Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors – They say history repeats itself, and when it comes to colors, we say that’s a good thing. Some shades last for decades, even centuries, because they work so well with a variety of styles and spaces. Steeped in tradition, historic colors still look fresh in a wide variety of environments.

While some historical color palettes replicate those of the past, others are more inspired by them. But just because they have historical relevance, don’t assume they’re boring; Consider the saturated tones used in colonial homes, the deep jewel tones of the Victorian era, and the bold pastels of the Art Deco era.

Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors

As Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, says, “In these tumultuous times, we all long for a little comfort, and historic hues give us a wonderful sense of familiarity and tradition.” Timeless tones have never been so timely.

Whole Home Benjamin Moore Paint Color Scheme

With a hint of green and a hint of black, this shade of blue from Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg collection has vibrancy and depth. Here, it is used to highlight details in traditional woodwork. But you can also wrap an entire room in this rich and sophisticated color.

What could be more welcoming? This energetic yellow with a hint of orange from the Sherwin-Williams Arts and Crafts collection is warm and welcoming without overwhelming the space. Aged with gray moldings, it contrasts with the artisan-style dark oak furniture in this entry space.

Looking for a color with character? This deep greenish yellow from California Paints’ Historic Colors of America is reminiscent of the rich jewel tones of the Victorian era. It also fits the strong and elegant combination of this seating area: a beautiful Chesterfield sofa, modern metal details and a cowhide style rug.

Inspired by a pastel shade popular in homes during the 1930s, this PPG pink is updated with brown undertones and a hint of gray to soften and tone it. The result is a soothing tone that’s more sophisticated than sweet. Use it to brighten a bathroom, create calm in the bedroom or warm up the living room.

Exterior Paint Color Schemes

A light green background enhances the appeal of this medium gray, which Behr developed to evoke the weathered wooden structures of the 18th century. Its strength, simplicity and enveloping warmth make it a relaxing atmosphere for any space, including an elegant bedroom.

Part of Benjamin Moore’s historic collection, inspired by the colors of the 18th and 19th centuries, this green is soft enough to be neutral but striking enough to create an atmosphere, has a warm gray undertone. It combines well naturally with a variety of wood tones and enhances them.

“Historic colors tend to have a gray or brown background that moderates their brightness. Muted and sophisticated, they transcend architectural styles.” – Hanna Yeo, Director of Marketing and Color Development, Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors

Get the latest news, trusted tips, tricks and clever DIY projects from our experts, straight to your inbox. If you’re getting ready to sell your house or just want something that won’t clash with your furniture, a neutral color is definitely the way to go. I’ve recommended hundreds of colors to my clients over the years, but there are a few tried and true colors that will always work in any home.

Tarrytown Green Hc 134 Benjamin Moore: Considering A Classic Green Paint Color?

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Here’s a short list of Benjamin Moore’s best neutral paint colors that will hopefully help you find the right shade. Always be sure to look at any color at home before making a decision.

Probably the most popular color on the market today, Benjamin Moore River Pewter is definitely a “can’t go wrong” color. It works wonderfully with so many colors or stands completely alone.

To see more examples of this color used in bedrooms, go here: Color Favorite Color: Benjamin Moore Honor Pewter. And grab a peel and stick sample here: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Peel and Stick Sample

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Inspired By An Historic Home Near Me

If you’re looking for a soft neutral that works with any decor, you’ll want to add Edgecomb Gray to your list of options. It has subtle warm gray tones and seems to warm up when used in south or west facing rooms, and looks cooler in north and east facing rooms.

This hallway by Kristy makes it so beautiful in the mountains! I love Edgecomb Gray as a subtle background for the whole decor.

You can see more photos of Edgecombe Gray here: Favorite Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Edgecombe Gray and get a sample of Peel and Stick here: Edgecombe Gray Peel and Stick Sample

Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors

For a deeper neutral, consider Benjamin Moore Pashmina. It’s a mid-neutral shade that has elegant undertones. It looks beautiful with white bedding and dark furniture in this room. Take a shell swatch and paste it here: Benjamin Moore Shell and Stick Pattern Pashmina

Wythe Blue By Benjamin Moore

From Benjamin Moore’s historic collection, Grant Beige is a medium neutral tone with a mix of equal parts gray and beige. It’s very versatile and looks great with almost any color. You can purchase a peel and stick sample of this classic paint here: Grant Beige Peel and Stick Paint Sample

If you’re looking for a neutral light gray with a fresh, cool cut, look no further than Gray Owl. With its cold tones, it looks best in south-facing rooms. Blue and green accents look good there too. Take an example here: an example of a gray and stick-colored owl shell

Another great neutral that goes with so many other colors is Coastal Fog. It has light shades of khaki and olive and looks best when used in south-facing rooms. Swatches are available here: Beach Mist Bark Pattern and Stick Color

Beige carpet is one of those colors that has both warm and cool undertones and really is a classic gray. Any style of decoration looks good and you can put any color on it. You can buy an example of this color here: beige rug with bark pattern and stick color

Benjamin Moore Historic True Colour Palette In Rockland

Almirah White is another color from the historic collection and is a timeless classic. It has warm tones and looks best in north-facing rooms.

You can use it in almost any color and it fits any room in your home. You can purchase a sample here: Almira Sample Shell and White Stick

Classic Gray is a fresh, whitish, light and versatile shade. With its cool tones, it looks best in south-facing rooms and works with any design style and any room. You can purchase a sample here: Classic Gray Shell and Stick Color Sample

Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors

Which flawless neutral is your favorite? Have you used any of these or have another one to add to the list? Let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post.

The 15 Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors For 2022

And if you’re ready to try one of these colors, you can get color test swatches here: Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches, and peel and stick swatches here: Peel and Stick Swatches

Looking for the paint colors I used in my house? Take a quick tour and see them all here: Today’s TOH TV owners used vintage illustrations, expert advice and modern technology to find the right shades for their home.

Choosing exterior colors for your home can be daunting. Choosing them for a 125-year-old house, in the midst of a community obsessed with historically accurate color schemes, can be downright intimidating. This is what John Stone and Sally Peterson, the owners of the latter

He discovered a television project house while choosing colors for the 1887 Queen Anne in the Avon Hill neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hc 8 Dorset Gold

When they bought the house for themselves and their two young daughters last fall, they agreed on a few things: that the dated, drab interior needed to be renovated and updated, and that the house’s light gray paint had to go. John, more concerned with interior woodwork than exterior paint, was indifferent to the options. “He expressed interest in green, and when I said no, he changed the tone to ‘whatever you want,’” says Sally, who wanted a show that felt “fresh and exciting.”

Shown: The house was painted light gray when John and Sally bought it. “It wasn’t a common siding color at the time this house was built,” Maycock says.

At the same time, his aim was to avoid exaggeration. “It seems that in many houses of this period each part of the front is painted a different color,” he says. “Our house is quite simple, and its details are simple, and we want to keep it that way.”

Benjamin Moore Historical Exterior Paint Colors

Television general contractor Tom Silva (center) discusses color options with architectural historian Susan Maycock (second from left) and owner John Stone and Sally.

Hc 102 Clarksville Gray A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

To help them envision the right hues, the couple turned to Susan Maycock, an architectural historian and color expert at the Cambridge Historical Commission. Experts are valuable resources for homeowners who want to preserve a home’s historic character, he says

General contractor Tom Silva. “In addition to knowing the history and customs of the neighborhood, these people alone

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