Benjamin Moore Regal Select Pearl Finish

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Benjamin Moore Regal Select Pearl Finish – Decide on the final paint color treatment, choosing a gloss that will enhance the appearance of the surface. Paint gloss, or finish, is a measure of how much light is reflected off the painted surface, resulting in a shine or lack thereof. Check out some of the more common uses for glitter below, or break away from tradition and get creative with glitter. While some types of coatings may perform better in certain areas than others, Benjamin Moore’s legacy of innovation ensures that our product range delivers world-class performance across the gloss spectrum.

Shine and Shine 101 Shine and Shine ranges from dull to high shine. Different brightness levels can affect the appearance of colors and add dimension to a room. While there are many different types of gloss, the seven best Benjamin Moore interior finishes you’re likely to see when painting are: Flat Matte Eggshell Pearl Satin Semi Gloss High Gloss If gloss, ask your local Benjamin Moore dealer to recommend the best finish for your project.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Pearl Finish

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Pearl Finish

Flat paint Flat paint refers to a finish that does not reflect light, so there is no shine. This lack of reflection allows more color pigment to penetrate, is more forgiving of mistakes and provides greater opacity, creating a uniform finish. Waterborne Ceiling Paint (508) is the flattest color offered by Benjamin Moore; Due to its ability to mask imperfections, it has a flawless finish and is an ideal choice for ceilings and very low traffic areas. Similar glosses you can see in our portfolio are either super flat or super matte. They are almost flat as there is very little shimmer, but there are slight differences between them. Your local Benjamin Moore representative can help you determine the gloss you need. Be careful when using smooth paint in high traffic areas that require frequent attention. Stains are more difficult to remove on low-gloss paint, and constant rubbing or scrubbing can cause gloss.

How To Choose A Paint Finish

Matte Paints A matte finish is almost as shiny-free as a flat finish, so it has great depth of color coverage and is a little more durable. Regal® Select Interior Matte (N548) is popular with professional painters for its easy application and smooth, dry feel. The matte finish also withstands frequent washing, even in busy areas such as hallways and family rooms. The matte look adds a luxurious feel to many interior spaces, including bedrooms and dining rooms. Bathrooms and areas with higher humidity can be painted with a matte finish using Aura® Bath & Spa (532), which is designed for exceptional durability, color fastness and mold resistance in high humidity environments.

Eggshell Paint A long-time favorite of professional and home painters alike, eggshell paint has a low sheen similar to flat or matte, but is infinitely more durable than its namesake. Widely available in a variety of Benjamin Moore interior colors, Eggshell (and its similar, but not exact, low-gloss sibling) offers an easy-to-clean, near-gloss finish suitable for many areas of the home, including the living room. . family. and corridor. Although it reflects more light than smooth or matte surfaces, its soft sheen beautifully diffuses colors, especially Aura® Interior Eggshell (N524), our premium color, the perfect choice for your favorite spaces.

Pearl Color The pearl finish has a medium luster that maintains high durability. A beautiful and easy-to-clean pearlescent finish adds dimension to edges and is perfect for walls in high-traffic areas. Regal® Select Interior Pearl (550) has a finish that can be used anywhere from trim to doors and is mold resistant in high humidity areas. When choosing this finish, follow the manufacturer’s advice and paint with care, as pearlescent paint is more prone to spotting and other imperfections.

Satin Paints The difference between eggshell and satin, which is often confused with other finishes, is that satin provides a higher gloss and also has better stain resistance and durability than lower gloss finishes, including eggshell. The satin color is ideal for areas that need definition. Enhance windows, shutters, cladding and even interior doors with its characteristic sheen. For front doors that often use architectural details such as bevels and trim, consider using Aura Exterior Paint in satin or soft gloss for a rich, glossy look. This category also includes a slightly glossy color, which does not quite match the color of satin, but offers a similar surface with a higher gloss and more durability.

