Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172

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Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172 – It’s a production job that I haven’t done in a while here in Ottawa. The client has a beautiful house with walls painted by Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore). Revere Pewter is a great paint color and now we have half of it in our house. It is a light gray color with a warm undertone. It looks great in a transitional living room like the one I put together.

This house faces south, so it has a lot of light. With enough light, Revere Pewter looks much warmer. The home also has dark, almost black hardwoods and dark cabinets. The already beautiful scene really brings the house up. The dining room, kitchen and living room must always be styled and presented.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172

I brought accessories and mixed metal to add texture. Everything unifies the general look and space. I also love bringing in fresh flowers and love using greenery.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (hc 172) Vs Pantone Warm Grey 2 C Side By Side Comparison

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It’s an interesting color to play with because of the width and breadth of the undertone that changes with the light. Coincidentally, Benjamin Moore HC-172 maintains a cool gray tone in most lighting conditions.

All of this has made it the most popular gray paint color on the market and my personal favorite.

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Staging With Revere Pewter Hc 172 Benjamin Moore

We love sharing color spotlights and room painting tips! Painting is one of the easiest ways to change your home on the cheap. Don’t forget to pack the necessary painting tools!

Revere Pewter is a very versatile chameleon color. Its best feature is that the shade remains gray but is much warmer than most other popular grays.

However, it can have a very cloudy shade, and sometimes even a little green. You can darken it for a “clean” look if you want, and it can be perfect if you’re looking for an earth tone. This green will work with a lot of greenery outside the window or in the room. It can also have a green tint when combined with a darker floor.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172

If you decide to use Benjamin Moore Revere tin in a dark room or hallway, you run the risk of it becoming cloudy and lifeless unless you give it plenty of light. In these situations, or if you have a room with a lot of dark, heavy furniture, Revere Pewter might look right in beige or brown!

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Review & Inspiration Ring’s End

The reverse of the undertone of this color is purple-blue. In a spacious room with lots of natural light, Revere Pewter loses most of the beige background and replaces it with a shade of blue. This creates a color similar to traditional gray but still warm.

Light Reflectance Ratio (LRV) is the percentage of light reflected by a paint color. For LRV, the higher the number, the more light is reflected rather than absorbed, resulting in a whiter color. A lower LRV results in a darker color. So where is Revere Pewter on the scale?

It is therefore in the middle of the LRV spectrum. In rooms with little or no natural light, it is a good idea to choose a paint color with an LRV of 60 or higher. So if that’s the case, you might want to go with a 75% strength Edgecomb Gray or Revere Pewter blend instead.

A variety of colors that pair well with Revere Pewter! I am convinced of the versatility of this shade and wrote an entire post on how to match paint colors with HC-172. Here are some additional ideas for color matching.

These Are The Most Popular Paint Colors From 5 Top Paint Brands

It can be balanced with shades of white such as Soft White, Cloud White and Simply White, as well as light gray to give the room a lively feel.

It pairs well with Revere Pewter. It really is a shade that boasts flexibility, with accents ranging from bright red to green, yellow or avocado purple. Try Benjamin Moore or Coral Gables in Birquoise for a real pop of color!

Choose an off-white or warm white for the finish. As long as you stay away from white with too much yellow, you should be fine!

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172

As you can see in the picture below, Revere Pewter is a bit darker and warmer than Agreeable Grey. Many people try to find similar colors from other paint companies and often compare Revere Pewter to Agreeable Gray (Sherwin Williams).

Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors & A Paint Guide

In fact, Revere Pewter is one of the most popular gray paint colors, but you can just pick one and be happy with your choice! Pay attention to your bass and choose accordingly!

After debating between several paint colors, I finally decided to use HC-172 for my latest living room and I absolutely love it!

Our living room had quite a shade of gray, while gray is the color. Natural lighting combined with Revere Pewter makes the room cozier and warmer. In my opinion, this is a great paint color for any open space as it helps keep the room cozy without overpowering the room.

Revere Pewter has been one of the most popular paint colors for over a decade, but we still see top interior designers using this soft gray/beige color.

Of The Best Greige Paint Colors — Tag & Tibby Design

This versatile color can be used anywhere on trim, walls, cabinets and even floors and ceilings!

Revere Pewter definitely leans more on the warm side. It only looks cool when paired with other really warm colors like chocolate brown.

I painted the concrete floor of my old patio Revere Pewter! It looked much brighter on the outside than it did on the inside! This makes sense because it is the most popular color on Benjamin Moore’s website. What makes it so popular?

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172

A light gray with warm undertones, Revere Pewter (HC-172) is a great transition color that works equally well on walls, ceilings and trim. Described as the perfect “whole home color”, these classic neutrals are perfect for open floor plans.

Benjamin Moore Most Popular Grays Ben® Interior Paint Egg Shell Finish 2 In 1 Paint Primer Zero Voc

It’s dark enough to contrast nicely with whites and off-whites, but not dramatic enough to compete with light colors. Colorful decor can ground and balance a room or create a calm atmosphere in combination with pale tones and other neutral colors.

The popularity of gray seems to have lasted surprisingly long. Hirshfield’s first post about gray was in the spring of 2009, when she had already appeared on design blogs since 2008. From what I’ve seen, gray is still the best seller, but it’s heating up. “I don’t know. Gray or brown?” Good old color chameleons.

The Roseville client, who has been in business for two years, said she used tin to renovate the downstairs and the lighting gave it a green tone. It’s perfect for her room and her lower level looks great. Cathy Basile (Hirshfield Design Studio) discovered when a room gets a lot of natural light.

Sometimes it gets too purple. She said the Hirshfield color, Oak Tone 0217, is actually a better color than Revere Pewter. It works well in many color scenarios. Read and cry, Benjamin Moore.

Why I Don’t Like Beige And Gray

This is the color of your room. Go to the Hirshfield’s Chip Stand and sample Hirshfield’s Chips.

We sell pints and quarts so you can test paint colors before buying one for an entire room. No time to stash all the wrong color paint in the trunk of your car and start over. Real fire. This removable, non-damaging adhesive backing allows you to see the correct paint in different locations and under different lighting conditions. The manufacturer’s original paint is used to express the same color as the wall, without dirt.

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Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Hc 172

You can order in-store pickup at all Catalina Paint stores. Our team can arrange for your painting order to be picked up in less than two hours.

Revere Pewter By Benjamin Moore In A Real Home

Yes! JC Licht offers delivery within a 30 mile radius of each location. When you are ready to pay, go to the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose

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