Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones

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Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones – It’s been nearly a decade since gray became the most popular accent color in design, which means I’ve used gray a lot in my life. Today, I share my top 5 shades of gray that are foolproof and look great anywhere.

Pro tip! The “temperature” of lighting you use can greatly affect how a color looks in your home. Do your bulbs emit a warm orange glow or a cool glow? The best way to get a true representation of the paint colors you choose is to use bulbs closer to 3000K (Kelvin). If the Kelvin temperature is not indicated on the packaging, it is often classified as “white warm” in the store. 3000K is as close to the temperature of outdoor light as you can get, which means it won’t turn your gray walls brown or blue. Vintage Edison bulbs tend to be more orange while LED bulbs are often much cooler in temperature. Be aware of how your lighting affects the feel of your paint choices.

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones

Coventry Gray is the perfect place to start. It’s a versatile medium gray that pairs easily with most colors. Check out the different spaces using this color below.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Picked By The Pros

Here’s how the Coventry gray wall color pairs beautifully with the warmer brick, door and floor tones. The roof is in Chelsea Grey, which we will see later!

Coventry gray is a great choice for this space because it contrasts with the white trim, yet is light enough that it doesn’t feel dark in this hallway.

You’ll find that Coventry gray pairs well with warm tones, cool tones, bright whites, and bold colors.

Paloma Gray is similar to Coventry Gray and is also a medium grey. However, when compared side by side, it has a much warmer tone. While Coventry Gray has a sharp, contemporary feel, La Paloma Gray has a more sophisticated feel.

Coventry Gray Hc 169

Here, La Paloma Gray is paired with Kendall Charcoal, a dark boat around the windows. Since both have warm tones, they pair well.

The wall piece to the left is La Paloma Grey. You can see how the warm tones pair perfectly with the warm stain of the window jambs.

Paloma Gray looks great when used in a kitchen, especially in a detailed and sophisticated kitchen like this one.

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones

This space is a perfect example of how La Paloma Gray can be used in a totally neutral way. Combined with the warm stone tones and speckled finishes, the walls simply disappear and allow the rest of the room to be the focal point.

Why This Benjamin Moore Colour Is My Favourite

Chelsea Gray is one of my favorite grays when I want a bold contrast without feeling it

It can have a slight green tinge in low light, so check this in the room where you plan to paint it and make sure your lights aren’t giving off too warm a light.

Again, it shows in the finishings and cabinetry. I love the contrast of the Chelsea Gray against the bright white.

Chelsea Gray is a beautiful choice for a home’s exterior. In combination with the white cladding, it lets the architectural details shine.

Platinum Gray Hc 179

Here, the Chelsea Gray fireplace makes this white room pop, and while it’s bold, it doesn’t feel too heavy in the room.

Stonington Gray is a very subtle, light and airy grey. I like to use this color where I want to feel bright and supple. I’ve even used it on the roof before!

Here, the walls had a stark white pattern, so I used Stanington Gray on the ceiling to bring out the crown molding and give the room some contrast. Did you see it in the background? Chelsea gray door! You can start seeing how much I recycle these 5 favorite colors!

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones

Stonington Gray is the perfect shade of gray for a room without windows.

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Last but not least, gray with a bold punch of all! Kendal charcoal is the perfect choice for any space where you want to create contrast and drama. It goes well with cool colors and warm colors, yet is light enough that it doesn’t look black. I have used Kendall charcoal over and over again.

Here’s how the Kendall charcoal trim and cabinetry pair beautifully with the knotty alder vessel and striped wallpaper. Masculinity can easily be created in any space.

Do you remember this photo? This is Kendall Charcoal shiplap around the window and the window jambs are painted Kendall Charcoal with white trim for a bold contrast. This space is a great example of how Kendall coal shouldn’t just be used in the men’s room.

Kendall Charcoal works great with any style. Shown here, it appears on the accent wall and ceiling in a modern home gym. Are the back walls attached to it? La Paloma Grey!

Top 5 Gray Paint Colors — Grand Rapids Interior Design

These are my top 5 gray paint colors! There are many paint colors, but I come back to these 5 again and again. What’s your favorite gray paint color? I don’t know how to start without a smile on my face. I love gray boxes, wow! How, love, love! If I had to choose two colors to draw forever, they would definitely be white and grey… mmm, add black too, because I can’t live without a good black. Gray is a great neutral color that works well in modern, traditional and classic interiors and brings the sense of calm I look for in any interior we design.

Lately, we’ve been loving gray cabinets in kitchens and all closets because it’s a departure from the classic “all white” look. Please drool over the gray cabinets and consider them for your next project. Plus, find our favorite classic, sophisticated, and gray paint colors below.

We like grays on the lighter side of the spectrum and with some hints of blue and gray tones. These give a calming effect to a warm atmosphere, especially in modern spaces.

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones

I’m sure we’ve been missing out on some really cute ones, but these are the ones we can think of right now, so that has to say something about how much we love them, right? We imagine these colors everywhere, on kitchen cabinets, built-in offices, mudrooms and, of course, walls. We painted the Ikea shoe cabinet in “Revere Pewter” by B.M. It gave a very relaxing and calming effect, especially in combination with the white kitchen she was in. I couldn’t recommend these shades of gray more highly guys!

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“Edgecomb Gray” BM isn’t the paint color featured on these cabinets, but Devol Kitchens claims it’s the closest match to this custom paint color.

What do you think of these classic gray paint colors? Where will you use them? If you’ve ever wondered what to wear with gray, consider one of these options and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Along with white, gray is one of the most complicated colors. Finding the right shade of gray you’re looking for can be a challenge. Whether it’s a subtle light gray or a moody dark, there are a variety of shades. Gray can be many shades and very versatile. The gray creates a clean, crisp look against the white trim. This is the perfect choice if you want to keep things neutral.

The best way to choose the right gray color for you is to get inspired by the pictures first. Pinterest and Instagram are two great resources. Please note that images may appear slightly different than in person. Filters and lighting can always change the look of an image. It’s important to visit your local paint store and find several colors that you like.

Find the specific shades of gray you’ve chosen and take your swatches home. After you bring them home, it’s important to view them in the light of each room to see how far they’ll go. By now you’ll have a better idea of ​​which shade of gray is best for you.

Cil® Platinum® Interior Pre Tinted 2 In 1 Paint, Granite Grey / Grey, Semi Gloss, 3.78 Liters

It’s amazing how a color can change depending on the lighting and what other colors are next to it. For example, Dorian Gray on our cabinets and kitchen island looks a little cooler than otherwise. This is because he follows the warm wood tones of our floor.

If you’re still a little undecided, ask a paint store to prepare a sample for you. Going home to try on a couple of colors can save you time and money.

Here are some of our favorite shades of gray. I hope they inspire and help you.

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray Undertones

By Dorian Gray

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