perfect match between orange and terracotta. It creates a cozy atmosphere, and its soothing atmosphere makes it a great (and unconventional) choice for the bedroom!

What is your favorite nail polish color? If you have an idea but are a little hesitant to go for it, don’t worry! You can discuss your idea with one of the designers and find the perfect shade for your home! Schedule a free consultation today and get ready to add color to your home!

Emerged in 2010 when a group of passionate interior designers created a platform to connect customers with a superior design experience. Since its inception, it has worked with thousands of professional designers who have transformed countless homes and commercial spaces around the world. Designers create custom interiors every day, allowing customers to experience spaces that match their personal style and preferences, fostering a real connection to the world of design. Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg Collection highlights color throughout our history. The CW collection, which stands for Colonial Williamsburg, contains 144 colors that depict events that occurred throughout time. Since it’s almost America’s birthday, we decided to highlight some of the best colors in this collection.

Now back to the Williamsburg Collection, the Colonial Williamsburg Collection is a collection of historic colors that date back to Williamsburg’s colonial era. There are 144 colors that have been blended to perfection to capture the color nuances of historic events at Colonial Williamsburg. Here are some of the best colors from the Williamsburg collection!

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Capital White is named after the color of the US capital and draws attention to the history associated with it. You can see more of Capital White in this article pictured with Levingston Green.

This paint color was found through paint analysis in the parish church of Burton, after which it was named.

This salmon pink color is sure to brighten up ANY room! This color is great as an accent wall in an office or even a bedroom!

Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Interior

As you can see from the picture showing Parish White CW-15, Charlton Brown is the perfect dark brown for a library, study, or even a bookshelf.

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A bright red that will surely attract all eyes in the room. (See below with Washington Blue CW-630)

This red dye became famous after they took the dye from cochineal insects. Mexican natives used the beetle to produce this vibrant red color and by 1523 red had traveled to Spain and became known as a status symbol.

The light yellow/gold color can brighten up any room and give everyone who enters it a summer feeling.

This photo shows Levingston Green CW-490 on the wall, Bruton White CW-710 for the wall covering and Capital White CW-10 on the border.

Colors In The Benjamin Moore Historical Collection

Finley Blue is a bold blue perfect for accent walls or some kitchen cabinets. This blue is an 18th century blue that can help reveal the blue heritage in the shekel.

Both colors brilliantly represent American history with vibrant reds and deep blues. This navy goes perfectly with any wall and is sure to make a great accent wall or even good for an entire room.

On the other hand, here are some other versions of the American flag transfer and the Williamsburg Colonial collection.

Benjamin Moore Historic Colors Interior

In the July 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens we see that they suggest Cochineal Red CS-330, Bruton White CW-710. Chesapeake Blue CS-595. These colors do not directly match the flag image above, but are colors from historical events.

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To combine authentic, early American design history with the colors of Benjamin Moore, we partnered with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Our shared dedication to understanding the rich color pigments of the 18th and early 19th centuries has led us to create the 144-color Williamsburg® paint collection, bringing timeless beauty to your home.

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Classic Beauty The Williamsburg® Paint Color Collection recreates the colors that defined our nation’s early years. These recognizable colors continue to influence design today with their palette of vibrant hues, rich hues and classic neutrals. Whether you live in a colonial-style home or use this timeless palette to complement modern architecture and furnishings, the Color Collection Williamsburg® never goes out of style.

Historically accurate Working with conservationists at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Benjamin Moore’s chemists and color experts drew on 18th-century wallpaper, original paint samples and historical documents to accurately recreate the colors found in early American design. Bassett Hall Green CW-480, shown on the walls of this staircase, with columns in Geddy Gray CW-720 reflect how the traditional color

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