Benjamin Moore Paint Grades, Explained

Semi-gloss paint High-gloss semi-gloss paint is perfect for highlighting your home’s architectural details and creating dimension for wood, trim and doors. Semi-gloss is available in most Benjamin Moore interior colors, but we especially like the look of Advance® Interior Semi-Gloss (793); hardens to a smooth, furniture-like surface, and its glossy appearance makes it one of the best kitchen cabinet coatings.

High Shine The high shine provided by the mirror finish is at the top of the gloss chart. Offered in select colors such as Advance® High Gloss (794), this finish is extremely durable and provides an elegant shine. It is easy to clean, stain resistant and will add a stunning look to heavy duty doors, trim and even kitchens. Many interior designers (and adventurous homeowners) like to experiment with glossy paint in unexpected places, like the ceiling or accent wall. However, remember that gloss paint requires careful application and preparation, so it’s best to leave it to a professional painter. If you’ve chosen the DIY method, use your technique and prime all surfaces so they’re smooth and clean before applying paint. Because a glossy surface reflects light and can accentuate stains, avoid using it on areas that are not perfectly smooth. Do you have any other questions? Visit your local Benjamin Moore store or contact customer service. Trusted by generations of professional painters and homeowners alike, Regal Select Interior is synonymous with durability, washability and the ability to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Color you’ll love, now even better The newly improved Regal® Select Interior offers greater wear and stain resistance than ever before. Patented stain removal technology makes it easy to remove everyday spills and scratches while providing unmatched durability that will stand the test of time.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Pearl Finish

Get rid of tough stains and scratches with Head On Regal® Select Interior to help you deal with the love of life and all the messes that come with it. Regal’s exclusive stain removal technology removes pencils, crayons, coffee and other tough stains without losing color or shine.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Paint

Experience the perfect fit for interior painting projects Regal® Select Interior has been used by professional painters for over 60 years and continues to improve. Professional Highlights: Conceals existing paint color with fewer coats. Quick-drying formula helps finish projects faster. Unparalleled flow and smoothing ensure professional results every time. In addition to everyday stains, spills and scratches, it resists damage and polishing.

Get great coverage and beauty with Regal® Select Interior Looking to repaint your walls in white, off-white and neutrals? If you paint with a bright tone, this can often be a problem. The good news: With Regal® Select Interior, you can apply brighter colors with fewer layers. Plus, Regal Select Interior All-In-One Paint and Primer is a great base for any painting project.

Smooth, Enhanced Application Take a trip to Benjamin Moore’s lab, where a product development chemist demonstrates how Regal® Interior outperforms the best of the competition. “Almost immediately, you can see that Regal Select has better uniformity, smoothness and strength,” says Cynthia Ruiz, Product Development Chemist.

Developed with Gennex® Color Technology, our unrivaled combination of proprietary paints and formulas, Regal® Select Interior is available in over 3,500 unrivaled paint colors. From an off-white that perfectly covers all colors thanks to Regal’s premium leather, to deep, rich tones, it’s easier than ever to bring your ideas to life. To get started, check out our ideas and color combinations for every space in your home. Are you a painting contractor? Find out what other contractors love about Regal Select Interior and how it can positively impact your business!

Creating A Bright, Airy Space With Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint

A: When it comes to the best interior paint, there’s a reason why Regal® Select Interior has been the brand trusted by professional painters and homeowners for over 60 years. Regal Select Interior’s improved formula resists everyday wear and tear better than ever, thanks to its unique stain removal technology that cleans tough stains without losing color or shine.

Answer: Painters have trusted Regal® Select Interior for over 60 years. It coats existing paint in fewer coats and provides a quick-drying formula that allows you to finish projects faster. Unparalleled flow and smoothness ensure professional results every time, while the improved formula protects against damage and shine, as well as everyday smudges, spills and scratches.

A: When it comes to premium paint and stain for your home, Benjamin Moore has set the standard for excellence. We manufacture proprietary Gennex® resins and paints that provide superior performance and performance in all products. Paired with

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Pearl Finish

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